One month later….

Pony's POV

I began walking quickly away from the school building, ignoring Two-Bit's calls and Johnny's questioning eyes. Normally we all would have left together, but today I didn't feel like it, I just wanted to be alone.

As I walked past the middle school I slowed my pace and glanced around the crowds of kids, hoping to spot Katelyn. We hadn't seen her too much since she moved, but that was pretty much what we expected.

After a few minutes of watching I turned my steps towards town, a little disheartened. I really missed Katelyn, but the only ones I could tell that to was Soda and Johnny. The first couple weeks were really hard on Johnny, but he was starting to adjust and move on.

When Katelyn had moved, it struck me that life is somewhat like a current that flows endlessly. I was learning that it's so much easier to flow with it, then to fight. All that fighting will do is wear you out, and it certainly won't stop the flowing.

But with all it's flowing and splashing, life was finally starting to get back to normal. At least Rachel wasn't riding us about court anymore. After Mark heard the way Two-Bit went off, he told Rachel that there was no way he would let me come live with them.

Soda and I were as close as ever, and Darry and I were fighting as much as usual. But I guess that's just how it's going to be, because I know one thing for sure - no way was I ever going to go off and leave Soda like that again. Even if it means arguing with Darry for the rest of my life.

I approached the movie building and shielded my eyes from the bright sunlight. "Paul Newman - The Hustler" I liked most of Paul Newman's movies, but I hadn't seen this one. Since none of the other guys were around I would really be able to enjoy it.

As I waited for the start of the movie I saw a kid that I knew would not be able to sit still for more than five minutes. It drew my thoughts back to Soda, and for the second time in the past hour I told myself that I would never abandon him again. There's no way.