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Naruto sat down on a bench in a park. He thought over everything. He was thinking about whether or not to leave now. It would be easier than having to say all the good-byes. But it would be cruel to leave Kakashi that way.

Just as he was wondering what to do he heard someone approaching, he looked up and saw Sakura slowly walking towards him. She hesitated slightly before coming up to him and sat beside him on the bench.

''Naruto-kun, you fought very well and led the ninjas brilliant.''

"Thank you Sakura-chan."

"I would love to have that power, I would sort out a few people."

"Power isn't everything. Family, love, health and respect. You have to gain respect from your power not fear."

"When did you become so wise Naruto-kun"

"Years alone did that."

Naruto was surprised as Sakura buried her face into his arm and he could feel her tears coming out.

"Naruto-kun I'm so sorry, we tried to find you but we couldn't. Then you were classed as an outlaw. Suddenly you appear out of nowhere at the chuunin exams and I was delighted. I looked for you after the fighting but you were nowhere to be found. You had already left."

He slowly and awkwardly started stroking her hair.

"Its okay Sakura-chan, I made it back fine, its alright."

She lay her head on his shoulder and he continued with her hair.

"Then you were back again and I didn't even know until your fight with Sasuke spread around. They all thought that you would also beat them for leaving you."

"Ahh that's where the fear of me came from."

"Yeah then I saw you fighting today and I don't know but something inside me soars, my heart beats faster. Its not like with Sasuke, with him its just a crush, with you its something more..."


Sakura looked into his eyes and moved forward capturing her lips with his. When they broke off they were both panting for breath. Naruto stood up and Sakura looked up in shock

"Sakura-chan this is too weird, I'm so sorry."

He poofed out and Sakura just sat there in complete shock and whispered "Naruto-kun."

Naruto walked the streets thinking about what had just happened. Most people were drunk in the streets but Naruto didn't notice any of them.

Some stupid drunk group came up to him and congratulated him but when he didn't reply to them they took it as an insult.

"Hey kid don't disrespect us."

When Naruto didn't answer they got furious.

"This kid wants a beating."

The leader pushed Naruto and Naruto reacted, within a second Naruto was behind the man with the mans own kunai to his throat.

"I don't want a beating or any trouble so go back to your drinks."

Another man attacked from the side and Naruto grabbed his leg, twisted it then threw the man into a wall.

He tripped the leader and left him on the ground. Naruto started to walk off when a hand grabbed his shoulder. He spun around ready to strike out but immediately stopped when he saw it was only Kakashi.

"Are you alright Naruto."

"Yes I'm fine just some drunks starting a little trouble."

"Are you sure you are alright, you look pale."

"I'm alright, I'll see at home in a while."

"Ok I'll see you then."

Naruto lay on his bed still not knowing what to do with Sakura. Kakashi had not come back yet so Naruto decided to take a stroll. After a while Sasuke came up to him "Good fighting at the battle today Naruto. I want a truce between us."

"Sounds good Sasuke."

"I saw Sakura not so long ago, she didn't look too good, you wouldn't know what that's about."

"Yes I do but I won't say, I got to go so I'll see you Sasuke."

Naruto did hand seals and shouted kuchiyose no jutsu. Four small foxes appeared.

"Go find Sakura-chan and as quick as you can boys."

Within minutes one fox returned and said "She is at the local playground, its this way Naruto." (Naruto trained all his foxes to speak.)

"Thanks Conver"

Just as he was at the playground he let his foxes go.

As he entered Sakura looked up at him from her seat on the swing. Then she looked away and turned her back on Naruto.

"Sakura-chan please let me explain."

"You made your feelings clear Naruto."

"Please don't be like that Sakura-chan."

"This better be good Naruto."

"Well I spent years on my own in the woods, away from people and then to be thrown back in is scary. When we were younger I loved you but I had given up on that love. To now know that you share those feelings completely threw me off balance. I reacted the wrong way, I didn't know what to do. I don't even think I will be staying in Konoha much longer but I couldn't end it like this. Please forgive me."

"You won't be staying?"

"No I can't stay in this place"

"Please don't leave again Naruto-kun"

Suddenly four people appeared. One had four arms. Another was large and had ginger hair. To his left was a short women. And the last one had green hair and a pale face. (The Sound Four)

"We're looking for Sasuke."

