One Thing Leads to Another

Full summary: One thing leads to another when Starfire and Raven attend a lingerie party and Robin gets a surprise view of Starfire's new undergarment. The pair have been dancing around a friendship that could mean more, and Starfire's misunderstanding of a joke might finally shove them in the right direction. Meanwhile, Raven does her best to deny having feelings for another certain teammate…

Disclaimer: I do not own Teen Titans. It's just a fact that I'll have to deal with…

Author's notes: Story mainly centers around Starfire and Robin, and eventually focus will shift to Raven and Beast Boy. I can't promise timely updates unfortunately, but I will do my best. Characters have been aged to make certain themes more appropriate, and this story was written before the viewing of Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo. Consider the events in the Titans movie to never have happened. Sorry about the continuity, but I don't want to change the whole story to make it fit. With that being said, on with the story.

"Raven!! Oh friend Raven!"

Raven sighed. She was just getting to the best part in her new book. She was reading peacefully on her half of the couch, after many years of practicing tuning out the three noisy boys on the other end of the couch, playing a videogame with each other.

"Raven!" Starfire called again, coming up behind her and dropping a rather decorated letter into her lap. Raven eyed it with eyebrow arched.

"What is that?" she asked, staring at the lacy pink envelope.

"Friend Bumblebee has invited us to a party!" Starfire said joyously. "The invitation has arrived in the mail today."

Raven set down her book, being careful not to lose her page and picked up the card. She opened it and read its contents. Then she jumped with a start.

"Wait a minute… this is a lingerie party?!"

The three boys, who were previously ignorant of their fellow female teammates, paused their video game and glanced over at the two with interest.

"Yo, Bumblebee is having a lingerie party?" Cyborg smirked with approval.

"Do you even wear lingerie, Raven?" Beast Boy grinned devilishly at her.

Raven's cheeks turned a bright red as she glared at the three boys. "None of your damn business, you pervert."

She stood up and pulled Starfire off to the side where they could talk privately.

Beast Boy scoffed. "Come on, let's play," he said, picking up his game controller.

"Hey, maybe Star'll pick you up somethin' nice," Cyborg murmured as he elbowed Robin slyly. Robin coughed.

"Starfire… what is this?" Raven hissed.

"Bumblebee has merely invited us to a gathering, where we can do the hanging out and the exchange and purchase of decorative undergarments. What is the problem?" she said cheerfully.

"I don't do 'decorative undergarments.' Functional is more my style," Raven said, crossing her arms.

"Then perhaps it is time for a fun change," Starfire said. "Are you sure you have no one in mind whom you would like to share your purchases with?" Starfire grinned at Raven.

"Ugh, no. I know who you're thinking of Star, and no," Raven said vehemently.

"Fine. But you are coming with, and that is the final."

Raven sighed.

"Have fun picking out panties, Raven!" Beast Boy called, laughing as the two girls made their way to the door, the day of the party having arrived. Raven blushed, but Beast Boy did not see it as her back was turned, and also a couch cushion was suddenly planted into his face by tendrils of magic.

"Um, have fun, Star," Robin said awkwardly, as he stood by her while she put on her coat and picked up her purse. He was blushing more than Raven, and somehow he couldn't look her in the eye.

"Good bye Robin! I will have a glorious time, I am sure." Starfire was her usual perky self, and the only one who seemingly was not fazed by the subject of said party. She had decided to wear civilian clothes, and had dressed in a pair of light blue jeans with a bright pink long sleeve shirt, with a plunging v-neck and purple beaded work around the collar. Cute black flats with small bows adorned her feet.

Raven put on her own coat and picked up her purse as well. She had also decided on normal clothes, wearing fitted dark jeans and a dark purple hoodie, and plain black flats.

"Do you know who else is going to be there?" she asked.

"Bumblebee told me on the phone that mostly we and some of her close friends shall be coming."

"Um… are Speedy and Aqualad going to be there…?" Raven asked, suddenly alarmed.

"Oooh… Aqualad…" Starfire said, getting a dreamy look in her eyes. She nudged Raven, who had to agree for a moment. The two girls giggled.

"Ahem," Robin coughed into his hand. "I'm still here, you know," he said, pointedly at Starfire.

