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'blah' thought

''blah'' speech

'blah' kyuubi thought

''blah'' kyuubi speech

''blah'' Naruto speech to kyuubi

Naruto smiled as he looked at his handiwork. He had just painted the Hokage monuments. He hid as some chuunin ran by. He laughed when he saw they were going towards the hokage monuments.

He started walking home but when he turned the corner a group of chuunin and villagers stood there looking really pissed of. Naruto realised he was cornered and that if he tried to run off they would catch him easily.

Naruto started to back off quickly becoming afraid. One of the villagers then said ''You took it too far this time demon child''

''Hey it was just a little joke'' replied Naruto

''You call that little brat, come on lets teach him some respect guys''

With that the group beat Naruto for a long time, when they finally finished Naruto was beat to a pulp. ''Lets get rid of the demon once and for all. Come on lets get going''. A steady yes was chorused around the whole group. With that they walked off in the direction of the gates.

As the leader was walking out the gate the watchman got out of his post and stopped him. ''Where do you think your going, one more step and you guys are missing nin''. All the leader did was nod towards Naruto in his arms.

The watchman looked at Naruto then realising who it was and what they were doing he just said ''Oh I see, continue on gentlemen and have a good night''. The watchman had a slight smile on his face.

With that the men continued into the forest and saw a little cave carved into some rock. ''Dump it in their''. The men just threw Naruto in like a rag doll. ''Come on lets get out of here before someone notices anything.'' Another said ''Gentlemen today we did a service to the village of Konoha.''

Then the men left leaving behind no trace of existence.

In Narutos mind

'Where am I' Naruto thought.

He could hear dripping in the background and there was water up to his knees. At first he thought the villagers and ninja had brought him here but he could neither hear or see any villagers or ninja. As he strained his ears he could hear very low grumbling in the distance. Interested he decided to follow the sound to where it came from.

As he got nearer to the sounds he saw that there was a dead end coming closer with every step and every once in a while there were turns left and right. As he was just nearly at the dead end he realized the sound was coming from a left turn, as he walked in he saw he was in a huge room with a very high ceiling but that was not what caught Naruto's attention, what caught Naruto's attention was the massive cage at the end of the room and more importantly the huge beast inside it. It was the biggest living thing he had ever seen and he thought he was lucky the beast was asleep. He realized it was not growling but snoring. As he turned to go he kicked a rock by mistake and it echoed loudly. The snoring stopped and Naruto slowly turned around, the fox was looking at Naruto with dislike.

"Who dares wake the king of demons". 'King of Demons, damn the villagers are setting him on me, now I'm really done for'.

"What happened, why am I in this cage ... Oh yes that hokage sealed me in here, so that would mean that the little weakling is my holder and I've been asleep for quite a while probably a decade even."

Naruto looked at the beast with confusion while it was rambling 'what does he mean sealed by the hokage and asleep for a 'decade' was it. "Hey wait a minute I'm not weak you stupid beast".

"Heh yeh you are".

"Whatever I'm going back to Konoha do you know which way it is".

"Heh stupid kid doesn't even know were he is. The only way to Konoha is to wake up and make your own way there because your in your own mind".

"In..my own...mind what are talking bout you stupid beast".

The Kyuubi roared "its Kyuubi not stupid beast to you and yes your in your in your own mind but what I want to know is why you are asleep outside Konoha when your probably not even a rookie genin".

"Asleep outside Konoha hmmm... Last I remember some ninja were beating me" he gasped as he realized "no they wouldn't throw me out I mean they hate but to throw me out, they'd have to have hokages permission, unless they did, no I'll have to ask old man about this".

"No you will not go back there its too dangerous you could be killed".

"Well were do you think I should go then"

"Flee and train, get a name for yourself, then come back strong and they won't turn down a strong shinobi"

"But how can I train if I have no sensei to teach me".

"I'll teach you for a while then you can teach yourself"

''Do you have any cool jutsu, will you teach me them''

"In time I may teach a few jutsus now wake up and get out of here"

In the hokages office

"What do you mean, he didn't show up for your mission, are you sure you told him" Kakashi nodded and the sandaime continued " have you checked his apartment, Ichiraku( a/n don't know how to spell it but it the ramen stand he's always at) and the streets". After getting a nod for each the sandaime sighed." well I might have to post him as a missing-nin if things go the wrong way and I have to tell the council elders and you know how they feel about Naruto, they'll probably rejoice. So that's why I'm going to give you that's why I'm giving you this mission its off the radar not to be known by anyone except you and whoever you choose from the genin you deem trustworthy enough to go on this mission without telling anyone about it, okay now go assemble your team and find Naruto".

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