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I could feel the hole in my chest start to tear open, for the second time. It was just last night that Edward ran out on me, he just said that something came up. But the next day at school Alice told me that the Cullen's were leaving, but her Jasper decided to stay with me for another day. I never fully understood why they stayed, especially Jasper, since he couldn't get too close to me. I was preparing myself for the pain that was going to come again, but the pain never showed. I just felt depressed that my love would leave without telling anyone why.

The next day Alice and Jasper were gone, again I expected pain, but once again it just ended up being depression. Today at school was bearable, no one wanted to talk to me because they were afraid they would say something that would make me snap, so I relished in the silence. When I got home I fixed dinner for Charlie and me, and then went to bed. I fell asleep as soon as I hit the pillow.

I was in the forest lying on the ground sobbing. Then I saw him he was walking away. I tried to run after him but I never got anywhere, I kept calling his name but he never turned around.

"Edward! Please….don't…"

I started to sob again. But I sat up suddenly when I heard an ear piercing scream.

I realized that it had been me that let out that shriek; I rolled over to look at the clock. 5:30. Great, I was up early and it was a Saturday, I couldn't go back to sleep because I would have the same dream again. So I decided to go take a shower, surely Charlie was done in the bathroom by now. I grabbed my toiletries and my clothes and went into the bathroom. I turned to water on hot; I waited until the room was steamy to get in. I let the hot water warm up my skin; I sat like that for about fifteen minutes before I decided to actually wash. When I was done I dried off and threw my hair up into a messy bun, and went downstairs to get something to eat.

Charlie was sitting at the table in the kitchen. He looked at me then his watch, me then watch, me then watch.

"Bells, it's 6:30. Why are you up so early?"

"Couldn't sleep," I mumbled as I grabbed some cereal.

"Oh. So what you going to do today?"

"I don't know, why?"

"Just wondering, I'm going fishing just wanted to see if you would be home or not for dinner."

"Oh, ok. Well I probably should be here, I don't have any plans."

"Ok, I'm going to get going. See ya later Bells."

"Bye Dad."

Man, I never thought he would leave. I haven't told Charlie yet that Edward left again, to be perfectly honest I wasn't planning on it. Edward… I have got to stop beating myself up for this, I didn't do anything wrong he just left. It's his fault not mine. Right? Ugh! Whatever, I'm going to watch a movie.

I went to the living room and put in the first movie I saw, I didn't see the title until the movie started playing…Dracula. Great! How ironic, my vampire runs away from me, and subconscious is trying to tell me something. Just wonderful!

You know what just go to the house to make sure they actually left, just to make sure they aren't playing a trick on you. That was simple enough, right? Wrong! You know you can't handle it!

Oh great! I'm having a mental conversation with myself now! What next?! Okay, wait don't answer that. I'm just losing my mind…that is it. Soon after I got done…"persuading" myself to just go, I grabbed my keys and wrote a note for Charlie.


I went for a drive, I didn't know how long I would be so I figured I should write a note. If you get home before I do there is still fish in the freezer, not to mention what you probably got today. See you soon.


I ran out the door and jumped in my truck, and headed to the all too familiar house. Once I got there, I sat in my truck for about an hour. I couldn't bring myself to actually get out to go to the door. I finally worked up enough courage to walk up to the door. At first I just lightly knocked, but I got no reply. I knocked a little harder, no reply. Soon my knocking became frantic pounding, after a minute or so of me pounding, the door creaked open.

There in front of me was…

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