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Saphira and Thorn

A Dragon-Sized Love Story

"WHY?" Eragon shouted. "Why does she have to be separated from me? It's not like I'll have a hundred male dragons attacking me whenever I'm with her! Let alone one dragon!"

"Saphira must be separated from you when she's in heat or she'll never attract a male. Even if she did, if you were killed by the male, she would die, along with any eggs that might have been fertilized!" retaliated Glaedr in his booming voice. "She must also be left alone during the courting and mating process, or the egg cells will never even be released from her ovaries, and the male may be scared into leaving her. She needs time, Eragon, so do not worry. The only risk for dragons in the mating is simply the risk of not pulling out of the Dive of Courting in time."

"Fine, but I still hate being away from her. Can I even see her during the courting?" Eragon asks.

"NO! If she is not completely alone during the egg laying process, she will not lay and the eggs will die. If she gets distracted even by her mate, the eggs may not survive. You must not go anywhere near her until she comes for you, and you must also not try to contact her with your mind, whether hers is closed or not."


"Eragon… You must trust me and heed my words. She is the last female dragon in existence, and we cannot afford to lose her through your own stupid actions!" Glaedr started quietly, and got near screaming at the end when he says this.

"Okay… Um, Glaedr…?"

"Yes, Eragon, what is it now?"

"You will not try to be her mate, will you?" Eragon asked almost in a whisper.

"No, Eragon, I have already been mated, and even if I was still a virgin, I am too old to mate Saphira. I would probably crash in the courting dive, and that would be bad now, wouldn't it? Also, I'm too big to mount her, I'd crush her before… well, you know." Glaedr blushed hot enough to cause Eragon to sweat at this.

"I see… Well, bye then, I'll see you at magic training," Eragon said and started to walk away.

"Eragon," Glaedr said sternly, "I mean it. If you go anywhere near her, try to contact her—he paused for emphasis—she could be killed. If she dies because of you, I will not hesitate to kill you. I'm sorry, but I cannot have the extinction of my race because a stubborn teen would not heed my words."

Eragon almost pissed his pants when he saw the evil eye from Glaedr. "Y… Yes, sir!" he stammered. Eragon could've outrun an Olympian on his way back to his tree house.

Saphira flew slowly over the forest, looking for prey. Suddenly, she heard a twig snap below her. She dove silently down, killing her prey—a wild pig—with a combination of impact and a cut spinal cord.

As she flew back to the cave, she suddenly felt a very strange sensation touch her mind. A stray Elf, trying to contact her, maybe? No, she knew only Eragon and other riders could even make her feel a mindspeak. And besides, Glaedr told her that Eragon wouldn't contact her for the next month or so, unless he or she was in grave danger.

She landed at her cave, and went to lie down in her nest, built only yesterday. As she bit into her catch, she began to ponder the recent events of her life.

Just a week ago, she was flying back from her dragon training when Glaedr told her a surprising fact: She'd been going into estrus every 6 months on the nose ever since she'd been 6 months old. She nearly fell out of the sky at this.

"Well, if I've been in heat so many times, how come I haven't been assaulted by males?" Saphira asked.

"Well, until you came to the forest, there haven't been any male dragons close enough to you to smell your scent. Good thing, too, because if there had been, Eragon—and because of it, you—would have died by now. You haven't been far enough away from humans to prevent their deaths until just recently. Now, though, it's very important that you listen to what I tell you."

"And what…?"

"In about 2 weeks, you will go into heat again. Don't worry about me, I'm too old to be driven into mating frenzy by your scent, but the other males within about 500 miles of you will be driven wild enough to level entire forests if they don't find you. Luckily Galbatorix's dragon is locked in his castle, with no air vents, so He won't try to mate you. However, I've sensed that another male has hatched recently, I believe you have met him…?"

"Yes, his name is Thorn and Murtagh rides him."

"Ahh, I see. Well, he probably will not be restrained so he might actually try to mate you. Do not resist him, his genes do not pass on any evil that Murtagh and Galbatorix may have taught him, and he will not act evil when he mates you. If he is the last dragon on this planet that will take you, you must accept him, understand?" Glaedr said sternly.

"Yes, but will I enjoy being mated?"

"It is the best feeling there is for a dragon, other than finally finding a rider," Glaedr said with a shine to his cataract-glazed eyes.

Saphira knew she would accept any male that came for her, but whether they would be mates for life…

While Saphira had been pondering, she didn't notice that she had started to smell. It was a good smell, like a combination of rosemary leaves and those chewy cookies your mom always made for your birthday. In fact, the only thing that she knew was different was the fact that her sex had started to swell, and become purple (red blood + blue scales), almost like a flag to a potential mate.

Well, that flag would certainly come in handy in getting my mate warmed up!, and Saphira, without knowing it, had thought her first real dirty thought of her life. Oh, she had lost her virginity to Eragon long ago, in fact, almost to this day, 2 years had passed since. This was a secret between her and him; it could be fatal if anyone found out. Someone nearly did.

