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Chapter 13

As Greg grew closer and closer to the beast's mouth, he began to see his life flash before his eyes. There was the day was he born…the day he got accepted into LVPD, the kidnapping of him and Lindsay, the lab explosion, all the way up to the present. Meanwhile, Sara watched as the van got closer and closer to the cruncher. That's when she lunged once more for the button, but Terrance pushed her away. Grissom was growing pissed at the man and finally tackled him through the glass. When Sara stood up again she saw the van mere inches from the cruncher. That's when she slammed her fist onto the button and slowly the conveyer belt came to a slow stop. Greg watched as the front end of the van crept into the cruncher and the mouth stop just about the roof. Greg sighed in relief as everyone down below cheered in victory. Quickly, Nick took the keys from Jeff's pocket and tried to find a way up to his friend as Warrick called in the police. As soon as Nick got up to the vehicle, Greg stood at him in disbelief. "Nick! It's great to see you!"

After Nick undid his handcuffs, Greg gave Nick a huge hug. "Jeez Greg, you're acting like you're never gonna see me again!"

"I thought you guys were dead! I watched Jeff blow you guys up!"

"Did it look like he succeeded?"

Greg shook his head as police vehicle after police vehicle sped into the lot. Brass was the first to emerge followed by Sofia Curtis. While Sofia walked up to Terrance, Brass walked up to Jeff and looked at the man square in the guy. By that time, Jeff had regained consciousness. "I've been waiting my whole life for this," smiled Brass as he drug Jeff to his feet and cuffed his hands behind his back.

As Sofia and Brass led the two convicts away, Warrick placed his arm around Catherine's shoulders, as did Grissom to Sara as Greg and Nick joined the team. "It's finally over," smiled Warrick.

Greg nodded and together, the six walked into the group of cops and into the car.

After two months from the incident, the trial of Jeff and Terrance had begun. The whole team filed into the courtroom and sat in the back and watched as the two men were led into the courtroom followed by their council. As the judge walked in, everyone in the courtroom rose to their feet. Standing in the way back was a bunch of news reporters and journalists that were there to document the most anticipated trial in Las Vegas. The trial began with the judge introducing the jury and explaining what was going to happen in the trial. Then, the council called Lindsay up to the stand. Catherine reassured her daughter that it would be fine and Lindsay walked up to the stand. That's when the questioning began. He asked her all sorts of questions like what happened when she and Greg were first taken, how did the accused treat them, how did she escape, were the accused the men that took her, and so on. Lindsay would occasionally look at her mother and then at Greg. When her questioning was done, they called each member of the team up to the stand, and each gave the exact same account of what had really happened. When Greg was at the stand, he was asked similar questions that Lindsay was, but there was one segment in particular that he remember distinctly. "What happened after you helped Lindsay escape?"

"They took me to an aquarium facility and left me hanging above a tank full of water with weights attached to my feet. A candle was lit underneath the rope that helped me up and as soon as the team arrived, the candle burst through the rope and sent me down into the water. If it hadn't been for Nick and Warrick, I wouldn't be alive."

"Then, you and the lab were attacked?"

"Yes until finally, they managed to hold Lindsay hostage and threatened to shoot if I didn't listen to his demands. After I arrived at the junkyard, I saw Terrance and then they locked me in an old hippie van and made me watch as they led my family into a house and let it explode. I thought they were dead until they came to the junkyard and saved my life."

Did he really just say that they were his family? When he looked at them, they were all smiling at him with recognition. Greg smiled back as the council continued to question him. When Greg got up to go sit next to the team, Jeff leaned over to him and whispered, "You'll never get rid of me."

"I highly doubt that," whispered Greg as he smiled and sat next to the team. Finally, they led the two accused men up to the stand separately where they each explained why they were innocent. But they all could see on the jury's faces that they didn't believe them. After their questioning was done, the jury left and quickly came back in to deliver the verdict. "We, the jury, find Jeff and Terrance guilty of all crimes accused against them. We sentence Terrance to 25 years in prison and Jeff to life in prison without chance of parole."

The judge slammed his mallet onto the desk as the security guards led the two convicts away in cuffs. Nick, Greg, Warrick, Grissom, Catherine and Sara all stood up and began to file out of the courtroom and into the bright sunshine of Las Vegas. "It must feel good to know that those two won't be bothering you again," smiled Catherine.

"Yeah, it does," smiled Greg.

"Hey, why don't we go down to that new diner on the Strip. My treat," yelled Catherine.

They all agreed and began their walk down the streets of Vegas. When they arrived at the diner, Warrick sat next to Catherine and brought her close while Grissom and Sara sat opposite them while Sara rested her head against Grissom's shoulder. Nick sat in the middle at the round table as Greg was left sitting on a chair that was brought up to the table. After they ordered their meals, the news came on, documenting the trial that they had just attended. After the newscaster finished her speech on the case, Greg smiled and turned to look at his friends. "All's well that ends well, I guess," smiled Greg very weakly.

"Greg," said Grissom.

Greg looked at his boss. "They won't be out for a LONG time, so don't worry about it."

"I know, it's just…Jeff helped Terrance escape before, who says they won't do it again?"

"Don't worry Greg, they can't harm you even if they wanted to because we've got your back," smiled Nick.

"Thanks guys." After they had eaten their meals, they made their way back to the lab where Ecklie was there with assignment sheets in hand. "Here you go Grissom," he said, handing them to the older man.

Grissom thanked Ecklie and looked them down. "Catherine, you and Warrick have a 419 in Summerlin. Nick, you and Sara are with me on a 419 down on Freemont."

All four of them smiled as they headed to the locker room to get changed. Greg turned to head to the DNA lab when Grissom called out, "Greg!"

Greg turned around and saw Grissom holding a sheet of paper. "This is for you."

Greg took it hesitantly and looked it up and down. "It says you recommended me to begin training in the field."

"A little birdie told me that you wanted to work out in the field, so I talked to the Under sheriff and he gave the okay. You begin your training tomorrow."

Greg smiled and watched as Grissom walked away. "Hey Grissom!"

Grissom turned around and looked at the spiky-haired-lab-rat. "Thanks."

Grissom shrugged and turned back around to go to his office. Greg smiled and jumped up, punching his fist into the sky as he skipped into his office. Things were beginning to turn back around for him and he began to show it by blaring his rock music and dancing around the DNA lab in his goofy fashion.


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