"What do you want Sasuke for"

"Oh your Uzumaki Naruto, yes we've heard a lot about you, Orochimaru-sama wasn't happy when you stopped his invasion. But he said if we were to see you that we were to invite you to join him."

"Tell him I won't join his twisted little freak show."

"He said if you refused that we would have to take you out for what you have done."

They got into stance. Naruto stood calmly anticipating their attack. They rushed at him thinking he wouldn't be too hard an opponent. Naruto quickly gave each a name the four armed one was spider, the large one he called fatty, the woman he called shorty and the other he called green.

Spider attacked first with hard punches from each arm. Green circled behind him and lashed out with a high kick. The other two came in at each side. Naruto blocked each punch from Spider with blinding speed. He ducked under the kick then jumped over another which swung low. During his jump he spun and kicked Shorty in the face.

He dropped onto his hands and kicked out at Spider but was blocked. He flipped back upwards and increased his attack.

He swept low with a kick that tripped Green over then jumped up and uppercut Spider. He turned around to Fatty and was behind him in a fraction of a second.

He chopped him in the neck which knocked him out. Naruto threw fatty out of the way, behind the now regrouped three.

They activated the curse seal level one and called out "Your good for a kid but we've got this trick up our sleeve."

"I also have a trick." Naruto activated the sharingan.

"You also have the sharingan like Sasuke, but we can go an extra bit."

They activated level two. Spider did a kuchiyose no jutsu and spiders came down everywhere. Naruto easily closed himself in a water bubble with lightning currents through it. Every time a spider touched it it would be electrocuted. Eventually all spiders were killed and Shorty tried to capture Naruto in a genjutsu with her flute.

Naruto overpowered the genjutsu and layed his own. Shorty thought he was captured in her genjutsu when really she was caught in his.

'Just Green and Spider to go.'

He had taken his concentration off and Spider had a bow out with a golden arrow. It came at Naruto fast and he knew he had no chance to dodge this late so he closed his eyes and waited for the blow but after a moment of nothing he opened his eyes again.

What he saw was strange, everything was in slow motion. Naruto moved out of the way in normal speed but everything was still in extremely slow motion. What he didnt no was he had activated his Marugai (mar-uh-guy) Sharingan.

(The same Sharingan he used against the mist in the fight.)

Slowly everything went back to normal and Spider just looked on in shock. Naruto ran up and easily grabbed Spider and put a kunai to his throat.

"You might not want to do that."

Naruto looked over and saw Green also had a kunai to Sakuras throat.


"Release my man and release your genjutsu as well."

Naruto did and Spider went over and picked up fatty. Just as they flashed out Green slit Sakura in the throat.


Naruto tried all his medical jutsu and everything he could but nothing can stop death.

He held Sakura in his arms. She was cold and pale. She didn't move.

She just lay there and he could do nothing.

"Sakura-chan I failed." Then something occured to him "Sasuke, their going to kidnap Sasuke."

He dropped into the hospital and left Sakura there saying his last goodbye "Sakura-chan I will miss you so much, I'm sure you have gone to a better place. Goodbye."

Naruto searched everywhere but couldn't find Sasuke.

Eventually he gave up and between his hate for Konoha, the death of Sakura and Sasukes kidnapping, Naruto decided to leave Konoha right away.

He ran out the gates but he saw the Sound Four.

He ran to confront them until he saw Sasuke walking to them. Sasuke was willing to go to them. This outraged Naruto.


The Sound Four turned and suddenly got into a stance. Sakon called "Kidomaru (four arms) go ahead of us and take Sasuke to the base."

"Your not going to take him anywhere."

Kidomaru ran off at full speed with Sasuke while Naruto started his attack.

They couldn't hold Naruto back even with their advantage of two extra people so they kept defending until Naruto jumped back then they layed down a barrier. The same as they used while Orochimaru fought the Third Hokage.

"Now you can't get by to save Sasuke, touch this barrier and you will go up in flames. By the time you go around we will be long gone. Goodbye Uzumaki Naruto."

Naruto watched as the Sound Four ran off. He knew their was no point in chasing after them, they had gotten away.

'What was Sasuke doing joining them?'

Naruto promised to himself that he would learn every type of jutsu perfectly, especially barrier jutsu so this would never happen again.

Orochimaru would pay for taking Sasuke and Sakura away.

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