The thing is, Eragon is a Dracophiliac, and he would do anything to mate with a dragon. Saphira found this out pretty suddenly, when she and Eragon were in the Hadarac, Brom was on another scouting mission, and she and Eragon were all alone. Of course, Eragon asked Saphira if she loved him. I mean, loved him. Saphira obviously said yes, and well, Eragon initiated the foreplay.


Saphira was laying in the cool sand in the sunset's waning light. Eragon was sitting under the shelter of her wing when he suddenly piped up with a strange question.

"Saphira, do you love me? Not like family love, I mean like romantic love."

"Well, Eragon, I'd love you for just being my rider, but the truth is, I've been wanting to ask the same thing."

Eragon didn't say anything, he just reached around to behind her tail and flicked. Not a very hard flick, more like a light grazing. Of course, Saphira felt an incredible feeling, one that she'd never felt before. That one flick caused her to breathe heavy, and go into a sort of premature mating frenzy. Her voice turned husky and soft (in her mind, she couldn't talk out loud of course), and she simply said to Eragon, "Oh, so you want to play dirty, eh?"

Of course, Eragon didn't take much to warm up, either. Hell, he was turned on by Saphira's graceful body anyways. He practically had a small puddle of precum in his pants from just looking at Saphira. He ripped his clothes off and Saphira took to admiring his body.

"I'd always wondered what you looked like naked," she said. Lifting her rear leg, she flagged her sex to Eragon. "So this is what you want?" she whispered into Eragon's mind. By now, Eragon had almost creamed, and was practically drooling. He was begging. Like a dog. Huge eyes, on his knees, hands curled down in front of his chest, he was begging for it.

So Saphira whispered so quietly, his mind almost couldn't pickup the message, "Well then, come get me." Eragon ran over to her and started lapping. Like a dog. He wasn't hungry that night there was so much dragon juice from Saphira.

By the time her pretty hind scales were all clean; Saphira's eyes were glazed over, her wings stretched so taut they were almost tearing, and her tale drilling holes in the ground. Obviously Eragon knew what he was doing. But then…

He just stopped. Out of nowhere, he just quit licking Saphira's clit. Saphira practically rose the dead with her scream, "More, Eragon, give me more!" Eragon was happy to oblige. He rammed into her, breaking through her hymen with one push. Saphira had a painful moment, if she ever found a mate, what would he think, and then, it was gone in a flash when Eragon thrust into her again.

After only 3 thrusts, Eragon felt his climax coming on. Saphira was already there, it just hadn't happened yet due to the dragon's ability to hold back until the male came. So Eragon was on a mad dash to the finish, with Saphira panting like, you guessed it, a dog. A huge, blue dog with wings and scales, but a dog nonetheless.

Eragon thrust one last time, pulled all the way out, and rammed back into his Dragon. He then proceeded to explode. As soon as the first drop hit the inside of Saphira's pussy, she immediately tensed up so much you could hear her ribs popping, and she clamped Eragon's dick so hard he thought it would get squeezed off. (Damn, Dragons got it good!)

As soon as that first contraction hit Saphira's pleasure center in her brain, she squealed so high it broke some windows in a village a hundred miles away. This squeal along with her orgasm lasted a good five minutes. Eragon's was a close second, at about 4.5 minutes, but Saphira was so enthralled she didn't even notice Brom riding up from the distance until about a minute after she stopped screaming. She bellowed into Eragon's mind, "ERAGON! GET DRESSED AND HURRY UP! BROM'S COMING!"

Eragon gets a migraine her sending is so loud. But he jumps to his feet and lunges for his clothes. Saphira proceeds to lick her pussy clean, setting off another climax from her sensitive clit. Luckily, she only tenses up but still gets clean. Eragon has all his stuff on just in time to see Brom slow to a stop and jump off his horse.

"Eragon, the urgals are coming! Get your shit and let's go now!" Brom shouted at him.

-------End Flashback

Meanwhile, 400 miles away, a dragon named Thorn was thrashing about so much he nearly leveled a guard tower. Murtagh thinks, "What the hell…? He's never acted like this before!!" A guard yells to Murtagh to keep his dragon quiet.

Murtagh bellows at Thorn to try and stop him from thrashing against his chains. All of a sudden, a huge chunk of the ground just lifts and Thorn shakes his chains off and flies away. No goodbyes, nothing. Just flies away.

Murtagh wonders if maybe it was something he did.

Already 100 miles away from the tower, Thorn is in a mating frenzy from Saphira's scent. He's flying faster than never before. He finally gets close enough to send a message to his in-heat mate. "I'm coming for you, my mate!" 300 miles away, Saphira hears him and replies "I see. Well then, meet me in the skies!" and with that, she leaps off the edge of her cave and takes to the air.

A mere 48 miles from Saphira's cave, the Elven dug cave in which Glaedr is laying is suddenly permeated by a very arousing smell for him. He thinks, "Damn, I thought I was too old for that to affect me! Oh well, might as well make the most of it!" And as he gets up to move into a more private chamber, a female elf sits in the shadows…


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