A/N: Written for yet another contest at the Hideaway! I'm addicted. The challenge was to write about a character meeting a death eater for the first time. This is very different from my usual, so I won't be offended if you don't read. Thanks for reading though, if you do!

Just a note on timeline, Tom doesn't find out that his mother was a witch and his father a muggle until the summer of '43, so at this point in his life, he still thinks his mother was a muggle.

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He felt like ripping up the paper in front of him, but attempted to check his hostility and temper. It disgusted him. Such a bloody muggle name, from his filthy muggle mother. If not for her dirty blood, her damned weakness… No, he reminded himself, she was not worthy of his feelings. He was a Slytherin now, a descendent of Salazar himself. He must keep his cool and not show his emotions, not allow them to control or influence him. This may only be his first year at Hogwarts, but he was already determined to be a Slytherin that Salazar would be proud to call his own.


Ending or eradicating death. Yes, that was his aim. Through both her life and her death, his mother had caused his life thus far to be hell. Through his life and by overcoming death, he would cause those like her to live in hell, forever.

Yes, Eradomort would do well. Unfortunately, that left the letters MVLOIDL.

VOID was all that leapt out to him. That was a good word for how he wished to feel about his mother. She was a void in his life and not one he wished to fill. Through her non-existence, he could rise above his beginnings. By blotting out her memory, her very being, he could become the great wizard he was meant to be.


To another end, death. Another type of death, yes that was what he wanted. All things must end and he wanted to control that ending. He would be that powerful one day; he would rule death, conquer it and make it his own. He would become the death of many. He would become death, another death.

But, Aliomort left him with MRVODDLE.


Yes, that would do nicely. People would bow before him as they would before a lord, before The Lord. Yes, he would be the Lord and they would fear him.



Flight from death? He considered the statement. Did flight imply fear? He was not afraid of death, but perhaps by overcoming death, he was soaring above it, transcending it. He was flying from death, over death. Yes, Lord Voldemort would do well. That left only MAI.


With a muttered spell and a wave of his wand, Tom burned the parchment before him. In its place he set a fresh sheet.


With one last look of disgust and a wave of his wand, the letters rearranged themselves.


He looked up into the mirror before him, taking notice of the mark he had recently placed over his heart. He gazed into his own eyes and saw a new person, a new man. He was no longer the child he had been.

"Allow me to introduce myself," he smirked into the mirror, "I am Lord Voldemort."