I am getting so fed up with this. My resolve hardens and I stare at Edo's ever-so-close face with utmost determination to finally get him to wake up. Then out of the blue, he wiggles into a more comfortable position on my chest and something else hardens. All these sexy wiggles are really beginning to do a number on me. Why does he have to be like this anyway? Edo just can't stay still as a statue and humbly absorb my body heat, oh no, he has to be all wiggly and twitchy and make little moaning noises while he's at it. (Gee. I bet he treats all his pillows like this.)


My train of thought flies off the railroad tracks when I hear that enigmatic 't' word AGAIN. What is he talking about? The speech coming out of his mouth is so soft I can't possibly decipher its meaning.

"…p-please don't go…don't go away…"

Despite the gauche predicament the fates have stuck me in, I try to listen. I ignore his groping hands and hold my breath in order to hear his hushed mumbling, though I'll end up passing out from the lack of oxygen if he's speaking in English. Edo's eyebrows furrow together and he scrunches up his face as if in pain.

"…don't leave me…'tousan…don't…don't go!"

Panic laces his voice and it rises in hysteria. His breathing becomes hard and ragged. Limbs begin thrashing around. Fingers ensnare themselves into the folds of my blazer so tightly that his knuckles turn white. Even a dolt like me can recognize the symptoms of a nightmare but what I didn't expect was getting a lesson on the consequences of being a person around the nightmare-victim when Edo unexpectedly begins to twist and turn around on my body. His limbs find themselves in unwanted places like my stomach while his fingers no longer clutch my shirt but inste—why is he reaching there?

Oh. My. God.

I do the only thing that makes sense during this moment of complete, utter chaos: I throw Edo off me. Edo goes flying against the wall and the back of his head hits the sweet spot of a tennis racket's frame. I only have enough breath to mutter a prayer to the gods that his neck didn't snap from the impact because a second later my vocal cords clog up. Shit. Shit. Shit.

The phoenix has woken.


Sapphire eyes snap open. Edo's whole body lurches forward and he's on his knees; gasping for air like a dying man, pupils dilated, beads of liquid trickling down his cheeks, shoulders shaking as if he's experiencing a seizure of some sort.

Then a whole new understanding pervades my mind and my jaw drops out of revelation. Otousan? You mean all this time…all those wiggles and moans and the screaming… Edo was dreaming about his father? Now that's just creepy because as most people I'm acquainted with don't mumble about their parents in their sleep.

A groan snaps me out of my thoughts. Edo seems to have regained his senses. He sweeps a hand through his hair while baby blue eyes dart around the clammy toolshed.

"What am I doing here?" he mutters. "What did you…?"

"Erm, uh, I didn't do anything to you! Really!" I exclaim sheepishly, laughing, before he has a chance to accuse me of performing acts of ecchi-ness.

He scrunches up his nose. "Stop speaking nonsense. I don't understand what you're saying," Edo grumbles and shakes his head as if to ward off an invisible mosquito.

Then his eyes narrow. My face pales as white as a sheet. I better get well acquainted with the folks down at the CPA 'cause I'll be seeing them quite often now that Edo's putting two plus two together in a way only he can do. I hold my breath and mentally brace myself for an onslaught of false accusations and spit attacking my face—


I blink. Well, the latter of the two eventually happened though this is rather unexpected.

"Are you ok…?"

My hands automatically search through the pockets of my blazer to see if I have a packet of tissues before realizing even if I had any, they'd be soak to the core and provide very little help if not make things worse. Anyhow, I need them more. I gingerly wipe the sides of my cheek with my sleeve to remove his salvia; my Osiris jacket is quite wet indeed but I still see tiny dark specks appear on the fabric once I'm done cleaning my face. Ewww.

"…it's freezing," Edo complains after a moment's recovery and just to emphasis his point, his teeth chatters as he talks. "I'm getting out of here."

He stands up and walks over to the exit. I bite my lip.

"Uh, Edo, you shouldn't—"

"Shut up!"

He grasps the handle of the door and I brace myself for the horror that awaited us. The next three seconds is like experiencing the wrath of a goddess raining wrath bullets onto the land below. Edo closes the door.


His face is covered with water and there are leaves and twigs tangled in his hair. He has the most deadpanned expression in the world.

"Told you so," I grumble in a quiet voice.

"Shut up!"

"Edo, I think—"


"—you need a tissue."

He's really starting to get sick, isn't he? Edo recovers from his moment of involuntary reflex, and then shoots a glare at me again as if his bad health was my fault. Instead of challenging that glare, I look away. It's still pouring buckets of water and from the sounds of it, the storm isn't going to let down any time soon...

...change of plans: Now I'm stuck here with a conscious Edo Phoenix.