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"Harry? Harry?" Harry Potter opened his eyes to a hazy world of moving white shapes. For some reason, everything seemed big. Registering that he was in a hospital of some sort, he opened his mouth to say: "What happened?" and that is precisely where the trouble began. You see, when he opened his mouth, he thought he'd say: "Where am I?" But what actually came out more closely resembled: "E at uwo?"

"Oh good, he's awake."

'Wow.' thought Harry, 'what was that about?' So, he tried again: "Afur oww ut?"

"Shh. Shh. Shh. It's okay, Harry. I'm right here."

'Alright, that's enough weirdness for me, thank you. Why is Hermione talking to me like I'm an idiot. Oh God! Not-brain damage?

"He looks so cute I could just eat him with a spoon!" exclaimed Mrs. Weasley.

What the hell?


What the bloody hell?

"whoow wee ekk."

My god! I've lost the ability to speak coherently! No!

The small baby, curled up in white hospital crib sheets, began to howl and cry. Upon hearing himself, however, he abruptly stopped. He opened his tearful green eyes and scrunched his cute face in concentration. Even the fresh cut on his forehead wrinkled. Giants peaked over the edge of his cage expectantly. He let out a small wail and stopped. He let out another and stopped. He whimpered and looked around and that is the moment Harry recognized the giants above him as members of the Order of the Phoenix. He recognized the cage as a crib. He recognized exactly what was going on and began to sob. His tiny fists jerked and he kicked his chubby legs angrily. He could not-could NOT- be a baby!

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