Thanks to all my reviewers:

You have no idea what it means to me.

So, my friends, it's been a month now of writing the story, updating it when I could, writing whenever I had free time… And I am satisfied with the results. I was so zealous to turn out chapters that I realize many of them have a few errors that I did not pick up on. Unfortunately, they don't bother me that much, so please just bear with me.

The whole idea for the story stemmed from the fact that both of the series take place in New York in relative proximity. Pietro and Evan actually lived in New York, as to why they knew Alex as a household name.

The gargoyles and the mutants share the same plight in terms of universes. They both want to live and be accepted, protecting their own and those that may not care otherwise. I didn't lean to hard on this theme because it was obvious, but I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did writing it.

The only thing I miss and regret not putting in is the enigmatic characters of Magneto and Mystique. My ultimate goal would have been a fight between Mystique and Demona… But I suppose that could wait for a sequel. ;P

And now the conclusion. Thanks to everyone who gave support and constructive criticism. And to everyone who took the time to read this: You're the best.


Alex had recovered nicely. It had been a month now since Puck had disappeared in a flash of light, taking the threat of Thailog with him, as well as the young mage's fate with him.

The halfling was not the same. He was so much more solemn than he had been before; not nearly up to half the tricks he was known for before.

Alex and Bobby were speaking, but not nearly the friends they were before. This was mostly Alex's fault, for Bobby was more than happy to burry the hatchet since Alex had shown no hesitation in trying to protect his friend. Plus Bobby felt bad about the white-haired kid that had been kid-napped. Alex and the kid were obviously close, and Bobby wanted to reach out to Alex.

But every time Bobby tried, Alex would shut down a part of himself, as if compartmentalizing a section of his feelings. Alex would ignore Bobby and walk out the room, not afraid to use his powers to avoid a confrontation.

Fox and David visited at least once a month, as did the clan whenever it was possible. David was getting along as his usual self, his new assistant fitting nicely into the hubbub of the Eyrie building.

Alex hated seeing this. He couldn't help but remember the fight he had had in the library all those weeks ago with Puck, and his heart lurched with misgivings. Alex had mentioned to Puck that David had a replacement waiting in the wings for his debut.

Alex sighed. This just wasn't right.

He was excelling in school, a most serious student, now often compared to the stern Logan when his back was turned. Everyone noticed the change in him, least of all, Wanda.

Wanda and Alex had become complicated. They were both interested in each other, and despite the new change in Alex's demeanor; Wanda still was flirting with him. Even Todd had begun to back off, realizing that Wanda didn't like him anymore, and that there were so many other "fish in the sea."

Alex felt calmed in her presence. They hung out a lot, and though they were the hot gossip around the mansion for a while, they eventually faded into old news. Pietro and Alex became friends too, the former brotherhood welcoming.

Alex had made a personal mission to himself. He would find Thailog, manipulate him to the same extent he had manipulated Alex, rescue Puck, then start to live for himself. Keeping this in mind, Alex practiced daily with his powers, trying to gain more control and focus.

It came to pass that the six months of his stay were coming to an end. He was sad that he was going to have to leave the friendships he had forged, including Wanda, but at the same time, he felt his goal would be better achieved from New York City.

As he was packing one night, he felt a presence that left him speechless.

He knelt at the foot of Titania as she appeared in the room.

"You have grown exponentially," She said smiling.

Alex kept his head bowed. "You know all that transpired, then?"

Titania frowned at his tone. "Yes, my grandson…"

"How could you let this happen? How could you put two binds on Puck causing all of this?! WHY?"

"I see that you still have much to learn. Puck knew his place and performed as best as anyone could. Better than we could have hoped."

"How can you say that?"

"Patience," Titania said, growing irritable. "Not everything is as it seems. Puck knew in calmly accepting his fate that it would not be permanent. Do you remember the last words he said to you?"

"What does that have-"

"He said, 'This is goodbye for a spell.' Specifically alluding to the fact that it would not be forever, in fact, maybe as quick as a spell takes to cast."

Alex looked down, his face still dark with anger.

"My poor little one, you truly cared for Puck?"

Alex looked up with pain in his eyes.

"Do not worry, for you will grow stronger in your quest to free him. We have seen great things emerge from this path that you are about to take."

"Will I succeed?" Alex said in earnest.

"As of right now, you would fail. But times are changing, my own, so be ready for it."


Fox sat down at her own computer, laughing as he friend Dingo talked to her incessantly of his new movie he was cast in. He was nearly begging her to come to the premiere, and she loved playing coy.

She logged into her bank account, and with a satisfied grin noticed the sum had gone up tremendously. The virus she had made Demona implant in the computer at the mansion had proven successful. It would steal money from the institute, only to replace it with money from another account. It may seem pointless to anyone else, but she was getting the money from her father, whether he willed it to her or not.

It was hers. And she was happy.


Elisa walked out onto the balcony again, towards her love and cherished one, Goliath. He stood there, watching the night, slightly surprised to be torn out of his pondering by a hand that slipped around his chest.

Elisa kissed his ear as she leaned into him, staring out at the night with him.

"Alex will be home soon," She said, conversationally.

Goliath sighed and nodded. "Then will it begin. A new adventure is on the horizon…"

The end.