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Chapter I

My story.
I'll tell you about my story.
Our world had changed.
It was like life itself had turned upside down. What was once impossible was possible. The light side had faded and darkness was now inflicted upon us.

After the death of Dumbledore, everything just seemed to go wrong.
Nobody was there to lead us, to keep things in order. The great optimist had died and took all of our hopes with him.
I'll never forget the day we fell. It was graduation day, a bright warm sunny day.
The students were still quite optimistic, even though the war was just around the corner, lurking at us, closer than we could have ever thought.
It didn't stop anyone from being glad school was over.

I wasn't one of those people, I wasn't so optimistic. If school was over, for me that meant our safe shelter would be gone.
And I had that feeling, that nauseating feeling. I just knew something would happen.

I just couldn't believe such a nice day could take place in the times we were living.
I can still see everyone; everyone had such a huge smile on their face.

Having a diploma, an upcoming career, life was in front of them.
Life was in front of me.
Even I smiled occasionally, even if only for a little while.

And then…
The then sky went dark, and the mark of the dark lord appeared.
And their smiles, their smiles faded. The joy of that day disappeared, together with most people's life.

Some stood in fear. Some ran. I couldn't blame them. If I wasn't a part of the golden trio, perhaps, now that I look back, I would run too. Maybe it would've been better if I had run.
But I guess there is no use looking back at the past.

Most people around me were fighting back. Most of them did not win, most lost their lives trying.

The boy who lived did not win. Neither did his best friend. Neither did his best friend's little sister. And so the list would go on.

Years of friendship vanished into thin air.
When I think about it, I realize how naïve I was. To think Harry would live.
In his final moment he did take the dark lord with him. Like the prophecy had said.

He was and always will be a hero.
One would think we would be safe from the evil within our wizard-society.
But only we forgot something essential. We forgot those who made Voldemort powerful.
His followers, his servants: The Death Eaters.
Before we even had a chance to embrace our small but sad victory, it was ripped from our bare hands.
Not all Death Eaters were real followers of course. Some had no choice, some had a hidden agenda.
A much darker agenda than anyone would have expected.

Before we knew it our save, correct and respectful world was theirs to take.
And they took more then what was rightfully theirs.
They took their chance when everyone was confused, good, bad, dark, light, when we had no idea what to do or what to think of.
Not just The Ministry but also schools, banks, shops… Everything was all of a sudden under their control.
The control of their newfound leader. Yes. A new leader.

No, not his father.

Malfoy. Draco Malfoy.

The boy who had made fun of me all those years was now the one I had to obey. To fear.
He made new laws. His rules were just as muggle-unfriendly as I remember him being.
But unlike Voldemort he did not prefer killing muggles. He figured we had our use.
Not a regular muggle. No, those were an actual nuisance, what could they do? Nothing.

So it only seemed fit that they were good for cooking, hunting, which they found very amusing to watch, or what other dirty job he or one of his followers could think of.

But muggles like me, we had our use, we were good for replacing elves. We had magic and we were much nicer to taunt, to tease and to humiliate, to abuse.

Most of us were given to wealthy wizard families.
And you would oblige because working for them meant that you would help your family. That they wouldn't be harmed, not too much anyway, that they would have some extra money to make their lives more bearable.
This also meant that if you did something wrong, they would also be the ones to suffer the consequences.

But you also had a chance of working your way up, by being someone's personal assistance for example, if you worked hard enough; you actually might be able to 'buy' your freedom. Or so they say. So far I haven't heard of anyone being free.
But I had hope. I hoped that one day I would be able to breathe freely, to see my parents, to go on with my life someday.

Whoever you were assigned too was for the rest of your life.

Somehow I was grateful; at least I stayed in touch with magic. I stayed in touch with the wizard world. Although I was a constant torment to remind me of my lost, it helped me remember them. It helped me remember that there was a time it had all been real.

I have been assigned to work for none other, then the great leader himself.
A real honour, really it was. In the day and age we live in, this was one of the highest honours.
I was still one of the lower class maids.
Even though my name didn't mean anything anymore, it did still ring a bell. And it happens to irk my superior.

