Cliche Enough

She was a princess who lost her home. He was a pirate who never had one. And somehow it was just cliché enough to work.

She had never been the romantic type, well, the most unromantic a girl could be. Sure, she had her days were she dreamed of finding her prince and living happily ever after in bliss, but in times like these, when she was leading a rebellion against the Empire, romance was a frivolous pursuit. Of course, even if she had been searching for love, he would have been the last placed she looked.

He was a big-headed, uncultured, rude, tactless, and possibly the most annoying man in the universe.

He was also completely perfect.

As a princess, Leia was supposed to like nice guys. Nice chivalrous guys from a good upbringing and with a future. She liked heroes with bravery and self-respect.

He was a scoundrel…she guessed she liked them too.

He was a criminal, ex-smuggler, turned galactic rebel. He never got attached, in his profession you couldn't afford to. He relied on five things in his life: Chewie, the Falcon, money, his blaster, and, first and foremost, himself.

That was before he got wrapped up in this crazy mess that resulted with him involved in the royal rescue of her. He didn't want to like her, but he didn't seem to have much choice on the matter, it just happened.

She was so…bossy and proud and tough, she was also loyal and courageous and beautiful. Fate just kept throwing them together and never letting them get apart from each other. Fate had an agenda.

They didn't have a fairy tale romance, but on second thought, maybe they did.

He helped rescue her and she paid back the favor.

She was intrigue by him, even when she pretended to hate him. A man with no connections, no obligations, nothing tying him down from where he wanted to go and what he wanted to see and when he wanted to do it. If only. The idea seemed both distinguishing and… marvelous. If only life could be so free for her.

She didn't know he admired her for the opposite reason. Such dedication to a cause. Such allegiance to her friends. Hell, she had friends, and family, and people who cared about her safety and well-being, unlike him. She was a leader, all he lead was himself, and rather poorly at that. She had everything.

He was a ruffian.

She was a pampered princess.

He was vulgar.

She was snobbish.

He was crude.

She was demanding.

He was cocky in his success.

She was a confident to a fault.

He was daring.

She was devoted.

He valued his friends for he had so few.

She valued her friends because she had lost so many.

Although he didn't like to show it, he was brave.

And though no one expected it from her, so was she.

Fantasy was ever so far from their relationship. It wasn't love at first sight. It wasn't even a real friendship. It was the secretly harbored growing admiration for each with a touch of disdain mixed in.

He thought he was ultimately charming and she would fail head of heels for him.

She thought he was rugged crook who was just playing with her.

But they both knew better.