"So how was it?" Crysta asked Max, sitting down across from the schoolteacher. When Max hesitated, Crysta urged, "C'mon women, spill."

"Yea, tell us all about it." Lydia said as she and Alex sat down as well. "We need details."

"Well," Max said, hesitating.

"Out with it women!" Lydia exclaimed.

Max laughed, "Ok, ok. Don't bite my head off. It was nice; we had dinner together and ended up talking for hours about all kinds of stuff."

"And? What happened after that?" Alex asked, leaning forwards.

"He said good-night and slept in the Jumper."

Lydia, Crysta, and Alex exchanged glances with each other, looking crestfallen.

"What?" Max asked, seeing the looks. Then it dawned on her. "Geeze guys on the first date? Honestly..."

"Actually it's more like your third date, this one you just saw all the way through." Crysta commented.

"Yea and why not?" Alex said, nodding her head in agreement. "I mean the sparks are obviously there and you seem to have a habit of jumping into bed with guys you like."

"Excuse me?" Max said, raising an eyebrow. "That was one time and we were both wasted. But this...this is different."

"How so?"

Max shrugged and said, "I don't know, but it is."

"Moving on; do you think that you two could be seen together on a regular basis?" Lydia asked.

Max was quite for a moment, thinking. As she was pondering the question, she glanced at the door and saw Evan walk in. He paused just inside the cafeteria, his eyes moving slowly across the room, looking for her.

He spotted her and their eyes locked. Evan smiled while waving at her. Max smiled and waved back, "I guess so."

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