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Chapter XXV

The Wilkins had let Hermione stay for a bit longer, and between them grew an unique friendship.
Hermione played the role of Emma Bellamy again, telling her parents, or the Wilkins as she called them now, that she wasn't Hermione Granger, she was just friend of hers, hence why she was so upset when she had read the letter.

Pitying the poor girl they told her that they would help her get back into society. A promise they fulfilled, letting her stay for over a year.

Emma took her time on what to decide to do with her life, being a war victim she was able to get subsidy and a scholarship, giving her the chance to start life over.

Emma was now studying to be a teacher in primary school, and she had managed to live by herself in a small one bedroom apartment, but still frequently visited the Wilkins, as they had become close, almost family.
They had unusually a lot in common, which sometimes made her wince in pain, but then seeing them smile at the absurdity of the situation made her happy. They were happy, which was all she ever wanted.

Now they were having some sort of strange relationship close between daughter and parents, except for the fact that Emma had not endured too much during her stay in England. No, she had made sure that Emma had not suffered all that much and she wasn't such a mess as the girl inside of her, Hermione, was. Portraying a young girl who had gotten a second chance, living a reasonable normal life.

Slowly, bit by bit, she buried Hermione inside of her. Sure she knew that deep inside of her she was that girl, that brave Gryffindor girl that stood beside the boy who lived, the know-it-all, a witch, the brightest of her year. Emma Bellamy didn't take her place nor was she her substitute, she was her only sole companion.

And over the years she had developed a life of her own again. She had a few friends but she still remained a bit of a loner. She preferred it that way, not letting anyone ever in wasn't her plan but she simply did not feel the need yet. Besides there was too much to explain and far too little time to do so. No one would ever truly understand her to begin with.

The children she tutored were the ones closest to her, even though she had to say goodbye at the end of each school year, and it always saddened her to say goodbye, it also gave her a sense of relieve, she didn't mind being a part of anyone's life, just no too long...

Humming to herself, she made herself some toast and a cup of tea, grabbing, the now again, muggle-newspaper. She didn't miss pictures that moved by themselves, or pen's that wrote their own stories, she didn't miss it in general.

But now holding the newspaper in her hands, she could not believe the title she was reading.
The end of an era, the end of Draco Malfoy's regime.
Malfoy, she thought, a small pang go through her, foreign type of pain.
Now that he was really dead, Hermione felt strange, she could not place the feeling she felt within her heart.
She never thought this day would happen, and that she would be alive and well to live it.
And a part of her, a small part, was grieving.
But her heart felt content and joyous knowing that Draco Malfoy was finally dead.
Now she could move on.

Draco Malfoy, the Malfoy Manor, Death Eaters, everything and everyone… It was all gone and it didn't have anything to do with her anymore.

Now Draco, or whoever he was now, could move on too. He could bury Draco as she had buried Hermione.

The world ought him to be dead, and in a way he was. It had taken them, Ministry of Magic, a long time to be certain but now it was announced as official, it was his burned corps and no one else's, Draco Malfoy dead.

If they only knew…
Well, knew what?
How corrupt everything is? They know that, they are a part of it too.

Draco's dead was just to please the people, so far muggles were still being mistreated and some of the darkest wizards were still a part of the Ministry, not all had changed too much.
But they were on their way, they, the world itself, she thought.

Sometimes she wondered if she was wrong… If she had made the right decision by letting Lucius take his place. Her heart ached at the thought but it ached even more at the thought of how Draco, the boy she knew and not how he was displayed towards the world, would be dead instead.

Was he even alive?

Her thoughts made her look outside of her window, one she would always let open, to remind her of how free she was. Looking outside, she felt a light breeze on her face.

She closed her eyes, imaging him. His blue eyes, his pale face, his messy blond hair, his infamous smirk.

I wonder how you are… If you are alright… she thought silently, opening her eyes again she revealed her deepest secret to herself,
'I miss you.'

He had never stopped to plague her mind.


East-Timor, Manufahi District, Kicras

The ground felt cooler underneath her feet, and the air was much fresher here than anywhere else in the world. It had taken her while to track him, when she first reappeared at the old shack, that was even more run down then before, she had forgotten that this place was actually the last time she had seen him.

