You're Not Who I'm Supposed to Marry!

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"..." -talking

'...' -thoughts

Inner Self

Long long ago, 4 distinct countries existed. The Fire Country, Water Country, Wind Country, and Earth Country. These countries were ruled by the Uchiha, Yamanaka, Nara, and Haruno clans. These clans were all very powerful, and each clan have their own special talents. The Uchiha Clan were known for their Sharingan, which was an evolved form of Byakugan. The Yamanaka clan were known for their Mind Manipulation skills, the Nara clan was known for it's Shadow Imitation techniques, and finally the Haruno clan. They didn't possess kickass bloodline limits, but they were very gifted in the field of healing, which made them tough enemies on the battlefield. Medical knowledge could be used in pretty lethal ways.

Because these clans all have specialties, they all want to test their strength and see who was the strongest. Well... the Haruno clan was more neutral to be precise, but they will fight when provoked. The warring went like this:

Uchiha Clan vs. Yamanaka Clan

Nara Clan vs. Haruno Clan

People fight, people die, and babies cry ya da ya da. So... FINALLY the elders of the country decided to put their foot down and stopped the senseless fighting. It wasn't getting them anywhere, as far as they can see. Not to mention, it was only decreasing their men population and was draining their banks. Which was a bad thing. Money made the world go round no? So, their resolve was to have the future princes and princesses wed to the opposite party, as part of the peace treaty. When they become of age to be married off that is.

18 years later...


Current King: Uchiha Fugaku

Current Queen: Uchiha Mikoto

Children: 2

Names: Uchiha Itachi (deceased) and Uchiha Sasuke (current Prince)


Current King: Yamanaka Inoichi

Current Queen: Yamanaka Okairi

Child(ren): 1

Name: Yamanaka Ino


Currrent King: Haruno Jiraiya

Current Queen: Haruno Tsunade

Child(ren): 1

Name: Haruno Sakura


Current King: Nara Shikaku

Current Queen: Nara Yoshino

Children: 1

Name: Nara Shikamaru

Now that sufficient amount of time has passed, and the heirs were of age, the princesses of course, would be prepared to be married off to their destined spouse.

"Ino-pig!" the pink headed princess greeted cheerfully from her balcony window, waving to the blond haired princess.

"Hey Forehead!" Ino greeted back from the carrriage, just as happy. As of now, Sakura was having a get together with the girls. She, along with Ino were getting married in two weeks.

At first, Sakura was frightened and angry. She didn't like the idea of using her future as a part of a peace treaty deal. It just wasn't fair. Why couldn't she be a second born! But no... she had to be an one and ONLY! However, she wasn't alone in this matter, since it involved other only-childs from the other clans.

Sakura and Ino were friends since they were little brats. The nicknames were used whenever they were mad at each other when they were little, but now it was more of a nickname than anything. The Water and Earth countries were actually on pretty good terms so they never really battled. One time, while Sakura was visiting the capital of Water Country with her parents, she wandered off on her own just to 'explore' a bit.

So ultimately, she got lost, and was on the verge of crying when Ino showed up. Ino was very curious, and didn't like guards following her everywhere. So at times, she would escape and wander around the city. When she met Sakura, she instantly knew she wasn't from the city because no one here had pink hair. Upon furthur inspection, she looked to be in a bit of a crisis, so Ino decided to help her out. So that's the story of how their friendship started.

'Blaaahh, I don't want to get married! I don't want to get tied down!' Inner Sakura whined, clutching her head, as if in pain. Sakura rolled her eyes.

'Excuse me, but I believe I'm also getting shipped off to a different country?' Sakura pointed out.

Inner Sakura didn't bother replying.

Currently, Sakura was holding a little slumber party, spending time with her friends before she wouldn't have the chance to, since she was getting married and all. The current location was Sakura's pink, cute and princess-like room. Verrrry girly. However, if you judge this girl's strength by her room, then you're going to die. If your parents were Tsunade and Jiraiya, you're anything BUT weak.

"Oh my gosh Sakura-chan! I can't believe you're getting married already! I'm gonna miss you soooo much!" Tenten exclaimed as she gave Sakura big hug.

"Ahem, forgetting someone?" Ino said loudly, not wanting to be forgotten.

"I'll miss you too! I would never forgive myself if I forgot about you!" Tenten said and also gave Ino a big hug.

Kunai Tenten was the Princess of Grass Country. A fairly small country, but it's still a nice place. Tenten was known as the weapon mistress in her country because at a very small age, she already showed signs of being a powerful weapon user.

"S-Sakura-chan, I'm going to m-miss you so m-much." the Hyuuga heiress expressed quietly.

