Walking down the road I couldn't help but think about my last session today, Adrian Monk, my patient is one hell of a guy. He has so many mental problems I can't begin to explain but it seems he's a fantastic private detective. He always seems to get there. I can't say I've ever seen Adrian at work. But I've heard the stories from both him and the papers. The session went bad today, some days it seems like he's making progress, like he's about to pass into stage two, then other days, like today. He's regressed back to stage one. He was an absolute mess the first time I ever saw him; after Trudy, his wife died in the explosion. It doesn't sound like Adrian was particularly mentally stable before the hit; it crushed everything he did have after.

Nearing my car I fumble for my keys to open it. It was a much further walk from the office today because this morning the road was crammed full of cars, there must have been some kind of event happening. Putting my key to the lock, I felt a jab in my side. Panic filled me and my side burned. What was happening? I screamed, I think it must be bad. Numbness ran through me at the point in my side where I had been assaulted and I felt weak with fear.

"Give me your money" said a rough voice, in what was almost a very intense whisper

I couldn't talk, I didn't have any cash on me, I had my cell phone, but that was it.

"I don't have any" I just managed to squeeze out. Was that really my voice?

"You're a doctor aint ya? You must have, you guys are loaded with cash. Especially psychiatrists" said the voice from behind me. I could feel his breath in my ear.

"Honestly. I don't have any cash." Suddenly I felt another searing pain in the same side a before. It was unbelievable agony. The pain from the other jab came rushing back.

I felt his hand move into my pocket and take my wallet. he stood there with it for what seemed like a lifetime but I'm sure must have been just a few seconds before running as fast as he could away from me. I was left alone, in the dark, lying on the cold concrete side walk, feeling a warm sticky liquid flow onto the floor, feeling my side, I knew I'd been stabbed. The knife was still in the second wound I guess he did me a favour there. Dark patches were piercing into my vision before finally, darkness hit me.