I cleaned up after him. Ironic, something he always said I should be doing.
I would clean up rooms or help prepare dinner, set up the table, clean his clothes and iron them. The list goes on.

And here I am folding his clothes, his clothes.

'Maybe they'll catch fire?'

'Huh? What?' I asked confused, looking at my red-headed companion.
'If you keep glaring at his clothes they might actually catch fire, haha!' She giggled.
I hadn't realize I was doing that, well I still have the habit to teleport myself in to my own world, shut myself off of everything around me.

'Yeah, but I hope it does that after he puts them on!' I grinned back.
Annette, my only friend, well sort of anyway, you didn't really get to make friends.
She had wild curly red hair; she could've been a Weasely. But she wasn't of course.
All wizards' families were free, forgiven for making the mistake of thinking that Muggles had the same worth as pureblood wizards. A fate most had accepted, those who did not…

Besides as far as I know there are no more Weasleys.

I looked outside, sighing, another grey day. Days seem to past. I couldn't tell if it was Sunday or Monday. All days were working days.
I sighed again.
'Hey, come on, we have to get going. Dinner is to be served in an hour.'
Interrupting my depressed thoughts; I gave her a grateful smile, following her downstairs to the kitchen.

Everybody was always tense around this hour; everything would have to be on time, people kind of walking in each other's way, steam of the kitchen pots blurring your vision. You always kind of get a free sauna when you're in here. No shower to take afterwards though...

'Dinner has been served.' My superior said. 'He was pleased.'
Too bad he didn't choke to death on it, I thought bitterly.

With a nod everyone left the kitchen off to do other chores. Turning on my heels I too left, I still had to clean the bed sheets. A nasty job, you see Malfoy has made it a habit to – 'Hermione.'
I turned my head.
Great, Mrs White, my superior, we weren't on great terms.
'After you are done washing the sheets, you'll iron them' Pause. 'All of them.' She gave me a strict look, daring me to disagree.
'And then change the Lord's sheets.' Turning on her heels with her back straight and nose in the air, she shut the door with a loud thud.
Well, least some people were happy with their new job, I thought arching my eyebrow.

Sighing I left to do my work, which she just had expanded to three hours. Iron them too? Even with magic it still took an awful lot of time. If I had my own wand I would jinx her on the spot. The wand I had now was purely made for our work. They weren't idiots, the wands they gave us were purely for household chores.

Malfoy had a lot of bed sheets. I mean a lot. They were changed three times a day, sometimes more.
Pervert… I heard some rumours… but now that I'm in charge of the linen, believe me I know how true those rumours are.
Gross. Why me? Getting Mrs White mad at me last week suddenly felt like a really stupid thing to do.
First I had to clean them, which was a disgusting thing to do, now iron them and change the sheets on his bed.
His bed… I would have to go to his room.

Not that I haven't been there before, I've helped others put on the sheets, his bed was huge and only the finest linen would do, just like his room, full of luxury.
It stung that I had to sleep in a tiny, smelly old bed, while that jerk get to sleep, well sleep, I don't know when he actually slept with all his activities….

Just as his status, king-size. 'Ridiculous…' I muttered.
'Hermione, could you take the left side?'
I nodded, of course I was getting some help, it had to be perfect for our dear great Lord, and one would simply be not able to do it by themselves.
Besides if I were alone, I might go insane and I would have probably end up trashing the room.

So far I had been able to avoid Malfoy. I don't know if he knew about my existence.
Either he really didn't know or he had found that I was simply not interesting anymore now that Harry was gone.
Maybe that was why I was still in the same position I was in when first brought in. In the beginning it had been the grieve of losing my friends, my family, my entire living. I could simple not move on; I still can't at times…
Then I made up some other excuses, I would not break I kept telling myself. But I could feel it lately. I wanted more, wanted to see my parents again to know if they had survived if they had lived.
So my stubbornness was slowly fading. And now I that I had found a little hope the least I could do was try.
Well I would try starting this week. Last week that old hag and I had another fight which resulted in me doing more work than usual.