It felt foreign to have a wand in her hand again, and the portkey, which was actually an old shoe, in her other hand.
But taking a deep breath she moved forward.

Her journey in search of a blond man, perhaps named Bellamy, it was futile and never ending. And every time she would get her hopes up it was shattered again by every face that told her they had not seen any white man or anyone by that name.

But on her last trip in, Fatuberlio, an old witch, a seer, had grabbed her arm and told her that her search would soon end and that she could see a young man who had hidden himself in shadows for a long time was now out in the sun, near a sea, children playing...

The last parts were ramblings and words she couldn't decipher, not that their foreign way of speaking Portuguese wasn't hard enough, but sometimes they would say words that simply were non-existent. Witches and Wizards had a culture of their own here, and were both feared an praised at the same time.

Walking though the village, she had asked the head of the village about a man named Bellamy, he simply dismissed her and told her no one of that name, nor a blonde man lived here.

Utterly defeated by his answer she dragged her feet towards her inn. Letting herself fall on the bed, she huffed. She knew he was lying, she could tell! He knew something and he wouldn't tell her! She had searched the entire village by herself, determined to find at least something, but all it left her with were blisters on her feet.

Raising her legs, she stared at her feet… Blisters… Last time she had those… 'Let's not dwell on that…' She muttered to herself.
But then again the memory made her think of him again, how he had put her feet in the bathtub, his caresses, his kisses…

She sighed out loud and was greeted by a bunch of giggles. Opening her eyes again she noticed she had company, although for the moment they were standing on their heads.
Jumping out of the bed, she stood straight and gave them a blank stare.
Looking at her window stood a group of young girls, with their arms folded lazily on the counter, not really understanding her strange reaction.

They spoke language somewhere between Portuguese and one of their own native languages, they seemed to find her greatly amusing, since they kept giggling and laughing. She assumed them to be around ten or something, so that would make them mostly harmless, meaning teasing and useless banter preoccupied most of their time.

'You lady Bonham?' The youngest, she must've been about eight or maybe nine, but she must be a bright one if she knew how to speak English, even only a little.
'What?' Hermione asked her baffled.
'Bonham?' She pointed at Hermione.
'No, I'm Emma, Emma Bellamy.'
'You friend of Bonham!'

Hermione wasn't sure if that was a question or statement.
'Who is Bonham?' She asked her.

The question made them silent, staring at each other as if they were going to compliant with the situation or not, perhaps they had made some sort of mistake.

'Please! Please tell me who Bonham is!' Hermione asked desperately, perhaps this person could bring her closer to Draco.
'Village outside Kircas, head all way south, near big water.' She explained, making movements with her hands to explain herself better.
'I'll find Bonham there?'
'Find Bonham.' She simply repeated.
'You're sure?'
'Yes, find Bonham.'
'Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!' Hermione went over to hug the little girl, making her friends giggle, she then hugged them and kissed them too, something they found most enjoyable.


After asking directions and equipping herself she walked into a deeper, darker part of the jungle. She didn't rest and she hardly ate. The only comfort she had was that she was glad to have a wand at hand so she could protect herself, there were strange fierce animals living here. It would eventually take her ten days to get there.


Her face lit up when she saw the small village, who welcomed her with big eyes. Some looked afraid others curious. She had to rest before she could even ask if they had heard of a man named Bonham. After sleeping for almost three days, she quickly got herself ready and left the spare room of one of the villagers. They were most gentle and kind, giving her food and water. But when she asked where she could find a man named Bonham, none of the villagers answered her, as a matter affect she got completely ignored.

Hermione sighed and wandered around the village, which was far too small, one turn and she would be where she had started, but only now, after passing it three times, she saw it. A big wooden house. Walking towards the house, which was huge compared to what the villagers were used to. She peeked inside, there were school desks and a small chalkboard.


Hermione twirled around to see little girl standing behind her, she couldn't be older than six. Most children were homeless and orphans, so it was no surprise to see them walk alone unsupervised.

'It's a school, I know.' Hermione nodded, smiling at the little girl.

