The Friggin' Cure

by Inzane

Disclaimer: Sadly, I own nothing relating to the characters or universe of Dark Angel. If I had, let's just say that things would have gone down a lot differently.

Summary: Alec is critically injured while on a mission to get the cure. Max comes to realize her true feelings for Alec, but is it too late?

A/N: This is my first attempt at a fic, so please be kind. This is Max/Alec all the way, post Freak Nation. Be forewarned... there will be swearing, angst, and a whole lot a hurt heaped on Alec, 'cause I like it.


It was the smell that was driving her crazy. The smell of blood. His blood.

Max huddled in the bottom of the shower stall, shivering as the frigid water--the only kind available in TC--stung her as she compulsively scrubbed at her skin. She could not get rid of the smell of his blood... Alec's blood.

She didn't know how long she had been like this. She just needed the smell to go away--had to make it go away. The blood was long gone, but she could swear that the smell of it remained. Damn transgenic sense of smell.

She was vaguely aware of the chattering noise, which some part of her realized was her own teeth. She could hear Joshua pacing outside the stall, keeping his eyes averted from her nakedness, begging her to come out of the freezing shower. She was dimly aware of the bluish tinge of her freezing skin. But all she really heard was the rush of her own blood in her ears and all she could smell was the smell of Alec's blood on her skin.

If she could just make the smell go away, everything would better, she wouldn't keep thinking about it. If she could just...


...a bruised and battered Dalton--his small frame almost collapsing under the effort of supporting a pale, blood-soaked Alec--screaming for help...


...Joshua lowering Alec onto the gurney in Medical. The medic ripping open Alec's shirt to reveal two gun shot wounds to the chest...


...blood gushing out of Alec's mouth as he coughed, chokingly trying to breathe around a mouth full of blood....


...the wail of the heart monitor as it flatlined. The persistent wail that continued on, as Alec's body arced off of the bed as the medic sent 300 joules racing through his body...

"STOP IT! STOP IT! STOP IT!" Max cried out, banging her head against the back of the shower stall with each protest.


Max's mind registered the new voice as Original Cindy's, and for a second, she wondered what her friend was doing here in the toxic city, but she then quickly determined the voice was unimportant.

"Max?" Cindy's voice sounded scared, but she didn't care. It wasn't important.

Nothing was important but getting rid of the smell of Alec's blood.