"Oh, yes. I am sorry," she grinned at Raven covertly. She relished opportunities to make a certain someone jealous…

"We must be going now, or we will be late for refreshments," Starfire hurried, grabbing Raven's arm.
Cyborg tossed Raven his keys.

"Take care of my baby, now. No dents."

"I promise," Raven nodded.

The two girls headed down to the garage and into Cyborg's T-Car.

Upon starting it, Fifty Cent began blaring from the speakers at high decimals, the bass booming loudly and making the girls' chest cavities rumble.

"Cyborg's choice of music is most deafening," Starfire said above the noise, covering her ears.

Raven figured out how to turn the volume down and the cd player off.

"Maybe the radio at a volume that doesn't wreck the eardrums would be better," Raven said mordantly.

The girls found a station that they both agreed upon and headed towards Steel City and Titans East Tower.

"Hi!!" Bumblebee greeted the two female Titans over a security screen as they arrived at the door. It opened before them and they entered the elevator.

Finally it brought them to the living quarters, and Bumblebee was on the other side of the elevator doors as they opened. Starfire hugged Bumblebee, being careful not to crush her, and then pulled Raven along as they entered the Titans East living room.

Several other girls were lounging on the couch and floor. Starfire and Raven did not recognize them. One woman was opening several different suitcases, and had clothes racks set up.

"Girls, I'd like you to meet Starfire and Raven," Bumblebee introduced them. "Starfire, Raven, this is Stephanie, Jill, Tanya, Lila, and Amber."

"Hello!" Starfire said cheerily. Bumblebee's friends answered with a chorus of hellos.

"This is Bethany, our party planner."

"Hi," the woman said, looking up from her catalogs and boxes and waving.

"Food and punch is over there, and we're getting ready to start," Bumblebee informed them.

"Thank you most kindly for inviting us, friend Bumblebee," Starfire said with a smile.

"Yeah, thanks," Raven echoed, though not quite as enthusiastically. She had never been quite comfortable around a lot of girls, and while Starfire had indeed helped her to engage in more girly activities, like braiding hair (only once, and it was while she was consoling Starfire after Boy Blunder did something stupid again) and going to the mall, she still felt like she didn't completely fit in.

"Come on Raven," Starfire said, grabbing her arm and pulling her over to the food table. Raven suppressed a sigh and helped herself to crackers, cookies, and other food that was not left over refrigerated pizza or covered in fuzzy blue stuff. She poured herself a cup of punch and then sat with Starfire on the couch.

"Hello, ladies," Bethany said when everyone was settled. "I'm Bethany, and I will be showing you the selection that we carry, and giving everyone a copy of our catalogs. I have some examples to show here, which can be purchased if you desire, and all orders will be taken at the end of the demo."

The girls excitedly took a catalog and began perusing the pages.

"First off, it all depends on what styles you prefer, and what cut looks best on your body," Bethany began. She pointed to different styles hanging on the racks, and explained why each cut fit a different body type best. Raven listened, surprised that she wasn't bored. She glanced over at Starfire, who was eagerly eyeing up a bright pink ensemble with fluffy feather poof. 'Figures,' Raven thought with a smirk. She herself fancied a black and red corset with matching lacy panties, but at the same time she reminded herself that lingerie wasn't her thing.

"Who would like to try some of these on?" Bethany said, after her speech was done.

Starfire jumped up and headed over to the pink lingerie.

"I am most interested in this," she said, feeling the satiny fabric. It was mostly a satin fabric bra, with feather poof lining the top curves, and see-through fabric in a princess cut, leaving her stomach exposed, and length to just above mid-thigh. More feather poof lined the hem of the transparent dress part, and a satin panty with pink bows was worn underneath.

"The bathroom's right around the corner, Star," Bumblebee directed her. Starfire eagerly rushed over. Some of the other girls selected items, and went to Bumblebee's room to change. Raven remained seated on the couch, nursing her punch.

"Hey," Bumblebee said, coming over with a bright red ensemble in hand. "You see anything you like?" she asked, in an attempt to include Raven.

"I'm not much of a lingerie person," Raven admitted. "This is more Starfire's thing. But I thank you for inviting me," she said, hoping not to sound rude.

"That black and red corset would look amazing on you," Bumblebee pointed.

