Summary: Going to an all-girls school isn't easy. Especially when you're given the title 'Prince' by your classmates. Hinata finds herself dealing with girls vying for her affection and a certain roommate who isn't at all what she thought she was. SasuxHina, HakuxHina one-sided SasuxSaku.(pairings may change except for the main one).

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Warning: Grammar mistakes, incorrect use of language, and shoujo-ai, but the main pairing is PERFECTLY (straight!)

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Chapter 1: The Beautiful Transfer Student

"Onee-sama, please accept this gift!"

"Onee-sama, please accept mine as well!"

"Me too!"

"No, take my gift Onee-sama!"

This is bad.

"Onee-sama, this is for you!"

"I special ordered these flowers just for you Onee-sama!"

Real bad!

"A-Ano...for what?" I asked. I held up my hands in an attempt to ward off the gifts being shoved in my face. This was something that happened weekly-daily at the most. I should've been used to it by now, but I still wasn't.

"OUR LOVE FOR YOU OF COURSE!!!" they all squealed.

It was hard, but I forced a smile and politely declined their offer.

"I'm sorry, but...I really haven't done anything to deserve these gifts, so...I can't just accept them like that." I bowed as low as I could. To be honest, I didn't care much for something given to me by people I hardly knew.

"No Onee-sama, don't do that!"

"Please raise your head!"

"We won't force the gifts on you anymore!"

Straightening my posture, I made sure to look every girl in the eye. "Thank you. I appreciate the thought, but it's really troublesome to receive them everyday. Would it be possible for all of you to stop this?"

They all stared at me for a long time before nodding reluctantly, their cheeks flushed.


A wave of relief washed over me. "Thank you very much, I'm glad you understand." I smiled at them, their faces becoming much redder than before.

Are they sick?


I covered my ears, the inside of my head practically rattling itself. In a few seconds, they had dashed down the hallway out of sight, leaving a trail of dust behind.

"What...was that?"

Just then, I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned around to see Sakura. She grinned at me teasingly.

"I see you're just as popular as ever, Ouji-sama."

"D-Don't call me that!"

She eyed me questioningly. "Hmm? Why not? It suits you perfectly. You're a bit over the average girl height, you have a short hair-cut, and you also have that gentle and polite manner towards everyone." Tucking a strand of light-pink hair behind her ear, she added "Not to mention that beautiful face," with a wink.

I covered my so-called face, my embarrassment level at its peak. "S-Sakura...please..."

"Aww, you're embarrassed?" Her jade-green eyes sparkled with amusement. "You're so cute," she said, pinching my cheek.

I gently pushed her hand away, rubbing the side of my cheek. "I am not."

Besides...I'm nothing compared to you.

Haruno Sakura, a close friend of mine and in the same year and class. Her soft pink hair reached her back, sometimes tied back into a loose ponytail. She had beautiful green eyes and a face as well. She was shorter than me by a bit, but nonetheless looked elegant and ladylike, unlike myself.

I sighed, wishing that someday my hair would grow out to be long.

I felt a slight peck on my cheek. I turned my head to see Sakura who had just given me a kiss. She gave a lovely smile.

"Shall we go home?"

I nodded and returned the smile.

The next morning, I woke up exhausted.

"Even in my dreams they chase me."

I sat up and stretched my arms, yawning. Warm sunlight poured into the room, brightening everything. The crystal figurine sitting on the top of my dresser reflected a rainbow on the wall, the colors vibrant.

As usual, I followed my daily routine. Wash face, brush teeth, brush hair, and get dressed and run to school on time before the gates closed.

I looked over myself, examining the uniform I wore. It had the traditional white sailor collar with a thin, sky-blue line running down it and a red ribbon tied underneath. The skirt, blue as well, remained just above the knees, the pleats neatly folded.

This doesn't suit me at all. Sakura on the other hand...

I shook my head to clear the thought. Now wasn't the time to be envious of someone else.

I'm a bit glad that I don't have a roommate yet.

Glancing down at my wristwatch, I practically tripped over my own feet. "It's already this late?"

Tripping down the stairs on my way, I ran out the door, slamming it shut.

"Onee-sama, good morning!"

"Onee-sama, you look wonderful as usual."

"Good morning Onee-sama!"

"Good morning," I greeted with a smile, waving to the several girls who had called out to me.

They all went into over-drive mode again, screaming excitedly. Not to be rude, but they were kind of weird.

After having been greeted by almost every person on campus, I dragged myself over to my desk and sat down, resting my head on the smooth surface top. It felt nice and cool.

"So tired..."

In gym today, we played basketball with the class separated into two teams. Not to brag, but dribbling the ball past the other team and shooting it in was rather easy. I wouldn't call it exactly fair however since I had the advantage of being taller and my limbs longer.

I really am a freak. Not to mention I almost got trampled over by everyone after making that first shot.

This thought remained in my head until the bell for the last class of the day had rung. My classmates all filed in, taking their seats, followed by the teacher.

She was a strict woman with almost graying hair in a bun and a very crude attitude towards others. This lead to her being disliked by many. In my opinion however, she didn't seem as bad as they made her out to be. In fact, she was rather nice.

Standing behind her desk, she flipped open a notebook and scanned the contents before raising her head.

"I would like everyone to pass their homework up to the front please," she announced in a rather impatient voice. "I will be collecting them for your final grade this semester."

Ah, that must be the one on research of American historical figures. Where did I put it again?

Digging through my school bag, all that came out were textbooks and a few old papers.

I could've sworn I had it!

I frantically flipped through every textbook to see if had placed the papers in any of them, which by the way was a bad habit of mine. I found nothing.

