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Danny was with an older woman named Miss Dory. She was looking at some papers and so forth. Dani was sitting down quietly by her cousin. Miss Dory smiled and signed the paper.

"I'll be glad to put her under my care," smiled Miss Dory.

"Thanks alot," smiled Danny as he hugged his cousin tightly, "I'll be visiting you soon Danielle."

"Thanks," smiled Dani as Danny left and she went to her new room, changing into her ghost form.

Dani flew through the ceiling and saw Danny floating in the air. They both smiled, flying into the sky.

"How bout we do something together?" Asked Danny.

"Sure, I'd love to," smiled Dani, "you know this could be a start."

"Yeah, you got a spotlight and who knows, maybe we could be a team on day," smiled Danny.

"Yeah, but Green Bay needs a protector, even though the critics don't think so," smiled Dani.

"You got that right," smiled Danny.

"If not me, who else is gonna protect this city, it's not like I can't ignore a cry for help," shrugged Dani.

"And it's not like you're gonna beat me to the mall," challenged Danny.

"Oh, we'll see about that," smiled Danny as the ghosts raced to the sky.

"I'm getting ahead!" Shouted Dani.

"Yeah, but I'm still gonna beat you," smiled Danny.

"Ok smartypants," said Dani.