Now, Hinata wasn't a princess or anything like that, but she was a noble's daughter. She was the daughter of Hyuuga Hiashi, who works for Sakura's parents. So during fancy parties, Hinata would be brought along, which was how the girls met. Hinata was always shy and soft spoken so her father doesn't look up to her as a very good successor for the Hyuuga Clan.

"Hinata-chan! I'll miss you too!" Sakura said and gave Hinata a hug.

"Ne Ino, don't worry okay? If that bastard you marry tries anything funny, I'll personally beat him up for you." Temari said before giving Ino a quick hug.

Sabaku no Temari was the daughter of a important noble in Wind Country. One time, her parents took her with them to the Water Country and there she had met Ino and co. She also has two younger brothers, Kankurou and Gaara.

At one point, Sakura had a slight crush on Gaara. Well, she still kind of does actually.

"Ne Sakura, who're you getting married to again?" Temari asked while sitting on a bear shaped plushy bean sack.

"I'm getting married to Nara Shikamaru from Wind Country. In other words, your country." Sakura said while hopping onto her very big queen sized bed.

"What? You're getting married to that lazy-ass?" Temari asked, sounding surprised.

"Yeah. Why? Is he evil or something?" Sakura asked curiously. Sakura wasn't told very much about her fiance. All she was told was his name, and status. Everyone else was also listening tentively, also curious about Sakura's fiance.

"Well... from what I've observed of him over the years I've met him, he's a lazy-ass." Temari stated bluntly.

"And...?" Sakura asked, wanting to know more.

"I've also heard from my parents that he's got an IQ of over 200, and he loves playing Shogi, Go, Chess, Checkers and watching... clouds." Temari said finished sounding bored.

"Wow... he's almost like an old man!" Ino joked, laughing at what she said. Sakura thought things over. Maybe being with him won't be so bad after all, since he sounded like a rather laid back guy.

'Cha! We're gonna turn his world upside down shaaaannnaaarroooo!' Inner Sakura cheered.

"Oh yah! His favourite phrase: This is so troublesome." Temari said, trying to mock Shikamaru's voice.

Somewhere in Wind Country

"Achhooo!" came a sneeze.

"Hey Shikamaru, you got a cold or something?" his sensei asked.

"I don't think so. Anyway, check mate." Shikamaru said with a small smirk on his lips.


Back at Sakura's room

Everyone just laughed at what Temari said.

"Hey Ino-chan, who's the dude you're marrying?" Tenten asked while sharpening her kunai.

"Well, so far I know he's an only child cause his brother died." the room was silent for a while.

(cough) "Anyway, his name is Uchiha Sasuke from Fire Country." Ino stated before twirling a piece of her platinum blonde hair.

"I've h-heard of h-him once." Hinata said quietly, and all eyes turned to Hinata. It was rare when Hinata spoke up on her own, so they had to pay close attention to what she has to say. Cause whatever Hinata says, it's more than likely true. You better believe it, or you'll crash into a brick wall.

"I h-heard from N-Neji-niisan that he's n-not very social, and is silent m-most of the time." Hinata stuttered while fiddling with her fingers. It's a habit of hers when she's nervous.

Tenten snorted. "He's the one to talk! If I didn't know you were describing the Prince Uchiha, I would've thought you were describing your cousin."

Tenten has a slight crush on our Hyuuga genius, but she hides it very well. It's like hiding a needle in a haystack. In other words, she's the tsundere type.

"Tenten... h-he's not l-like that. H-He just likes k-keeping to h-himself." Hinata said quietly, trying to defend her cousin.

"Whatever, anyway what else do you know about Uchiha Sasuke?" Tenten said, changing the topic.

"He's v-very strong, b-but he h-has a cold d-demeanor." Hinata said.

"Ooooohhhh. Looks like Ino-pig over there gets to marry a human ice-berg. Good luck with that!" Sakura said sarcastically while patting Ino's back.

Ino was a little crestfallen. Great. Just great! Her once in a lifetime experience (coughmarriagecough) was ruined. She was going to spend the rest of her life with a human ice-cube? Life was definitely not fair!

"At least he's hot and sexy!" Ino said, trying to defend her fiance. To be truthful, she didn't know if he was or not. For all she knows, he could be fat and has layers of blubber! Ino shivered at the thought.

"But you've never met him Ino." Temari pointed out. Ino just pouted and hmphed. The other girls just giggled.

So for the rest of the day, the girls spent their time on... make overs... talking about guys... and so on.

With the dudes



After that somewhat friendly greeting, the two yelled out their battle cry thing and charged at each other. Kunai clashed with kunai, creating a 'cling' sound. It was natural for the two boys battling it out. It wasn't anything serious, just training. The two were really good friends, but also rivals. Aah... now talking about rivals...

"Oii! Teme! Neji!" a loud voice yelled. Guess who it is? Why it's none other than Uzumaki Naruto!