Oh no, what am I going to do? Nii-san's going to kill me if I don't get a passing mark in this class! And it's my worst one too!

"Has everyone passed there papers forward?" came sensei's voice.

I looked around to see the other girls who looked as though they hadn't done the assignment. It was a relief to see that I wasn't the only one who didn't have it. Right now wasn't the time to be happy about this fact however. Sensei was as far as everyone knew, mad.

"To think that my students had not even bothered to complete this simple assignment," she muttered, massaging her forehead, as if to calm herself down. Facing the whole class, she said "You are all Sakuragi Academy students. It is your job to represent this school as well-mannered and educated young ladies. Being unprepared for class however will most likely bring shame upon the academy and this is something I will not let be taken lightly." Her eyes roamed the classroom like a beast waiting to attack its prey. "To think that all of you are looked up to by your kouhai...utterly impossible! If it's like this, I may have to fail every one of you."

There were protests and whining throughout the room. I didn't listen since all I heard was the word "fail."

The minute I stood up, everyone immediately quieted down, staring at me. That went for sensei as well.

"Fuuyuki-sensei, if possible could you extend the assignment date? I'm afraid I've misplaced it and if so, I would like to re-write it. This may seem selfish, but I would rather not fail your class."

"H-H-Hyu-Hyuga-s-san?!?!?!" Sensei brought her hands to her face, her eyes wide, cheeks flushed red. "Y-Y-You need m-more ti-time?"

I nodded.

"Yes. I'm also very sorry since sensei may have other things to do as well."

"N-N-N-Not at all!" Clearing her throat, she said "Very well then. I will...extend the date by two days, but I expect it to be done by then."

There was cheering throughout the room.

Directing my gaze towards sensei, I couldn't help but smile, relieved at the thought of not having to fail. "Thank you, Sensei."

At this, Sensei became horribly red-faced and ran out of the room stammering "S-Self S-S-Studying!"

The class cheers immediately turned into squeals.

"Hinata Onee-sama, you're so wonderful!"

"True! To think that you were able to get sensei to extend the homework date, I want you to become my onee-sama even more!"

"Onee-sama doesn't just belong to you, she's everyone's!"

Fighting ensued. Catfights that is. I quietly slipped out of the room to escape any sort of damage that would be done in there.

Once out in the hall and away from the door, I breathed a sigh of relief. "Maybe I should've gone to a public school instead." Leaning against the wall for support, I slid down onto my knees, tired from today's activities.

It seems that all I do at school is run around. "So tired..."

I immediately regained my senses when the sounds of footsteps were heard. And they were coming-towards me.

"Excuse me, could you help us? We've seemed to have lost our way around here," came a gentle voice.

I looked up and nearly had my eyes bulge out. I had always regarded Sakura as the most beautiful and feminine girl in the whole school, but she may have not been the only one after all.

Standing before me were two very pretty girls in western-style dresses with lace. One had waist-length brown hair and eyes. Her smiling at me only made her look more like an angel. The other girl had black hair and eyes. She looked upset, but nonetheless remained pretty. They both had the kind of smooth and fair skin a ton of girls would kill for, plus the slim body figures.

"Ano...are you alright?"

I stood up, embarrassed. Gaping was rather un-lady like. "I-I'm sorry. Was there s-something you needed?" After standing up, it just then occurred to me that the three of us were exactly the same height.

Wow. I didn't think there'd be any other girls than me this tall.

"Ah, yes. Could you please help us find the main office? We're here to give in our student applications," said the brown-haired girl.

"Are the two of you new here?"

"That should be obvious by now," said the other girl, her voice filled with impatience.

"O-Oh! I-I'm sorry...I didn't mean..." She's right. It was stupid of me to ask.

A grunt came from the dark-haired girl. She held the front of her stomach as if in pain.

I was about to ask her if she was okay, but the brown-haired girl spoke first. "Please don't mind her; Setsuna-chan is just a little grumpy ever since she found out about the transfer."


"Ah, we forgot to introduce ourselves. Well, since you already know, this is Uchiha Setsuna. My name is Shirou Haku."

"I-I'm Hyuga Hinata."

"Hinata? That's such a cute name! Would you mind if I called you Hinata-chan?" asked Shirou-san.

I shook my head. "It's fine."

"Oh, you can call me Haku by the way."


"No, just Haku."

"Okay then, Haku...san."

"Yay! We finally made our first friend here!"

"You did," muttered Uchiha-san.

In an instant, she crouched over, holding her stomach once again.

"U-Uchiha-san, are you alright?"

"Don't worry about her Hinata-chan, she's just on her period right now," Haku-san said smiling.


"Now how about taking us to the office?"

It was almost eight by the time I returned to the dorm. Once inside my room, I threw myself onto my bed, sinking into its softness.

After meeting them, Haku-san insisted on me showing the both of them around campus, which took nearly three hours considering how large the campus was.

"Now I'm really tired."

But...she was really nice. It'd be nice to have someone as bright as her as my roommate.

Uchiha-san on the other was a bit...different. During the tour, I tried bringing up interesting topics and asking questions about her, but in return received a cold shoulder or glare.

Kind of scary.

Just as I was about to drift off into sleep, I could hear the doorknob being turned and the door pushed open. Fully awakened, I sat up to see the last person on my mind.

Uchiha-san carefully stepped in, but immediately froze on the spot the minute she saw me.

"Is 314?" she asked rather grimly.

I nodded.

She hung her head low as if it was the worst thing that could happen to her.

"U-Um are you..."

"I'll be your roommate from now on." She bowed. "Please take care of me."