It was well past midnight and just now I could finally go to bed. I had to do the dishes of the evening dinner all by myself.
I still had a hard time agreeing with everything, so when I said the bed was made just fine and Mrs White did not, this had been the result.
'Old, creaky, smelly, stupid bed...' I mumbled, getting in, pulling the blanket over myself.

Lying on my side, I stared my tiny window upstairs on the other side of my room.
Seeing the high grass as if it were tickling the moon, I wondered. I wondered where everyone was.

My mom and my dad, I actually didn't know if they were alive or not.
My friends, yes I was sure they had passed.
Classmates, what type of life would they lead?
I felt a tear prickle in my eye, damn it, I promised myself no more tears.
Wiping them from my cheek, I tried to control myself.
Harry. I wish you were here.
I wish Ron was here too. I could tell you about my silly crush on you. I smiled looking at the moon as if I was really speaking with Ron.
Does anybody even know I'm here?

When I opened my eyes, my eyelids felt heavy and thick. My vision was blurry.
Rubbing my eyes I realized that I had cried myself to sleep again.
The sun had just set and I heard already people yelling at each other, telling to hurry up or get out of the way.
I had to get up. We had to prepare breakfast.

Staring down at the plate in front of me playing with my food, I was never really hungry. Everything tasted the same; tasteless. There was little I actually enjoyed.
This depressed state I'm in… I needed to do something about it, but what?
Frowning at my own confusion, I took my plate and threw the remains in the bin.
Sighing I opened the door and walked in the long hallway. The high walls reminded me of Hogwarts in a certain way. But the interior, the paintings and the cold of the manor reminded me of where I really was.

Every day was the same ritual. The only challenge I had was Mrs White, a feud I wanted to end if I ever wanted the ritual to change. So now I had to fight my biggest enemy, myself, my true self, I had to stop being a Gryffindor, well the little parts that still remained of that.


Dawn was upon us and we were no way near done. The kitchen was crowded and people were beginning to panic.
The Lord was having a dinner party, with a lot of high society guests.
Even White seemed to have a little sweat on her brow, meaning the pressure was high, even for her.

'Phew…' Annette breathed. 'For a minute there I thought we weren't going to make it on time.'
I nodded; we were sitting down on the floor in the stock room, giving ourselves a five minute break.
'What do you think their doing? Do you think they are actually having fun?' She looked at the sad light hanging on the ceiling. Annette being a few years younger than me didn't know much better than the life she was living. She must've been a first year.
I looked at her features, studied her, I envied her a little, I could see she was still full of life. I wondered…
'What house where you in?' I blurted out, completely ignoring her question.
My question got her off guard; she arched her eyebrow and smiled at me.
I smiled back. Good, at least there was some part of Hogwarts with me. I hadn't known her for a long time, just a couple of months.
'But let's not talk about that.'
My heart sank a little when she said that, her smile long gone.
'You need to stop looking at the past, Hermione.'
She didn't use my name frequently, I actually never used hers. There was no need to know names, but to acknowledge a face was all it took to start some sort of friendship.

'Try to find something you love.'
I looked with wide eyes at her, what did she just say? Was she serious?
'I met this boy… I really like him.'
How naïve, I now had to suppress the need to snort at what she was saying.
'It's not like that.' She paused to give me an upset and hurt look 'But it keeps me going.'
'The thought that maybe someday we get to talk,'
'Or walk hand in hand.' She paused a little
'Or something.' She nodded to herself. 'Yeah, it keeps me going. It gives me something to look forward to.'
I nodded in agreement, understanding what she was saying now. After that we remained silent for a while.

'I hope they break their legs while dancing.' I answered.
'That would be fun… for us.' I smirked.
Realizing I was answering her question from before, she burst out laughing, 'Hahaha! Hermione you always say what no one dares to say out loud!'
'That's why White and I get along so well.' Hermione grinned.

