Merry Belated Christmas everyone!

Starfire's eyes always lit up when she saw houses and businesses beginning to drape with Christmas lights in December. Robin was grateful to see her mood brightening the closer it came to the holiday. She was by no means over what happened to her sister, but with help from Alfred she recognized she had to move on with her life and make the most of it while she could.

Christmas was her favorite Earth holiday because of the spirit of goodwill, the decorations, the giving of presents, and the best part- mistletoe.

The first Christmas the Titans spent together was an eventful one. Not really knowing each other well, they did a Secret Santa exchange. Each Titan somehow managed to get their counterpart a gift they didn't need anymore. Except for Starfire, whose pick was Robin. She learned about the glorious tradition of the "toe of mistle" when Beast Boy purposely placed a branch over every doorway in the Tower. She observed Raven accidentally get caught underneath it with the green prankster, and while he puckered up and leaned in Raven rolled her eyes and walked away. Beast Boy toppled over seeing as Raven's lips weren't there to catch him.

Starfire thought this tradition of kissing under the mistletoe was a curious one as her people did not kiss for recreation. Of course she instantly thought she would like to try it with Robin, but as he happened to walk by he glared at the mischievous little plant with venom and avoided it like the plague in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

On that Christmas day Starfire presented her gift to Robin last. She made her little speech about having gotten Robin the perfect gift and it being something he really wanted. She brought out the mistletoe with a bashful smile and held it over a nervous Robin. Raven made her comment about it being perfect for him and Beast Boy said it was a gift Starfire sure hoped Robin returned.

She leaned in but Robin was stammering and flushing nervously. He turned his head at the last moment and Starfire's lips barely brushed his cheek.

The three other Titans snickered with teasing grins, but Robin briskly moved the celebration along by suggesting a movie and ignoring Starfire's confused expression. She tried not to be hurt. Why didn't Robin wish to partake in the kissing with her under the mistletoe? They had already "kissed" in Earth terms, even though it was technically a language transfer for Starfire. What was the big deal? That sparked a talk about their friendship and Robin said he wasn't ready and was worried about ruining what they had. While everything seemed so simple to her, he made it complicated. So she waited.

Every year Beast Boy put the mistletoe up. Every year Starfire hoped she and Robin would accidentally get caught under it but he made sure he was never vulnerable.

This year would be different because now they were together and she was excited. She finally would get to participate in the joyous tradition of the mistletoe.

Cyborg was hanging cranberry garlands over the windows, Raven helping with her powers. The Titans had gone Christmas tree shopping and bought a gorgeous eight-foot tall white fir pine. They placed it in front of the bay windows. Robin wrapped the strings of multicolored lights around the tree while Starfire dug out the ornaments. She unwrapped them lovingly, each one a little memory. She found the ornament Robin had given her last year, a blown glass rocking horse. She smiled at it fondly and gazed up at him as he stood on a disc of Raven's power, arranging the lights at the top of the tree. He grinned down at her.

She pulled out the tinsel garland and started at the bottom of the tree, wrapping it evenly around. Beast Boy gathered up ornaments and began placing them on the branches. He giggled when he found Starfire's homemade ones. She discovered there was such a thing as glitter (or as Raven referred to it 'the herpes of craft supplies') and popsicle sticks not long after she landed on Earth. She had been covered from head to toe and so was most of the living room. Robin was not amused when she decided his cape needed a little bit of sparkle. Raven was even less amused when her cloak also fell victim to Starfire's fashion sense.

Starfire assisted Beast Boy in hanging the decorations, and Robin and Raven joined in too. Cyborg had gone outside to hang lights on the outside of the Tower.

Once the last ornament was hung, Starfire pulled out the large star tree topper.

"Who wishes to place this at the top of the tree?" she asked, holding it out.

"You can do it, Starfire," Raven said with a small smile.

She emitted a small squeal and flew up to the top, connected the plugs, and set the star in place.

"Nice," Robin commented, and Beast Boy pulled Raven close. Starfire landed and hugged Robin. The Titans were mostly lucky that big time villains were not as active and most criminal reports were small time home burglaries the police could handle themselves.

Starfire was concerned. Though there were less Titan alerts, Robin and Raven had been disappearing during the day. They were being awfully secretive and she was curious as to what they were up to. She was not jealous by any means; she knew she had no reason to be. But what were they doing? They spent time in Raven's room or they would go out into the city and not come home for several hours. When they did come home, they had nothing with them. If they had been Christmas shopping she figured they would have bags of presents to hide.

