Here's the Prologue for this story. I read some stories of when Dani returns or is walking around and returns to Danny. I don't think she'd be returning to him to get stabled, or she'd already would've done that in the beginning. Review please!!

Dani walked down the streets. You can see her with the same red shorts and blue hoody, except has some dirt almost everywhere. She was feeling so hungry and tired. All she wants is a place to stay, or someone to take care of her. She mostly missed her cousin Danny, since he loved her more then any thing, except his parents. Although that, was different. Dani walked to the ally as she laid her hand on her stomach. She was starving, apparently she'd never eaten for days. She got up and kept walking as she saw a woman with a sandwich. She was so tempted into taking it, but knew it wasn't right. She felt so dizzy and fell to the ground, moaning.

"Danny," whimpered Dani with a hand on her stomach.

"Hello," startled the woman as she saw Dani on the ground and walked to her, "are you ok miss."

"I'm . . . hungry," moaned Dani.

"You look awful, how long have you been starving?" Asked the woman.

"I don't know, two days maybe," answered Dani as she went out.

Dani started smelling something really good as he slowly opened her eyes as she found herself on a couch, still starving. She rubbed her eyes as she saw the woman with the sandwich with a smile on her face.

"You're up, come on in," smiled the woman, "my name is Miss Blakey."

"Hm," cocked Dani as she came to the table and saw a plate of food.

"You better eat," said Miss Blakey.

Dani nodded as she started digging in like a pig until she couldn't eat anymore. Miss Blakey sat down with a smile.

"Where are your parents?" Asked Miss Blakey.

"Don't have any. Well, I have a father, but he kicked me out," told Dani.

"What a shame. I'm a foster mother, I can take you in and you'll have a nice home where you'll be loved," smiled Miss Blakey.

"Really," smiled Dani.

"Yes, someone once told me, 'home is where you're surrounded by the ones that love and care about you,'" smiled Miss Blakey as Dani smiled back.