Raven gave a small smile. "I noticed it."

"Go try it on," she urged.

"Maybe," Raven said non-committal.

After a moment, she asked, "So, how do you know all these girls?"

"You're lucky you have another girl that you live with. All I got is those block-heads for teammates. I met my friends through volleyball league. A girl's gotta socialize with her own kind once in awhile, ya dig it?" Bumblebee said, leaning back on the couch.

"I agree enough. Starfire's company is almost tolerable compared to those three knuckleheads sometimes. At least she doesn't think who can make the loudest bodily noise is the most fun game in the world," Raven said with a sardonic smile. "Boys can be so stupid… and speaking of them, where'd you send off Speedy, Aqualad, and those two little Spanish guys?"

A wicked grin crossed the girl's face. "I told them that if they didn't find something to do for the day, their own underwear would be on display for the party."

Raven let out a short laugh. "Didn't they know that no one would want to see that anyway?"

"Exactly," Bumblebee grinned again, nodding.

Their conversation was cut short as everyone looked up when Starfire emerged from the bathroom, eyes shining.

"Is my appearance pleasing?"

All the girls gasped and oohed, giggling.

Bumblebee grinned. "Hey Star, show that to Robin and I bet he'll date you in a heartbeat!" she laughed. The other girls giggled again.

Starfire looked interested, but confused at the same time. "You mean if I were to display myself wearing the lingerie to Robin, he will do the dating with me? Is this a traditional custom I am unaware of…?"

Bumblebee grinned mischievously. "Uh… yeah. But you have to show him, right like you are now."

Raven shook her head. Poor poor Robin… she was going to stay out of this one.

Starfire looked thoughtful. "May I inquire as to the price?" she asked Bethany. The reply was in her price range. "Then I will take it!"

Bumblebee winked at Raven.

"That was cruel," Raven said. "I'll call you and tell you how long it takes us to get him out of the coma."

Bumblebee laughed. Then she said, "Raven, I'm not letting you leave until you at least try on that corset."

"No no no…" Raven started, raising her hands.

"Hey Starfire, come here," Bumblebee called, "and bring that black corset!"

"I thought you were on my side," Raven hissed.

"Raven, you must model this for us!" Starfire said excitedly. "It is perfect for you!"

Both girls looked at her expectantly. Raven sighed. "Whatever. But I'm not coming out." She grabbed it and headed for the bathroom.


"I'm not coming out!"

"But please, if you will just let me see…"

"No way."

"Just open the door a crack?"

There was silence. Starfire knocked again. "I promise I will not make a joke. I will not laugh."

Raven sighed. She opened the door a crack. Starfire gasped.

"Oh Raven! You look marvelous!"

She pulled her out the door. Raven cursed and tried to duck back into cover and the safety of the bathroom, but she was no match for Tamaranian strength.

Bumblebee and the other girls cheered.

"Sexy!" Bee called. Raven's cheeks burned bright red, and she covered her bare stomach with her hands.

"I have left over funds. I shall purchase it for you if you do not," Starfire said cheerily.

The empath girl slapped her forehead.

Starfire grinned slyly. "Perhaps you can do the dating too, if you model this for-"

"Don't even say it," Raven growled.

Soon the party was waning down, and the girls began to clean up and go home. Starfire and Raven were on their way out, Raven carrying one small bag, and Starfire's bigger bag nearly filled.

"Good bye, Bumblebee! I have had the most wondrous time!" Starfire said, hugging her.

Raven gave a small smile in thanks.

"Oh, Star, wait…"

Bumblebee picked up a bright red thong and tossed it to Starfire.

"Tell Cyborg I said hi." She winked.

On the way home, Raven wondered if she should tell Starfire the truth, that wearing lingerie for Robin did not guarantee a date with him. At the same time, she found a sort of sadistic humor in thinking how the boy wonder would react to Starfire's appearance. It would be damn funny, she had to admit. Tell her, or don't tell her? At the same time, she also didn't want to see Starfire get hurt. Raven was well aware of the depths of Starfire's feelings for their leader, and if he were to refuse her…

She sighed and decided to let things be. Robin obviously had some sort of bond with Starfire. Maybe he wouldn't make a big deal over it. Then again, Raven had to admit later, she should have seen it coming.