'Yeah.' She stood up, 'We need to get going, if anyone finds us here… We'll get in trouble.'
Holding the door she turned around and hugged me. I froze. 'Why…?' I whispered.
'Please, don't think you are alone, Hermione.'
She might be young but she was wise beyond her years. That much was clear.

After we closed the door, we parted both separated ways, as if we were both were just happen to be in the stockroom, no signs of any form of friendship. No, friendship, we left that in the stockroom.
Thinking about her, I realized… I didn't know her story.
But like she said maybe it's best to leave the past behind us, there was no use asking. It would only open up old wounds.


Looking up at the clock in the kitchen it was 3 am already and only now we finally had started to clean up. It was going to be a short night. If I would actually get any sleep at all...
Just then White walked in, standing still, she sighed and looked around, it was quiet and the only thing that could be heard was the placing of dishes and the sweeping of the floor.
Pacing around in the kitchen a little more she finally stood still again.

Only now I could see, she was nervous. Her hair was completely out of place and she was biting her lip. This could not mean anything good.
She swallowed, coughed to make her appearance obvious, 'Alright, those who are in charge of the linen are to make Lord Malfoy's bed straight away.'
'Take a few extras with you and run the Master's bad.'
Her voice was trembling a little. 'The Master is in a very foul mood. He is not to be kept waiting.'
People stood still for a moment, last time he was in a bad mood…- 'Come on, we don't have all day!' She shouted.
Nodding I walked out but not before looking for Annette and mouthed 'Extra?' She nodded and smiled widely, I knew she hated sweeping.

Coming with me, we didn't speak as it was against the rules. We need to have as little contact with each other as possible; if anyone got suspicious the consequents would be severe.

Afraid of forming an alliance against them I guess. So far they had succeeded in having no rebellion against them, them being the pureblood society that was in charge of almost everything now.

We did our job in silence; Annette was letting the bath fill in his personal bathroom, which he didn't use very often. The sheets were, still warm, it still had the perfume of a woman on.
I wondered where he was now.
Hearing something made out of glass fall in the bathroom, I ran to look what had happened, Annette hands were bleeding, glass was sprayed around on the floor, she was trying to pick it up.
'I-it fell by accident!' She started to sob, 'I didn't mean to… I-'
'Don't worry about it. Go downstairs and let someone have a look at that.' I told her, grabbing a towel to wrap around her hands.
'But' Cutting her off, 'No, don't worry, I'll fix it.'
'What is taking so long!?' Mrs White's voice cut in, Annette looked at me with wide eyes, fear written clearly over her face. As long as Mrs White didn't know your name you were safe of her wrath, once she was able to remember it, it meant you were going to have to do a lot of dirty work.

'What happened here?'
'I let something fall.' I answered, knowing it was better to take the blame on me.
I wasn't on her good side anyway.
'Insolent girl! Do you have any idea what you have done? The Master will be here any moment.'
'What happened to her?' Pointing her finger at the shivering girl beside me.
'She was just trying to help.' I answered for her. She snorted in return, 'Idiot.'
'Clean this up.' Grabbing Annette by the arm she led her out the door.

Turning around she gave me one last look, sneering, 'You know I would be happy if he happens to pick you to be his victim of the day, then I wouldn't have to deal with you and your attitude anymore. It would be as they say: Good riddance.'

'Alright everyone out!' I heard her yelling, letting the door fall shut behind her.

Letting out a breath I didn't know I was holding, I tried to clean up as fast as I could. I crouched putting the pieces in the bin. Who took a bath in the middle of the night anyway?

'What are you still doing here?' A hard voice asked. Startling me, I hadn't heard anyone come in.
I remained silent for a minute, what was I supposed to do? Not answering him would make him mad.
'I was just leaving sir.' I answered politely, getting slowly up. I kept my eyes focused on the floor, trying not to make any contact.
'Leave.' He answered harshly. 'Leave now.'
Nodding, I turned around, I saw him starting to unbutton his shirt. He was paying no attention to me whatsoever.

'Apologize, mudblood.'