Robin finally asked Starfire if she would like to go shopping with him for the other Titans. She was delighted and rushed off to get ready for the mall.

They perused the shops, pointing out things that would be perfect for their fellow teammates. Starfire was glad to have his company, people stopped to talk to them and wish them Merry Christmas and thank them for keeping the city safe.

"Robin?" Starfire asked as they exited a gaming store.


"I am curious. You and Raven have been doing much of the sneaking off lately and I was wondering why."

Robin grinned. "It's a secret, Star."

She pouted. "A secret?"


She huffed. "You cannot give me even a little of the hint?"


"Will you ever tell me?"

"You'll find out."

"I will?"


"When is 'eventually'?"

"Nuh uh, Star," he said, enjoying stringing her along.

"You are not fair!" she whined playfully.

Robin just grinned.

They returned home and had to avoid an inquisitive Beast Boy, who hopped all around them with the bags, turning into a bloodhound to see if could pick up any clues as to what they bought. The green prankster was notorious for sniffing out where his presents were hidden every year. Raven took it as a personal challenge to hide his gifts where he couldn't find them. One year she hid them in his own laundry hamper and Beast Boy complained that the comic books she had gotten him smelled like old nasty socks and dirty underwear. Raven retorted that he if he didn't try so hard to find his presents she wouldn't have to concoct thoroughly disgusting places to hide them.

He had to give her that one.


Finally it was Christmas Eve. All the presents (except the ones for Beast Boy so he couldn't peek) were wrapped and sitting under the tree. Starfire had made cookies which were actually edible and tasted good much to everyone's surprise. Robin had stopped her from using the curry powder just in time.

The alien princess' eyes were glittering excitedly and even Raven was looking cheerful, for her.

The only thing Starfire wasn't one hundred percent happy about was she and Robin still had not met under the mistletoe. Robin always seemed to duck being under the sprigs on the doorways while she was purposely waiting underneath. She thought about talking to him and just asking him to do it with her, just to humor her, but every time she went to bring it up embarrassment kept her quiet. He seemed to have an aversion to the mistletoe and she worried she would be bringing up a bad memory by asking. Maybe he just thought the tradition of the mistletoe was frivolous and did not wish to partake in such things. For some reason admitting the tradition meant so much to her was hard for her to discuss with him.

The Titans spent the day lounging together cozily, watching "It's a Wonderful Life" and "White Christmas." They laughed along with "A Christmas Story" and Beast Boy proclaimed that he so wanted one of those leg lamps. Raven rolled her eyes and shook her head. Cyborg cooked a delicious turkey dinner, and even made a little tofurky for Beast Boy on the side.

As dusk was falling, Robin told Starfire to get her coat.

"My coat?" she asked, confused.

"Yeah. We're going out," he said, smiling secretively. "I know you don't actually need a coat, but for looks."

"Okay," Starfire said, her brows furrowing. She pulled on her winter coat and wore a scarf around her neck.

Robin bundled up too, as it was a cold night in the city at twenty-five degrees Fahrenheit. They went down to the garage and soon the R-Cycle was racing toward the center of town.

Robin weaved through the streets until he reached the square where Jump's Christmas tree was decorated.

"Oh," Starfire said in wonder as Robin parked the cycle. He dismounted and turned, grabbing Starfire by the waist and helping her down. The square was mostly empty as everyone was home enjoying Christmas Eve dinner with their families. The night was dim as the clouds hung heavy overhead, bloated and threatening to precipitate. She clapped her hands and squealed as the lights in the square blinked to life, the tree lighting up and the surrounding buildings illuminating.

Robin smiled and caught up her hand, walking her closer to the tree. It was a massive pine, standing at least twenty feet tall. Their breaths steamed in the air as Starfire took in all the beautiful ornaments. There were large glass balls in different colors, wrapped presents, Santas, manger scenes, stars, snowflakes, and various animals.

It was storybook perfect when large lazy snowflakes started to sprinkle to the ground.

"Oh, it is doing the snowing!" Starfire exclaimed, twirling around and trying to catch one on her tongue. It didn't snow often in Jump City and when it did it never stayed long, but tonight was magical.

Robin grinned, his nose cherry red from the cold. He glanced behind him then up at the tree.

"Starfire, look up there," he pointed.

"What?" she asked, trying to see what he was indicating.