The two stopped fighting at the sound of their friend's voice and watched him run over.

"Gomen gomen, the old man at the ramen shop thought I didn't pay and was about to butcher me when this old lady finally finished her ramen and told him I did pay!" Naruto explained, while laughing nervously.

'Dobe.' Neji thought.

'Usuratonkachi.' Sasuke thought.

"Anyway, guess what teme? I got the info you wanted!" Naruto said excitedly while jumping up and down. Sasuke's attention was immediately directed to Naruto.

"What did you find?" he asked in a serious tone. Neji was just... twirling a kunai, not really caring.

"Everything is at Shikamaru's right now, so we have to go over." Naruto said.

"Fine." Sasuke said before he poofed away.

"Tch. Show off bastard." Naruto mumbled before he too poofed away, and Neji followed suit.


"You have GOT to be kidding! How come a lazy-ass like you get such a hot girl like her!" Naruto pretty much screamed. Unlike the girls, the guys have HIRED people to get a written profile on their fiancees. No one said that was illegal.

(sigh) "How troublesome. I better watch my step from now on. It looks like she can get one nasty temper when angered." Shikamaru said and sighed once again.

"Hey, look on the bright side. At least she's gentle 80 percent of the time." Sasuke said while sighing as well.

"I must agree on that one with Uchiha there. He's got one hell of a prep." Neji said with a smirk on his face.

"Urusai." Sasuke said coldly. To be honest, Sasuke does think Ino is kind of attractive. But from what he read on her profile, she's wayyyy too preppy.

"She looks like the kind who flirts a lot too." Shikamaru said, picking up one of the many pictures that were taken of Ino. Sasuke just groaned.

"Grrr... I'm still mad over the fact that Nara over there get's a super hottie!" Naruto grumbled.

"Hey Naruto, if you win at a game of Shogi against me, I'll let you have her." Shikamaru said lazily while walking over to the Shogi board.

"Yosh! I will win no matter what!" Naruto said with flames burning in his eyes.

'Idiot.' all the other guys thought. They all knew (except Naruto) that when Shikamaru challenges someone, it just means that he's utterly bored.

So for the rest of the day, the guys just did... guy things.


Yes, weddings. Both Sasuke, Shikamaru, Sakura, and Ino's weddings were held on the same day. Since Ino was staying with Sakura, they were traveling to their soon-to-be-husbands land together. But halfway through, they'll have to split up, since Fire Country is West of Wind Country.

"Sakura-sama, please hurry up! We need to get you into the kimono in a matter of minutes, then do your hair-" Sakura's attendant was cut off by Sakura.

"Calm down Shizune! I've still got about four hours! You know I hate it when people make me rush." Sakura stated while playing with the bubbles in the tub.

In the Earth Country, there was a special ritual that you must follow through in order for your marriage to be successful. A very long process, that seemed to take forever.

Shizune just gave an exasperated sigh and waited patiently for the princess to finish.

Soon enough, both Ino and Sakura were dressed in their traditional wedding kimonos.

Sakura's kimono was made of a silky material and is a pearly white. The kimono had gold embroidery, and light pink sakura designs sowed onto the kimono. She had a light pink obi and was tied at the back to look like the shape of a butterfly. Her hair was put into a terra twist. On top of her head adorned a golden tiara decorated with pink diamonds in the shape of flowers, and a veil also hung from it.

All in all, she was the definition of drop-dead gorgeous.

Now Ino's kimono was also made of the same material, but instead of gold embroidery, it's metallic blue. The ends of her kimono has a wave pattern sowed on elegantly, and she has lavender coloured flower petals decorating the kimono. The obi was a dark navy blue. Her hair was let down and a dark blue tiara was put on top of her hair. In the center was a very beautiful pearl.

In other words, another drop-dead gorgeous bride.

Once they were ready, they were off!

The ride was very boring. But thanks to Ino's telepathy jutsu, they could talk to each other until they were out of Ino's jutsu range.

'Hey Ino. Are you nervous?' Sakura asked

'Kind of. I mean like... what if the prince doesn't like me?' Ino said in a worried voice.

'Pfft. That's stupid. I mean... you're the biggest flirt in the world, how could he possibly not like you?' Sakura joked.

'Hey! You're suppose to relieve me of some stress! Not add to it!' Ino yelled outraged. On the outside, Ino was scowling in her carriage.

'Okay okay, I'm sorry.' Sakura apologized.

'Apology accepted. (sigh) You know what? I'm jealous of you.' Ino stated. Sakura can just imagine that Ino was pouting and had her arms crossed right now.

'Oh? Why would you be? Shouldn't I be jealous? Cause your soon-to-be-husband is so drop-dead gorgeous?' Sakura asked in a teasing tone.