Did he recognize me? Bastard, after all these years it still hurts when they called me that, even more out of his mouth.
Turning slightly around, I was surprised; he was still not looking at me.
'You break something, you apologize. Didn't they teach you any manners, mudblood?'
I bit on my tongue. 'I apologize, sir.'
'Master.' He corrected. 'I am your master.'
I had to swallow an insult forming in my mouth, 'I apologize, Master.'
'Did I just hear a little sarcasm?' He was smirking, I could tell, even when I had already turned my back to him.
'No, Master.' I try to answer as monotone as I could.
'Do I need to punish you?' He whispered, his wand was on my back, making circulating motion on it.
'I apologize again, Master.' Trying to hide my temper from rising, I hadn't seen him since, well since… that day. All my emotion were about to erupt from my throat, the hate I wanted to scream out in his face.

'That's not good enough.' Pulling my arm he turned me around to face him. He was startled, his lips slightly parted, clearly not expecting to see me.
'Yes… I…' I wasn't really sure what to say to him; the anger that was running in my veins had disappeared somehow. I didn't know how to react to him.
'My, my…' his infamous smirk appeared on his face. 'My all-time favourite mudblood.'
Hermione lifted her head defying him as she had done when she was younger.
'It's been a while.' He said, as if starting a conversation with any other person he hadn't seen in the past few years.
'Five years.' I answered shortly.
'Really?' As if only now he was thinking about how long it really had been. 'I guess it has been five years.' He added in afterthought.
Hermione studied his face, he looked a lot older. He didn't look at all like that pale boy she had seen all those years during her stay in Hogwarts.
As a matter of fact he looked a lot older then he was supposed to.

'So how have you been? Finally realizing your meaning of life?' He sneered, he was still as ever taunting as when he was younger.
'Now that you now your function in the wizard society, do you realize that I was right all those years? That you really had no other function but to serve me?'
A tear prickled in my eye but I managed to swallow my self-pity along with my pride.
'Answer me.' His cold blue eyes were studying my facial expression. Had he seen a glimpse of what I felt?
'Yes I have.' I answered. Trying to turn around and leave, I felt that he hadn't let go of my arm just yet.

'That's not the Granger I know.' But it is the Granger I've become I wanted to bite back. Because of you.
'Excuse me?' I managed to say.

'Where is the fire? No more Gryffindor pride?' He was trying to get a reaction out of me.
'I guess not.'
He let go, looking slightly disappointed. 'Good.'
Nodding to himself, he turned around. 'Good that you know your place in life now.'
'You may leave.' He waved his hand behind him not even slightly interested anymore.

My hand was reaching out to the doorknob, it was shaking so much. If it was out of anger, frustration or fear I didn't know. Closing the door behind me, I sighed. I was numb, too many thoughts when through my head.
'Idiot…' I mumbled. Why did I act like such an idiot? I didn't even say anything back!
But what was the use? I wasn't going to win anything by acting like my old self, at least now I didn't give him the satisfactory of… oh who was I kidding, I gave him the satisfaction of thinking that I had submit to his ways. Cursing at myself I walked out of the hall and made my way back to the kitchen.

Most people were gone off to bed, only a few had sacrificed themselves to clean up the last dishes. Looking outside I saw the sun come up, I grinned, normally I would wake up at this hour, I guess that means no sleep for me.

'Breakfast will be served in an hour!'
'Already?' Malfoy didn't eat this early. Ever. I saw that Mrs White looked a bit cleaned up. 'Hermione, you'll help with breakfast.'
Of course I would get an extra chore. 'Yes.' I answered, she raised her eyebrows. This was her way of showing who was in charge.
Obviously I was going have to go through the day without any sleep at all.
Well this wouldn't be the first and certainly wouldn't be the last time either.

After breakfast I was to resume my usual chores. Or so I thought.

'Hermione' A voice snapped, the sharp tone of White made me aware that she wasn't done with me yet.
'You are to go to the Library. The Master said you just loved cleaning books.' She sneered.
I raised an eyebrow but remained silent.