"That present up there. I swear the tag on it says 'to Starfire.'"

"No it does not," she said, squinting. "Does it?"

"Fly up there and see," he said mysteriously.

She floated up level with the present. It was glittery and purple with a wide ribbon around it. Her eyes widened.

"It does!" she called back down to him. She grabbed the present from its branch and landed.

She held out the box in her hands.

"Well, since it's addressed to you, better open it," Robin said wisely.

Starfire grinned. She pulled the ribbon off and opened the top of the box.

"Oh," she breathed. She took out the object in her hands carefully and set down the box.

She opened the cover to a photo album.

A picture of her and Robin's faces grinned up at her. She remembered taking that picture. Robin held out the camera, put his arm around her and told her to smile. It was the first picture they had ever taken together; he was showing her what a camera was. They looked so young.

There was a picture of her and Raven, who appeared less than happy about the hug she was receiving from her exuberant friend. Starfire giggled at Raven's dour expression. Beast Boy's happy face stared back at her and he was holding up a peace sign.

The next picture was a group picture. Starfire remembered Robin making them pose for it. It was for the newspapers, this shot one of the series Robin had taken. She laughed as she saw Beast Boy giving Raven bunny ears, and smiled fondly at the lovesick expression on Robin's face as he was glancing at her in the photo. He must not have realized the camera timer was set shorter than he meant to and the picture had caught him.

There was one of Cyborg and Beast Boy, the changeling sitting happily on his best friend's shoulders.

All the pictures made her so joyful. Snapshots of their five years together, how happy they all looked. She wiped away a tear that rolled down her cheek. It made her feel loved and cherished; they were not just teammates, but her family.

She turned to the last page and was surprised to find not a picture but a note. It said: Look down. Then look up.

She pulled the album to her chest and her heart stopped.

Robin was on one knee on the ground. He was holding out an open little black box.

"Oh," she gasped, a hand flicking up to her mouth.

"Starfire," he said, "we've been best friends for what seems like forever. I've never been so content with my life than I have been this past year. I want to share everything with you and nothing could make me happier if you would be my wife. Will you marry me?"

Starfire was so shocked she could barely make her mouth move. She struggled for air and finally she found the only word she needed.

"Yes!" she squealed, glomping him as he rose up from the ground. She continued whooping excitedly, jumping up and down with him in her arms. He laughed and pulled away so he could hold her left hand and slide the ring onto her finger. She marveled at the sparkling jewel and wiggled her fingers, watching the lights dance over the facets. She hopped up and down and hugged Robin again.

"Aren't you forgetting something?" he asked.

She looked at him questioningly.

He pointed up.

She looked and her mouth dropped open.

There was a branch of mistletoe fastened to the streetlight they were standing under. Starfire laughed and clapped her hands. Robin pulled her close and gave her the sweetest kiss she could ever remember.

As they parted, he said, "There's one more surprise. I had some helpers with all this."

Cyborg, Raven, and Beast Boy stepped around the tree.

Starfire squealed some more and barreled over to them, first taking out Raven with a monster hug, then hopping all over Beast Boy and Cyborg. They all grinned and as Starfire stepped back Raven took her hand and admired the ring, even though she already knew what it looked like.

"Merry Christmas, Starfire," Raven said, giving her a squeeze.

"Oh, this was most glorious! I do not think anyone is going to be able to do the topping of Robin's present this year!" she teased. She mock glared at Robin and Raven. "Is this what you two have been up to?"

Raven smiled. "We had to design and special order the ring through the jewelry store in town. And we were making the photo album in my room."

"You special ordered it?" Starfire said, examining her ring.

"It's made of a metal sent from Tamaran, so it won't melt with your powers," Robin explained. "And the diamond is low set and secured so it won't get knocked loose."

"Oh, it is perfect," Starfire breathed, more tears coming to her eyes and her hands shaking. She hugged Robin again and he held her back just as tightly.

"So now it's official," he said.

She pulled back and gave him her thousand watt grin. "Yes, it is the official."


It was the night before Christmas and all through the house (well, in this case giant alphabet letter) not a creature was stirring, not even a little green mouse...

Actually a little green mouse was stirring. A very naughty little green mouse was running through the hallways attempting to sniff out his Christmas presents. Currently he was nosing around a large metallic Titan's room. He came upon a mouse trap, a chunk of tofu resting on the trip pad. Beast Boy twitched his whiskers furiously, skirting around it. He shifted up into himself and pounded on Cyborg's door.

