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Author's Note: WARNING! THIS CONTAINS A VERY GRAPHIC SEX SCENE...well, this part anyways. Read at your own RISK

The Vegas Series

My Beautiful:
An Instant Star Fanfiction

Chapter One

What Happens in Vegas

It was two in the morning when I was awoke from a sound sleep. My mind was alert and my body restless. I slipped out from under the covers of my queen-sized bed and made my way to the window of my Las Vegas hotel room. The city lights glowed in various shades of neon colors. It was my last night in the Sin City and I had made it mine. It was also the eve of my eighteenth birthday. I still had a day to go before I was completely...legal. But...I had already broken a few laws, being a minor and all...drinking, for one, but that was a while ago. The law that I had broken tonight was a biggie. And I wasn't alone in the breaking. My producer, Tom Quincy had his hand in it as well.

Well, his hands, his lips...and his dick. I had sex with him a few times over the course of a few hours. And he was still with me, asleep in my bed. Thinking of him and what we had done, I cast a glance over my shoulder and watched him. Even in sleep, he was still smiling. The covers barely covered his naked body because I was a cover hog and took them all. But it was worth it. I smiled to myself as I admired him. He was so beautiful. I turned my gaze back out the window and saw the lights from The Strip twinkling at me. Vegas really was the city of sin and I had given into its hypnotic lull. From now on, I would always love Las Vegas. I felt a presence at my back, the warmth of another body, and felt two hands make their way from my hips to my breasts. I let my head fall back and looked up into Tommy's dark eyes. He kissed me once on the lips, then moved his way down to my neck and fixed onto the sensitive skin above my collarbone. I moaned softly and was aware that one hand had left my breast and was moving downwards.
He parted my thighs and widened my stance. I felt his mouth dip down against my ear. His breath was warm and his voice came out in a husky command.

"Put your hands against the glass."

I did, my hands bracing myself against the surprisingly cool glass. Without a warning, Tommy entered me from behind in a swift, hard thrust. I cried out in surprise and pleasure. As his hips moved into a slow, teasing rhythm, my nails clawed at the glass, desperately searching for something to dig in to. But I was getting to close to climaxing and I was losing control over my body. My hands slid up the glass and my body was pressed against the fogging glass as Tommy's thrusts grew faster. One of his hands moved up my arm and caught my wrists, pinning my arms above my head, the other moved south and to my upper thigh, where it stayed and squeezed tight as he began to loose his control.
I rested my forehead against the glass and panted out his name over and over. I felt his forehead rest against the spot between my shoulder blades. I felt his warm, panting breaths against my back and shivered.

"Jude." He groaned, his teeth clenched tight.

"To---Tom---Tommy!" I cried out as I was brought over the edge.

His voice echoed mine as I brought him. When it was over, we remained in that position, our bodies trembling with the aftershocks. Sweat beaded against my body and mixed with the cool temperature of the glass, causing me to shivered even more. My lover got the drift and moved me from the glass, but left us joined. Tommy maneuvered me to the bed and somehow got us onto it. I was half on my side-half on my stomach and he was on top of me. We remained joined for a few minutes before he pulled himself out. I sighed in pleasure and rolled over and faced him. He smiled at me and kissed me. I felt tired again when we parted and snuggled closer to him. Tommy wrapped his arms around me and I fell asleep, feeling complete.