Title: No Where Safe

Summary: Sequel to "REVENGE AGAINST THE WILLOWS." They thought it was all over, until strange things begin to happen and the team finds the lab under attack by the person they've dreaded for a long time. Rated K+ to be safe.

Spoilers: Post Play with Fire

Note: Eddie is still alive!

Disclaimer: I do not own CSI or any of its characters. The only person I own is Jeff.

Chapter 1

Good morning Las Vegas! Its 4 o'clock in the morning and my oh my is it a beautiful day! We'll start things off by playing one of my personal favorites on the show, Waiting on the World to Change by John Mayer greeted the man on the radio as Greg's alarm woke him up. As the song began to play, Greg Sanders groggily sat up in his bed and rubbed his eyes. He loved working the Graveyard Shift at the Las Vegas Crime Lab, but everyone agreed that 4 o'clock in the morning was just way too early. What made getting up worse though were the events that took place several weeks back. Greg had been kidnapped along with Lindsay to get revenge on Catherine, and almost got killed. And to make matters worse, the lab exploded accidentally because of Catherine. Greg was just not having a good month. But Greg moved on, and continued doing what he loved to do; work. Sure, the events from the past kept haunting him, but he learned to not let them bug him, and being at work with his friends, music, hopes of getting into the field, and a cup of his great coffee kept his mind off of them. So, very slowly, Greg took a shower put on a pair of jeans, his favorite button-up white and grey striped shirt, and his black tennis shoes, and grabbed his keys, heading off to work in his Blue Dodge Neon. The sun was just beginning to rise, and the pink-orange sky lit up Sin City. The best part of Las Vegas was the lights that glowed all day and all night. Finally, he arrived at the Lab and got out of his car, walking straight to the break room. The lab was deserted, very uncommon. But nobody really showed up until six, which gave Greg enough time to brew some Blue Hawaiian. As he reached for his secret stash, he noticed something lying on the counter. It was a card, addressed to him. The letters were very sloppy, and the envelope read:

Uncle Greggie

It was a card from dear Lindsay. Ever since the whole ordeal, Lindsay had been making him cards telling him thank you for helping her. It was quite cute, actually, and he posted them on his locker. He put it by his backpack and quickly set the coffee machine to drip as he made his way to the locker room. As he walked in, he saw Nick sprawled out on the bench fast asleep with Warrick on the ground next to him. Thinking quickly, Greg took out his camera and snapped a couple quick photos of them. Perfect black-mailing items. And just for kicks, he decided the best way to get them up. He opened his locker, placed his stuff inside, grabbed his ID and his lab coat, and slammed the door, waking both Nick and Warrick. "Morning sun-shines," greeted Greg with his cheerful smile.

Nick sat up and rubbed his eyes and Warrick used the bench to prop him up. "Sleep well last night?" said Greg sarcastically.

"What time is it?" asked Nick as he was yawning.

"It's…4:30 in the morning. Long night?"

"Yeah, so much evidence that I think we're maxed out on overtime," explained Warrick as he leant against the locker. Greg smiled and waved at them as he walked out of the locker room and back to the break room, where he saw his coffee already made and Grissom already beginning to drink it. "Good, I made it just in time for some of your coffee, Greg," said Grissom as he took a drink.

Greg sighed and rolled his eyes. Grissom smiled and sat down at the table as Greg got himself a cup. "So Greg, how's therapy been treating you?" asked Grissom.

"It's been good, I guess. Can't really complain, except that I feel like I'm being treated like a little kid again. I really don't need therapy, you know."

"Well, at least you only have two more sessions, right?" said Grissom.

Greg nodded. After all the incidents, Grissom had made the lab pay for him to go to therapy. Greg hated it, but knew he'd be wasting the company money, so he kept with it. As Greg sat down on the couch, Catherine, Sara, Nick and Warrick had just walked in. "Hey guys, see you're all up bright and early," said Greg, winking at Nick and Warrick.

Nick and Warrick give Greg a nasty look and Greg quickly looks away. Grissom eyes them suspiciously. "Alright, now that we're all here, let's get down to business. Sara, you're with me on a robbery down in Henderson. Nick, you and Warrick are with Catherine on a homicide in the desert. Let's get to work."

Everyone leaves Greg sitting alone in the break room. Before Grissom left, he turned and saw Greg getting up and putting his now empty cup back. "You'll get a chance to work in the field, Greg. Just not yet."

"I know," said Greg as he placed the mug in the sink and walked past Grissom to the DNA lab. Grissom sighs and follows Sara out of the lab. As Greg sat in his rolling chair, he looked across the hall and saw the clean-up crew still working on the old DNA lab. It was definitely hard for Greg to work so close to there, but Grissom told him not to let it bother him. So, he had finally gotten use to it. To get his mind off of things, Greg began to blast Marilyn Manson in the lab. I know they suffocate you more than the passing of everyday human events began Greg as Ecklie began his daily inspection of the lab. Quickly, Greg turned off the music and began to look down the microscope, pretending to work. Ecklie looked in and smiled as he walked back around the lab. Greg watched him leave and quickly turned back on the music. But the music soon died away and Greg accidentally fell asleep while on the job.

He felt a sharp pain in his shoulder. Greg looked up and saw his arms hanging above his head and the deep watery abyss below him. Then, he heard the rope snap and send him flying to the water.

Greg quickly sat up and breathed heavily. Just a nightmare, thought Greg. Then, he heard "Feel Like Making Love" by Bad Company play on his cellphone. He then flipped it open and said, "Sanders."

"Hey Greg, its Grissom. I need you to come down here with the Mobile Analysis Unit. This case just got serious."

"Okay, I'll be right over," said Greg as he closed his phone. Greg grabbed his coat and ran out of the lab and into the Mobile Analysis Unit.

Greg had just arrived where he saw Sara standing outside waiting for him. "Hey Greg, glad you got here just in time. Come on in, Grissom wants to see you."

Sara led Greg inside where he saw a double homicide and Grissom leaning over one of the bodies. "Hey Greg, you wanted a chance to work in the field, here's your chance."

"Great, do you mind if I get some air?" asked Greg.

Grissom nodded and Greg quickly ran out back, ready to puke. He ran to the back fence and began to gasp for breath. It took a couple minutes to regain his senses and he turned back around. But he saw something that had him speechless. "Grissom, Sara…you might want to come see this."

Grissom and Sara ran out. "What's wrong Greg?" asked Sara.

But Greg just pointed at the side of the house. Sara and Grissom both looked at the house. On the side of house, written in blood, was:



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