Cyborg answered it groggily. "What the... what?"

"Dude! What the hell, you could've killed me!"

"Huh? Oooh... y'all mean that little old mousetrap?"

"Yeah! What the fuck dude?!"

"You know you wouldn't get snapped, you're too smart for that. Teach you to go sniffin' round my door so late at night though."

"How come everyone's presents are under the tree except miiiinnee? Starfire already got heeerrss," Beast Boy whined.

"B, don't even go there. No one wants to put your presents out there cause y'all are sneaky and peek at all of em before Christmas morning," Cyborg scolded. "It ruins the surprise."

"So so so so?" Beast Boy said, squirming.

"Are you six or twenty?" Cyborg questioned, raising his human eyebrow.

"On Christmas does it matter?" Beast Boy said with childish enthusiasm, still wiggling around.

"Go back to bed, dude," Cyborg moaned. "You'll get your present tomorrow mornin'."

"Awwwww you're no fun. See you at the crack of dawn!"

"Greeeeat." Cyborg slid his door shut with a thunk.

Beast Boy gleefully turned into a mouse again and scampered off to the other Titan's room who enjoyed Christmas as much as he did, wondering if maybe she left his presents unhidden in all the excitement. Then he immediately regretted that decision because Robin and Starfire apparently decided to stay in her room for the night and they were pretty happy about their official engagement. Really happy about their engagement. Happy enough that they didn't care snooping changelings could hear outside their door. Beast Boy poked out his tongue in disgust and and scampered away from that.

Maybe Raven wouldn't mind being pestered. Matter of fact, maaaaybe Raven was so happy for Robin and Starfire she wouldn't mind a little Christmas Eve nookie herself.

Yeah, Raven likes sex. She'll totally go for that.

He went into her room and crawled into bed with her, kissing along her arm and shoulder.

She roused from sleeping, and immediately said, "No."

"Aww Rae come on," he whined. "Robin's getting some."

She gave him a look. "And how would you know that?"


"And what does it matter if Robin's getting some? He just got engaged, I think he's entitled."

"Aren't you super happy for them? Let's celebrate," he said, leaning in with puckering lips.

She put her hand up, catching his face and pushing him away. "Honestly. Go to sleep."

He pouted. "I'm too excited."

"Are you six or twenty?" Raven said drolly.

"Whoa, did you do some sort of mind thingy with Cyborg? He said the same thing."

"And fifty million Elvis fans can't be wrong. GO TO SLEEP."

Beast Boy backed off. "Jeeez, craaaan-keeey."

"I'm two seconds away from going four red eyes on your ass," Raven mumbled from her pillow.

"Is this because you want an engagement ring too? Are you jealous of Star or somethin'?"

Raven's back stiffened. "Absolutely not."

Beast Boy's shoulders drooped. "Sooo... you don't want to marry me then?"

"This isn't about whether or not I want to marry you. We're not really... ready for that conversation."

"We're not?"


"Maybe... it's more you're not?"

Raven was silent for a moment before responding, "Yes. I'm not. So drop it."

She could feel his hurt wafting over. She sighed. "I'm sorry, it's just... you sort of sprung that on me and I wasn't ready for it. Don't feel bad, you know how I am."

"Why are you so afraid of it Rae? I mean..."

"I know why I'm afraid of it but I really don't feel like giving you the whole psychological run down tonight. What I really want is to get some sleep before you wake me up at the crack of dawn."

Beast Boy sighed too. "Fine. But I won't drop this Rae, we have to talk about it some day."

"Yes, we will talk about it. Some day. Not tonight."

Beast Boy settled down and wrapped his arms around her, spooning her from behind. "Yeah, some day."

Well that didn't go as he had planned at all.


Beast Boy woke up to giggling. It sounded distinctly like Starfire giggling. Rubbing a hand over his eyes and looking around bewildered for a moment, he remembered what morning it was. Raven was still asleep beside him. He pecked her on the shoulder and slipped out of bed, bounding across the room to find a grinning Starfire waiting for him in the hall.

"Hello friend! Is it not a most glorious morning?" Starfire whispered joyously.

"Christmas is the best Star," Beast Boy answered, a lopsided grin on his face.

"Come, you must see all the presents under the tree! The others have been sneaky and must have placed yours underneath last night," she clapped.

"Let's go look." Beast Boy hopped up and down.