'Bom-hom?' She then asked.
'Bonham? Yes, I'm searching for him, but you wouldn't be able to tell me where he is now would you?' Hermione ranted, noticing that the girl gave her a questionable look which each word she spoke.

'Perhaps he just isn't here anymore, maybe I'm following a ghost and all I'll find will be empty shells…'

The little girl ignored her rant and pulled at her arm, how the smallest people in the world were so fast to pick up on emotions, Hermione still did not know. But this innocent girl, who didn't know her, was trying to cheer her up. Crouching so she would be at her length, her big brown eyes stared into Hermione's.
Her small hand stopping her tears before they could fall. Her two fingers trying to lift up the corners of her mouth.
'Bom-hom!' She tried again to communicate with Hermione, as if she hadn't listen the first time.
'Bom… Good.' She explained,
'Hom… Homem… man'
'Good man.' She repeated, 'Good man school.' Pointing at the school.

Hermione was utterly confused by what she was trying to say but remained silent.

'Bon-hom there!' She pointed in the other direction.
'I don't understand…' Hermione answered, making the girl sigh and then stomp her feet in frustration.
'What she means is that Noah live outside village. This just his school.' An older girl explained, she must've been twelve or so, she spoke rather well though she had a thick accent.

'Noah?' Hermione repeated, this wasn't making any sense.
'Noah Bonham.' The older girl explained, 'This Bonham-School,' pointing at the wooden house, 'But Noah live there.' Pointing at the opposite direction.
'You Bellamy? Mean good friend or be-a-u-ti-ful friend…' Struggling to get the word out she managed to say it without a flaw. She swallowed and resumed speaking.
'Good man wait for good friend.' She then added, 'Noah says.'

All the pieces fell in the puzzle. Preparing herself to run, 'Where does Noah live?'

'Outside village, water meets sand.' Her face was straight and Hermione could tell this one was just full of wisdom.

She hugged the little one and ran passed the other girl, screaming 'Thank you!' as she ran as fast as she could towards the direction of the sea.


'Noah!' She screamed, when she saw a distant figure at the beach, he was chopping wood.
'NOAH!' She tried again. This time he looked up, startled at the woman running towards him.

'Hermione..?' He whispered. He let his axe fall and ran towards her.
'Hermione!' He shouted in disbelieve, when he said her name, she flung herself on him, he held her so hard, as if he was holding on to life itself.

She sobbed, 'I…'
'I missed you….' She confessed, why that was the first thing she said, she didn't know it just kind of came out.

Inhaling his scent, she lifted her head, to be greeted by his blue eyes, who were full of life again. He was smiling too. He had a beard and his hair was messy and long, but he was very much Draco.

'I missed you too…' He whispered. 'I'm so glad… You never listen…'
'Me too…' She smiled. Embracing him a bit deeper, she rested her head on his shoulder.
'It took me a while to get here…' She said, not necessarily meaning her search for him, just time and herself in general.
'But you are here.' He responded.

'Noah…' She whispered.
'Emma?' He answered. This made her smile.
'Who would've known you'd become so well at choosing names…'


They enjoyed their time as Noah and Emma, and whenever they were inside their own home, were no one could hear or see them, they would simply still be Draco and Hermione. But slowly, it changed, slowly they were always Noah and Emma.

Hermione understood now why no one wanted to help her, Noah was loved by all people, old and young. He helped them build houses and make boats for the fisherman, he was honoured by the people and they would protect him at all cost.

But he told her that now they would have to protect Emma too.
She was after all their new teacher.

Emma Bellamy had said goodbye to the Wilkins and told them if she ever could she would visit them again, although chances of that happening were nil. She hadn't mention the last part.

As they grew closer and closer, every year she would learn a bit more from him, he surprised her a little more each time. His genuine smile never faltering.
Neither did hers.
Magic was not a part of their life, they had cut that out of their lives completely.

Not even when she started to do magic.

Emma and Noah Bonham, had one child together. Named strangely after a flower, the children in her class would have a hard time pronouncing her name, Amaryliss.

It made Hermione smile, it made her think of fragments of memories she once had.
But she lived in another world now. They all lived in freedom, they lived in a world created by old friends named, Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy.

'Our world.'

The End.

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