I hadn't ever been in the Malfoy family personal library.
So when I entered, I couldn't believe it. It was magnificent; the huge ceiling with stained glass said nothing more than how grandeur the mansion really was.
'You are to dust of the books, the bookcase and scrub the floor.'
She snapped my wand out of my pocket. 'Without magic.'
'Take this as a lesson.' Turning on her heels she closed the door behind her, leaving me alone with my thoughts.
It almost felt as if Malfoy was doing me a favour. Almost, but I knew him better.

I slowly stepped up the stairs, I would start with the first floor and work my way down. I couldn't help but inspect the books, what could the great Malfoy read? Well, these books were probably from his ancestors. A very formidable collection it was indeed.
I let my hands feel the back of the books, full of knowledge, full of stories.

'I believe you are to clean them not make them dirtier with your hands.'
His cold voice interrupted my melancholy state of mind.

Startled I turned around to see him but instead of finding his blue eyes I found nothing but the books I had just passed on my way over her. Had his voice been nothing but my imagination? I've been nothing but certain that this would be nothing but a way for him to taunt me and now my mind was actually starting to play tricks on me.


No I was clearly only hoping it had been my imagination.
Looking around I saw him just above me, on the highest level of the room. With his signature smirk on his face, as always.
I didn't know what to say. It was only a few hours ago that I had cursed myself for not saying anything, now I was doing it again.

'I thought you would like to see some old friends.' Slowly coming down from the small circular staircase, 'You were so found of them when we were younger.'
He talked as if we had been friends.
'Are you still so silent and obedient?'
I looked at him; he was just leaning on the bookcase in front of me, bored expression on his face, slouching.
'Do you want me to leave?' Because there was nothing I'd rather do more then to leave.
'So she speaks.' He grinned, 'No, have you not heard your orders?'
'Yes I have but I understand that it inconvenient for you to….'
'Do your work, stop making excuses.' He cut me off.
It was him who was making small talk just minute ago. I glared at him but nevertheless I nodded in agreement and turned to start my new job.

He remained silent but I could feel his stare upon me, he moved, downstairs. I was waiting to hear the door shut, when I didn't, I decided to take a small peek at where he could have gone, only to see him lying in a couch with a book in his hands.

Was he staying here just to annoy me? Surely he had better thing to do.
I sighed, this was going to be a long exhausted, excruciating day.

I was no way near halfway and the evening was already setting in, I had skipped lunch in order to be done, so I could be in bed early.
I had only done the right half of the first floor of the library. I had found that Malfoy too had skipped lunch and had stayed reading in the couch. He had remained silent for the entire afternoon.

'Hermione, You—' stopped dead in her tracks at seeing Malfoy. 'Lord! I didn't know you were to spend time in the library. If I had known I wouldn't have send her in here to—'
'Quiet.' Malfoys sharp tone almost made White squeak.
'She has not been a bother.' His eyes glanced at me for a short second.
'If you are to leave, leave.'
It was almost as if he was directing himself to me but he made no eye contact.
'The library isn't done yet, I will continue tomorrow.' I said to Mrs White, trying to ignore Malfoy who was now looking at me.
She simply gave curt nod and waited for me to leave with her. I was probably to help make dinner tonight.

As soon as the door closed behind us, White started her lecture.
'You insolent girl, don't you know your place?'
I just remained silent as we walked towards the kitchen.
'You are to leave once the Master enters; your presence is nothing but a disturbance to him!'
Sometimes I wondered how one, being a muggle-born herself, could talk like that.


Finally… Finally I was in bed. My head was still spinning.
I don't know if it was because I had seen Malfoy not once but twice, or if it was out of pure exhaustion.
I closed my eyes and soon sleep was taking over and I let oblivion be upon me.


That was the letter where I had started today. Ridiculous! I was still only on the first floor of the library. Apparently I had done less yesterday then I had thought.
This time I had the entire morning to myself, I enjoyed being alone with just dusty old books, I guess they still were my only friends. I sneaked a peak at a few. If I hadn't been so far behind I would've even read one, even at the risk of being caught.