"Yes yes," Starfire squealed, grabbing his hand and dragging him to the common room. Beast Boy plugged in the Christmas tree lights and both of them hugged and stared in awe at the tree and the pile of presents underneath. Starfire's ring glinted on her finger as the sun was just beginning to peek above the horizon.

"This is always my favorite day of the year," Beast Boy said.

"Yes, mine too," Starfire agreed, heading to the kitchen to start the coffee and get out the cranberry bread she and Cyborg had baked on Christmas Eve. She started slicing it as the aroma of coffee filtered through the air. She arranged her cookies and bread on a plate and set it on the coffee table.

Robin was the first to come shuffling in, the smell of the coffee luring him. He was still in his pajamas, messy hair and no mask. He accepted a mug of coffee from Starfire with a grin and took a cookie from the plate.

Cyborg stumbled in a few moments later, also getting some coffee and picking up the entire plate of cookies and bread before Starfire gave him a very disapproving look. He sheepishly put it back on the table and picked up one slice of bread.

"Just waitin' on Rae then?" Cyborg said.

"I'll get her," Beast Boy said eagerly.

"This'll be good," Cyborg smirked, rubbing his hands together. "Taking bets, odds on Beast Boy will come back with something maimed."

"I'll take that bet," Robin laughed.

After about five minutes the doors to the common room opened and a green cat came skittering through, tail puffed out and ears flattened to his head. He darted under the couch, then scampered into Cyborg's lap.

Raven appeared seconds later, stalking through the doors. She was still wearing gray fleece pajama pants and a long sleeved black sleep shirt. She looked mighty annoyed.

"What'd you do?" Cyborg whispered.

Kitty Beast Boy curled up and hid his face under his leg. Raven plucked him up by the scruff of his neck and glared at him. He trembled in her grip, then gave her a tentative kitty smile. She scoffed and dropped him back onto Cyborg's lap.

"Someone can get me some tea," she snapped. "And then maybe I'll think about giving him his Christmas present instead of returning it."

Beast Boy hurried to the kitchen and turned back into his human self, hastily slopping water all over the kitchen counter as he filled her tea kettle.

"Kid will never learn," Cyborg laughed. He stopped laughing when Raven glared at him and sat on the couch.

Once Raven was pacified with her tea Starfire curled up next to Robin on the couch and suggested they start opening the presents. Beast Boy was under the tree and poking through them all.

"Hey you guys, every single present is addressed to me," he said with a big grin. "How awesome is that!"

"Right Grass Stain," Cyborg rolled his eyes. "You're the reason we had to stop doing the Secret Santa thing."

No one should've trusted Beast Boy to write down their names and put them in the hat the second year the Titans were together. Instead of writing each Titan's name down, he wrote his own on all the strips of paper. It was spoiled when Raven asked Cyborg what Beast Boy would want for Christmas, and Cyborg became rather confused because he had Beast Boy's name. Turned out so did Robin and Starfire. He almost got away with it.

"That would've been so sweet," Beast Boy cackled. "If only Raven had kept her big mouth shut."

"You're impossible," she sighed. "Hand out the presents, let's get this over with."

He doled out the gifts and the Titans laughed and had a good time together. Cyborg received some of his favorite car wax, and a new tool set. Raven got more books, new incense and a burner, hoodies, and a black purse. Robin received a weight set, a fancy ball point pen for his paper work, gift card to the sporting goods store, and a sexy coupon book from Starfire. He flipped through it and his eyebrows raised.

"Uh... wow." He grinned at her. "I think I might have to cash in some of these tonight."

She batted her eyes at him with a seductive smile and Beast Boy and Cyborg groaned.

"Good lord get a room!"

"Oh we will, don't worry," Robin assured with a snarky smirk.

Starfire opened up some new stuffed animals, a sparkly top for going out, and a makeup palette.

Beast Boy received his usual fare of videogames, comic books and action figures, but Cyborg's present made them all laugh.

He stared at his gift as he lifted it out of the box and held it up.

It was a pair of novelty boxers that looked like elf pants and had the phrase "Ring my Jingle bells" on the front. Cyborg was hooting and laughing so hard he had tears in his eye.

"Gee, thanks Cy," Beast Boy said, glaring at him.

"You're welcome Rae," Cyborg said between cackles.

"I fully intend to make him wear those," Raven said, paging through her new book. "It will give me much amusement."

Robin said, "Maybe you should get a room."