'Okay I admit. I don't even know what the hell he looks like, but I do know that your fiance is nice! I mean, he may be lazy, but at least he's nice!' Ino cried out. Sakura thought her ear drums were going to shatter internally.

'Calm down Ino. Maybe Uchiha-san isn't as cold as he was rumoured to be.' Sakura consoled.

'Sakura, d'you know what other rumours are out there? They said he was friggin gay! Gay I tell you!' Ino cried hysterically. Sakura just rubbed her temples, while trying to stifle a laugh.

'Ino... I feel for you. You'll always have my shoulder to cry on if Uchiha-san decides to spend his honeymoon with some guy.' Sakura said sympathetically... at least she tried.

'Gee, thanks a lot! What kinda friend are you?" Ino said grumpily.

'A great one!' Sakura said cheerily.

So while the girls were chattin' away telepathically, they never realized that the carriages have already reached mid-point and started parting ways.

'OH MY GOD, Sakura we're already parting!' Ino pretty much screamed.

'No! I wanna talk for the entire trip, not only half!' Sakura whined.

'Bye Sakura. I wish you luck with your wedding.' Ino said

'And the same to you.' Sakura replied before disconnecting with Ino.

Sasuke was really not excited about this wedding. First of all, he didn't have a say in this, and it was his wedding! Like, how ridiculous is that? Well aparently not very according to his father. He was actually sincere looking tonight. Sasuke just frowned even more. His father NEVER looked sincere, always the same frown and stoic Uchiha look.

He sure as hell knew his mother was happy and was crying tears of joy. Saying stuff like 'my little Sasu-kun's finally getting married!' or 'I can't wait to be a grandmother!' His mother was barely over 40 for God's sake.

One other thing that annoyed him was all the relatives that were coming over to celebrate. All of his male cousins were just interested in his soon-to-be-wife.

Shikamaru right about now was really nervous. He's got to make a good first impression or his mother'll have his head!

'Women... so troublesome...'

His mother right about now was busy socializing with the family and nobles. His father? Let's just say he was well on his way of becoming drunk. He was a little too... enthusiastic that his lazy son was actually getting married, along with his sensei Asuma. He didn't understand why though. This had been planned out even before he was a bunch of cells.

(sigh) 'Weddings are so troublesome.'

Everything went according to plan. All the rituals were done in order for the marriage to be complete, and the whole peace treaty ordeal was sealed. The newly weds weren't happy at all that they had to sacrifice their futures, but they knew it was for the greater picture. There was definitely no love involved, but they also knew it wasn't wise to shout "I refuse this marriage!" either.

Even though the weddings happened in different places, it happened at the same time! Coincidence eh?

Once the bride arrives, the ceremony is conducted. The ceremony consisted of the groom and bride exchanging vows, the exchanging of rings and finally, seal the deal by exchanging wine. (Bunny: It's not in their tradition to kiss. Therefore, they don't see the bride's face.) After the ceremony, the bride is then brought to their bedroom, where they will sit for 5 irritable hours, doing absolutely NOTHING! It's annoying, but it's a must. The brides don't get to join in on the festivities and crazy drinking. Shame isn't it?

4 hours and 59 minutes later...

"Well Uchiha, have fun." Neji said sarcastically while smirking. Sasuke scowled, his hand reaching for the door.

"Oh don't worry. I will." Sasuke scoffed. Inside the room, the bride heard some voices and knew it must be night already.

'Oh my god!' her inner self screamed.

At the same time...

"Aww Shikamaru! You're so lucky!" Naruto whined.

"Huh... this is so troublesome." Shikamaru said while rolling his eyes at Naruto's behaviour.

"Anyway, I hope you have fun!" Naruto said with a wink before turning around and walking off to somewhere. Shikamaru just sighed and stared his bedroom door, not completely willing to open it.

Sasuke entered the room and unsurprisingly found his bride sitting on his bed. He must admit that Ino was very pretty tonight. He saw that she tensed up when he entered.


Sasuke honestly didn't know what to do with his bride. So he just stood there.

He didn't really wanna do this. This was just too... troublesome for a lack of better words. Here he is, in his room, standing in front of his very... still bride. He even wondered if his bride was made of stone or something.

In both of the groom's minds, they readied themselves. At the count of three...


'This bastard better move sometime soon!'


'Man... and I thought I was nervous about what my spouse looks like...'




(blink blink)

Sasuke looked dumbfounded. His expression was priceless.

"Hello Shikamaru-kun." his bride greeted him.

'Fuck.' was what Sasuke thought. Yup, there was something DEFINITELY wrong with his wife.

Shikamaru couldn't believe his eyes. He thought he was going to scream a string of profanities, but figured it would be too troublesome to explain it to everyone else later.

"Hello Sasuke-kun!" his bride chirped.

'Oh man...' were Shikamaru's last thoughts.

To be continued...

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