Girl Fight

Summary: Naruna Uzamaki is in the 8th grade. The girls are so jealous not only because she goes out with Kiba, the hottest guy in school but because she can kick ass. What they don't know its that there's about to be a WHAT??? GIRL FIGHT!!!!!

Warnings: violence, language, OOC-ness

Pairings: Kiba/Naruna, Shina/Hinata, Sasuke/Sakura, Sasuke/Naruna

Fight Pairings: Naruna v Sakura, Naruna v Ino, Naruna v Sasuke, Sakura v Ino

Rated: MA for violence and language

HI!!!!!!!!!!! This is a warning if you don't like to see Ino and Sakura get their asses kicked then DON' READ and also if you love Sasuke…… that back button on you browser.

Chapter 1: Oh, No She Didn't!!!!!

Naruna Uzamaki, 14 years old. Smartest girl in school, but certainly not the most quietest. She has the most hottest guy in the whole middle school, Kiba Inuzuka!!!!! Earlier before school Naruna had agreed to walk with her boyfriend o go to school with her.

As they were in their waiting area they noticed a group of students fighting……none other than Sakura and Ino.

"So they're at it again huh?" Naruna said brushing her hair back

"Yep…….why don't one of them just…transfer or something?" Kiba said

OOOH and fighting they was!!!!!

Sakura punched Ino in the stomach making her fall forward face forward into the ground.

Ino was getting beat DOWN!


Now Naruna heard a crack when Sakura kicked he poor girl in the leg….. With Naruna being her blonde ass had to get in it now.

"Touch Sasuke again and ill brake more than that you whore!!!!!!!!!!!" Sakura said putting her hair in a pony tail.

"What the HELL is going on in here!?!?!??" Naruna said pushing the over crowding people out of her way.

"Nothing to do with you, you dumb BITCH!!!!" Sakura said

Well that does ha—wait WHAT!?!?!??!

What the hell did she just call her?????

Oh no. Oh HELL no! It's on bitch, it's on.

Sakura was so fucking lucky just then because the bell for 1st period rung.

"Meet me….in the park……after school!!!" Naruna was pissed

All Kiba could do is watch……All he could do is watch his hot shmexy blonde girlfriend plan out a place for the fight.

That was that……All they had to do now is wait till after school, at the park, for the fight. Waiting was a bitch!!!!!

The word got out all over school. Even the teachers wanted to see Sakura get her ass kicked by Naruna!

After School!!!!!

OH JOY!!!!!!!!!!!

Naruna was so happy that she was gone kick somebody's ass. She hadn't done it in a long time with that one girl that kissed Kiba…..she was in the hospital for at least two weeks.

Naruna of course had to change so she was now wearing a very big black shirt that said 'Only GOD Can Judge Me'. With black short shorts and tennis shoes and he hair in a long braid.

Sakura on the other hand was wearing the very whore-ish attire. It was a tight pink shirt just below her breasts and skin-tight pants. Now how was that going to help people fight in THAT attire. It was just so…….sluty.

Out of the blue someone yelled 'EMO FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!'

The audience ignored it as they all took out their cell phones and video cameras. They were planning to take pictures and you know……even the ALL MIGHTY PRINCAPAL Tsunade was there.

Now you know the fight has officially begun!!!!!! OH JOY!!!!!

Sakura made the first move by…….grabbing Naruna's hair????? Making her braid no more.

Naruna punched Sakura in the lip and pushed her against the tree and punched her in the stomach and slapped her in the face then kicked her in the chest.

Sakura can not fight…….either that, or she's not good.

Naruna on the other hand can kick ass.

"Now…….me…..another….BITCH" Naruna said between punches of her fist connecting with Sakura's face…..again.

The audience awed in amazement…….All that bastard Sasuke could do is smirk…And Kiba was shocked that Naruna was actually THAT violent….he had a video camera too!

A lot of people were taking pictures of it..

Naruna jumped on top of Sakura and fucking punched at her head making Sakura cry kick and scream BLOODY MURDER!!!!!!!!

Sakura passed out…….very easy to believe…

Naruna got up, walked over to Kiba, and kissed him on the cheek. (the face)

"Kiiiiiiiiiiiibaaaaaaa-kuuuuuunnnn I want some ramen!!" Guess who!

Kiba sweat dropped at that and did a victory dance in his mind celebrating that his girlfriend just kicked a preps ass……

ALAS!!!!!!!!!! The whole crowd put the pictures and videos on and once again Naruna's gets more friend requests……

I shall keep it here because I am so sleepy!!!!!!! And this is not the end!!!!!! In the next chappie there is a school dance coming up and Naruna gets in another fight but I cant tell you with who!!!!! The next chapter will arrive shortly!!!!!!!! Bye-Bye my pretties ps I is sorry its soo short! anyways read and review pleeeeeze