"Ha ha," Beast Boy pouted, putting the boxers back into the box and crossing his arms.

Starfire was studying the phrase, trying to figure out the innuendo.

"But, what is the joke? I do not..." Recognition flooded into her face. "Ooooh, I see," she giggled. "Bells referring to Beast Boy's-"

"Aahhh yeah we all get it Star," Robin said, clapping his hand over her mouth. Cyborg was now into the snorting and slapping his knee stage.

They finished with the presents and cleaned up all the wrapping paper. Then it was a relaxing day watching more Christmas movies, calling Bruce and Alfred, and having Christmas dinner.


"Staaarr," Robin whined. "Fiancee. I wanna use my Christmas present."

"One moment please," she called from his bathroom, but he could hear the pleased tone in her voice. They had been calling each other that all day and it felt really good.

Robin was leaning back against his headboard, sitting on his bed in just his boxers.

"I think I'm gonna cash in this one," he teased, flipping through the little book and stopping on a particular savory activity.

"And which is that?" she said, her voice carrying odd, like she was jumping or losing her balance.

"You okay in there?"

"Almost ready."

"Well hurry it up."

"Okay," she said, appearing in the doorway.

A big grin leaped to Robin's face. "It's been a long time since you've worn that."

"I thought it would be nice for one last little Christmas present."

"It's great," Robin said, sitting up. "And it's gonna last just about as long as it did last time."

"Oh I do hope you'll appreciate it a little more this time, it gets so rumpled on the floor," she scolded him, sauntering toward the bed.

"I appreciate it plenty... rumpled on the floor," he retorted, crawling to the end of the bed to meet her, hands outstretched. She stood just out of reach, teasing him.

"Star, come on," he coaxed. She acquiesced and moved closer, his hands sliding around her hips. He placed his lips on her stomach in the split of her lingerie, the feather fluff tickling his chest.

"You look cute in this," he mumbled, tracing his nose around her navel. "You sure shocked me the day you came into my room wearing it."

She giggled, her stomach wiggling under his touch. "If I had known the effect it had on you, I would have come into your room wearing something like this much sooner."

"You're so beautiful..." he said, open mouthed kisses on her hip making her ticklish. "I don't know if I would have been able to handle it," he admitted, his hands reaching up her back and massaging down.


"I think everything happened at the right time. We're old enough to be in a serious relationship and I got over my stupid commitment phobes. I was a little too much duty over love when I was a teenager. Had too much to prove."

"But now you are free to make the sweet love to me?" she grinned.

"Absolutely," he beamed back.

"Which of the coupons would you like to use?" she asked, stroking her fingers through his hair.

He leaned over and grabbed the booklet. "This one."

She raised her eyebrow. "Oh? I did not consider that one. I am too strong; it seems rather pointless to attempt to restrain me?"

"Not if I use this," he said, pulling something out from under his pillow.

Starfire's eyes widened. "Oh, but..."

"I did a little research and discovered the silk of the Dronian slorg worm has an extremely high tensile strength, one that even a Tamaranian can't break. And you just so happened to have some silk scarves sent from your home world when you did that dance for me. So guess what?"

She looked at him gamely. "That is what you wish?"

He slipped his hands under her lingerie top and slid it over her head in one slick move, tossing it aside. She was left a little breathless, his blue eyes intense, and an excited thrill trickled across her stomach.

"Put your wrists together, soon to be wife."

That made her tingle all over. She offered her arms and he tied the scarf around her wrists, loose enough so they weren't uncomfortable but tight enough that she couldn't squeeze her hands out. He gripped her hips and she floated as he guided her onto her back on the bed. He took her bound wrists and placed them over her head, making the view of her chest rather pleasing.

He was all seriousness as he slipped the satin pink panties down her legs and flung them aside too. His lips traversed her long legs, tantalizingly close up toward the apex of her thighs and back down, teasing with his fingertips. She found the restraint of her hands was a strange combination of exhilarating and frustrating, as she could not stop the slight tickling sensation of his lips or touch him back. He crawled up over her, stopping his seductive assault on her legs, and kissed her lips as he pulled another scarf from out under his pillow.

"Another?" she half whispered.

"There was a little more to that coupon, remember?" he said lightly.

It dawned in her eyes. "Oh, right."

He lifted her head and tied it around her eyes, kissed her cheek.

"Merry Christmas to me," he mumbled as he trailed kisses down her body.


