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"yes, ok. thank you very much, Ms. Stein. I really appreciate this!" Becca said excitedly into the phone, trying to comtain her excitement from bubbling over.

"please call me Jessica, and you're most welcome. I knew as soon as I looked at your resume that you would be perfect for the job. " Jessica Stein's voice could be heard through the phone. She was the executive assistant in the WWE. And unlike Jonathan Coachman, she ran the whole show under Vince McMahon, not just RAW.

" so when do I start? " Becca felt like she was about to start hyperventalating, she could barely breathe! This was just way too unreal for her.

" well I was hoping as soon as possible, if that's cool with you? "

" oh yeah! for me the sooner the better. "

" great! so I have your plane ticket here and your flight to connecticut will be tomorrow morning. "

There was a pause on Becca's end.

" Becca? you there? "

" huh? oh yeah i'm here...it's just well I know that you probably went through all this trouble to get me a plane ticket but there is no need for that. "

" what do you mean? "

" well I live in massachusettes which is only a few hours away from Stamford. "

" well that's great! "

" so you're not mad for going through all that trouble to get me a ticket? "

" mad? why would I be mad? hunnie it only takes me a few seconds to do a refund...so there's no big deal...Actually it's better that you live closer. "

" really? "

" yeah. now all I have to do is send a limo to pick you up. "

Becca almost fell out of the chair she was sitting in.

" limo?! "--- " oh my god, oh my god!!! limooooo!!!!!!???? " was all that was heard in the background from Becca's best friend, Taby, who was eavesdropping (or as she referred to it; listening intently) on Becca and Jessica's phone call.--- " shhhhh!! " Becca snapped.

" what was that? "

" oh uh yeah, i'm sorry I don't believe I heard you correctly...did you say i get picked up in a limo? "

" well yeah, how else you gonna get here? " she laughed.

" I mean you don't have to go through all that for me. I could drive myself, you know. "

" oh no, it's no trouble at all. So it's settled then, I will send for a limo. Just be ready tomorrow morning at 8am sharp. "

" ok I will. And again, thanks for everything! "

" it's what i'm here for. See you tomorrow, Bye! "

" bye! "

Becca hung up the phone and started jumping up and down.

" wow! this is amazing! " Taby said excitedly to Becca.

She froze in a moment of thought then, started to pack frantically, throwing things out of the closet and dressers and lugging her suitcase out. She grabbed a pen and some paper and started to make a checklist.

" ok so I have pant suits, shirts, boxers, clean under---'BECCA'---wear, tank tops, hairspray---'BECCA'---brush...uhh what else am I going to need? "

Taby grabbed Becca's arm. " BECCA!!!!! "

" huh? what?...oh yes now i know, a tooth---" Becca if you even finish that sentence! "

" what do you mean? "

" ok first, you need to calm down and take a seat. " Taby took the list out of Becca's hand, even as she silently protested, and brought her over to the couch in their two bedroom apartment.

" ok look I know that you are excited and I am so happy for you, but you can't be freakin out like this. Just relax and you'll be all good. "

" what are you talking about? I am relaxed! " Becca said as her legs kept going up and down in a shaking method she always did when she was anxious or excited.

" oh yeah, I am sooo sure of that. " Taby said shooting her a look full of sarcasm and putting her hand on Becca's leg to calm them.

" ok so maybe I am a little jittery---a little?! " Taby said with one of her all knowing looks (how Becca hated that Taby knew her so well ...it made hiding her feelings impossible)---" ok, ok, a lot jittery, but really, can you blame me? I mean this is my dream job! i've been dreaming about working with the WWE since we were teenagers! you know this! "

" yeah, yeah, just be professional is all i'm saying. ok? "

" yeah, ok whatever. "

" I mean it Becca. " God how she hated Taby's all-knowing looks. They creeped her out how she just knew what she was feeling or thinking at any moment.

" ok. I get it. relax. "

Becca got up and started to rationally pack her things for tomorrow morning.

" so anyways " Becca continued, " we need to get you packing too. "

" Girl, what in god's name are you talking about?" Taby stared at her like she was crazy. " you know I can't go with you! This isn't some random trip that we can take together. This is your job we're talking about here. "

" so? " Becca replied. Honestly she didn't see the big deal. She knows that she can't spend long periods of time away from Taby. She would be lost with out her.

" so?! " Taby screeched, " Becca come on! Do you really think these people will let you have extra baggage?! "

" You are not extra baggage to me! Look, they're just gonna have to find room for you to travel with me because I am not going with out you. They can take me for the job with you or just forget the whole thing altogether. It really doesn't matter to me. "

Taby stared at her in complete disbelief. " Oh Please! are you seriously telling me that you would give up your dream job just because I can't go with you? "

" Of course I am serious! my dream job of traveling with the WWE wouldn't be right with out you and I wouldn't enjoy it at all! So they are just gonna have to adjust to that. "

Becca continued to pack as she said that, but stopped.

" Taby? Hun? " She went over to her and waved her hand in front of her face. " Tabyyyy?? "

" What? "

" you ok? you look all weird and teary-eyed. "

" it's just that you continue to amaze me is all...I knew there was some reason you were my best friend and I love you so much. "

Becca started to giggle. Taby always got so emotional over the little things that Becca said about their friendship. She found that so funny, yet cute at the same time.

" hey slow poke...you better get packin cuz I am not waiting for you in the morning. " Becca smiled at her then threw a pillow at her head.

" HAHA very funny! " Taby said throwing the pillow back.