I smiled, thinking of what Annette had said. That I should try to find something I love. If found something I had always loved. I just forgot about them somehow.
Maybe one day I would read one again, to give me warmth and the knowledge that I'm not alone because I know writers always pour a little bit of their soul in to their books, and I knew I was one of the few people who could actually feel their presence, hear the story behind the story.

So naturally after lunch I had marched straight back to the library, if I catch up some time I might be done a bit early and be able to read a little.

I turned my head to see Malfoy walk in with his father right behind him.
'You cannot escape your responsibilities.' Lucius Malfoy's voice was harsh and it was obvious they were having some sort of argument.
I quietly sneaked behind a bookcase; I did not want to end up being the one they could take their frustration out on.
And as far as I had known, Lucius Malfoy is and always will be to worse one out of the two.
Rumour had it was him and his quick thinking that had made Malfoy into the man he was today.

'I won't, father.'
After he closed the door, he repeated once more 'I won't, father…'
Only to grab a vase and throw it at the door.
Great, I thought sarcastically. Another thing I get to clean up.
He was on the same couch again as the day before, his eyes closed; hands in his hair as if he was in deep thought.

I tried as quietly as I could to resume my work but my efforts unfortunately did not go unnoticed.

Malfoy looked up to see the tangled mess of curls and the same grey outfit as the day before.
Granger, he thought. He stared at her while, watched her clean the shelves, how she neatly put back the books.
Trying to clear his mind and stop thinking about everything even if only for a short while.

'So I'm an idiot?'
Hermione looked over her shoulder, was he talking to her?
Looking around she noted that no else was here but her and him, perhaps he was talking to himself?

'Last night, well it was almost morning I guess, you closed the door behind you and you said idiot.'
My eyes widened, I had? Had I said that out loud? Well, I was speaking to myself! But telling him that was like giving him a free opportunity to let him make fun of me.
Plus if he thought I had meant him then good because I do think he is an idiot.

'I cannot recall ever saying that.' I answered turning around.
'You did, when you closed the door.' He was smirking, so he wanted to pick a fight?
'And I will still be called by my title.'
'My apologies, Master.' I snickered, the master part sounded obviously sarcastic.
'Is that a glint of the old Granger I see?' He didn't seem to object, as a matter of fact his eyes seemed to lit up.
'Put her in her natural habitat and she is to be reborn.' The laughter that followed sounded hollow.
I smirked back. 'I guess…' I admitted quietly, wanting to turn around and resume working he stopped me again by asking another question.
'Do you hate your life?'
I couldn't tell if he was trying to taunt me or if it was indeed asking a sincere question.
His facial expression was unreadable.
Yes. Of course I do. I hate it with a passion.
'Does it matter?' I answered him instead.
'I guess not.' He shrugged. Once again silence filled the room. 'I want you to keep working until the entire first floor is done.'
I didn't reply but I did wonder why he would give such an odd command.


The moon was full and bright, it was lighting up most of the library, giving the room a beautiful glow.
Malfoy had dinner in the library; he hadn't left the room not even for a minute.

I was finally done. Swiping the sweat of my face, I took a deep breath gathering the last bit of energy inside of my body to get up and go to bed and perhaps to steal something out of the kitchen since I did not have dinner.

I quietly walked downstairs, by the look on his face he was obviously focused on what he was reading, so he would perhaps not notice my departing.


I halted. Had I not worked hard enough for today?
'I wanted to give you something.'
A chill ran down my spine.
'Here' He was standing right behind me, his hand reaching out holding a book.
I carefully took it and read the title out loud 'Hogwarts: A history.'
'I think you'll find it quiet interesting on how the school is now.'
Not being able to think of anything. I simply said 'Thank you.'
A little quiet but I was certain he had heard it.
'I want it back however. So when you are done reading…'
'I will.' I answered quickly, 'I'll put it back in the—'Eyeing the many bookcases of the library, he cut me off.
'No, I want it returned personally.'
In utter shock I just dumbly nodded and grabbed the handle of the door as quick as I could.
'Goodnight…' I whispered.

I couldn't believe my eyes, in my hands, I had my favourite book and Malfoy had just given it to me.
Had he just given me some sort of gift?

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