"Come on Rae, I'm wearing the ridiculous boxers," Beast Boy said, waiting on her bed. His arms were crossed and he was trying not to pout. "What are you doing in there? Are we gonna do this or not?"

"Just a moment," Raven said from her bathroom.

He jiggled one foot impatiently as he waited. Things had been sort of weird between Raven and him the entire day. After she flat out refused to consider marriage, especially to him, he was unsettled. Was it really that difficult to see herself with him? She loved him right, so what was the big deal? It's not like he had a ring already and was seconds away from proposing or anything, but he thought they could at least talk about it. But she got all spooked and shut him down and now he was bitter and hurt. He wasn't even sure he felt like having sex tonight, which was a huge indicator of how much this had affected him.

"Ready?" Raven said.

"Yeah," he said, with not much enthusiasm.

Raven timidly appeared in her bathroom doorway. Beast Boy uncrossed his arms and sat up straighter.

"Oh, wow... I didn't think I would ever see you in that again," he said, awed. Okay, who cared about marriage and all that future stuff, Raven was wearing lingerie right now. On her own. Completely not forced.

"I thought you might like it," she said hesitantly. "I just wanted... to show you that..."

"I get it," he said gently. "And apology accepted."

She smiled and joined him on the bed, gliding into his arms. He kissed along her neck and fingered the silky red ribbon holding her corset together.

"You look amazing in this, you always did."

"I didn't remember what happened that day, but after we went into my mindscape, Lust showed me her memories. I really did just straight up grab you, didn't I?"

Color rose to Beast Boy's cheeks. "Yeeeahh... that was a huge addition to the yank bank..."

Raven arched her eyebrow. "The yank bank?"

"You know, stuff you think about when... well, um... when Rob and Star were doin' it all the time makin' me all twitchy and I didn't want to take it out on you-"

"Save it," Raven said, holding up her hand. "I get it."

"Looooove yoooou," Beast Boy sang.

"I knooow," Raven drawled, rolling her eyes.

"It was always you Rae, I always thought about you."

"You know I could've found out if you didn't," she said mildly. "I still get your dreams every once in awhile."

Beast Boy looked a little guilty. "Then ah... that one about Scarlett Johansson?"

"With you and me in a threesome? Yeah. Literally only in your dreams."

"I can't control my dreams, they're involuntary!– You're incredibly hot in this," Beast Boy said, blatantly changing the subject and turning his attention back to the lingerie. "This is the best Christmas present ever."

"I'm glad you like it. I wanted to show you I cared. And... I'm willing... to consider. Things."

"What things?"

"Things. Things like... marriage. One day."

"Yeah?" Beast Boy said, his eyes shining.

Raven nodded, just a little apprehensive. "Yes. So... maybe, we can talk about it later."

"Okay," Beast Boy nodded. "That's all I wanted, just some acknowledgment, that maybe you might feel the same way as me."

"I do, I'm just... you have to give me time."

"I'll give you all the time you need."

She smirked at him. "Ready for me to ring your jingle bells?"

Beast Boy scowled. "Yeah yeah, take your shots."

"Actually, know what we haven't done in awhile?"

His eyes lit up. "Soul melding?"

She nodded.

"Oh, sweet," he said, laying her back against the bed and working at the ribbon of her corset.


"Hey Sparky."

"Hey baby girl, Merry Christmas," Cyborg beamed through the webcam.

"How was your day big man?"

"Good, I got some nice presents, but I still haven't gotten one from you," he grinned.

"Oh I got your present right here baby," Bumblebee said, trailing her finger down the opening in her robe. "But first, I just wanted to tell you how much I miss you."

"Miss you too Bee. You know I'll see you tomorrow. Sorry I couldn't be with you on Christmas day."

"S'all right, we both had our teams to spend it with."

"I'm gonna be there as soon as I can tomorrow morning, I promise."

"Looking forward to it Tin Man." She had a seductive smile on her face. "Want to see a preview?"

He leaned forward eagerly. "Absolutely."

She stood up and slipped the robe off her shoulders.

"Damn baby girl, you look good," Cyborg whistled. "That red is hot on you."

"Knew you'd like it," Bumblebee said, wearing the red thong and bra set. She flounced around.

"Oh yeah, work it girl, that's right," Cyborg said happily. "That's my woman!"

And to all a good night.

The beginning with Starfire gifting Robin with the mistletoe is based on the Teen Titans Go! Comic. It was too cute not to work in.

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