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Chapter 28: End of the Day

The theater was more packed than I had expected it to be.

"Geez, where the hell are we going to sit at?" muttered Uchiha-san. Haku-san delivered a swift punch to his stomach while managing to let the action go unknown.

I've noted that whenever Uchiha-san is rude or swears in public, Haku-san will immediately subdue him with his 'silent fist.' My roommate groaned at the sudden impact to his chest, his pretty face twisted into an expression of intense pain.


"Oh my! Setsuna-chan, what bad manners you have!" he spoke through gritted teeth. Turning to Inuzuka-san and Naruto, Haku-san flashed them his trademark angelic smile. "Please forgive her; she's on her period right now, so she's a little grumpy." He emphasized this by pinching his forefinger and thumb together.

Blushing, both boys lowered their eyes in embarrassment. The same could be said for the others boy sitting close by our group who had heard Haku-san.

Sakura, sensible as usual, pulled Haku-san to the side and whispered "Have you no shame?" with a face just as red as the boys. Judging from the look on her face, she must've been just as embarrassed for Uchiha-san as I was at the moment.

He shrugged and whispered in a defensive tone, "What do you want me to tell them?"

"Something else at least!" Sakura whispered in turn with a bright-red face.

I placed a hand on both Haku-san and Sakura's shoulders, hoping to somewhat settle them down. Was it just my imagination, or did they seem on edge? However, before I could think about it any further, my eyes immediately landed on a center row of empty seats. There was enough for each of us, so sitting together wouldn't be a problem. "Um, th-there's an empty row over there," I pointed out. "Why don't we go and sit down now?"

There was a mumbling of agreement as the rest of my group followed me. What I didn't know though, was how chaotic seating arrangements could really be.

"Hey, how come you get to sit next to Hinata-chan?" Haku-san pouted while glaring at Uchiha-san, who chose to ignore him.

"Because I'd prefer it if you sat by me instead," grinned Inuzuka-san, who boldly draped an arm over Haku-san's delicate-looking shoulders. The latter, I'm sure, hurt him in a rather stealthily matter while bearing the smile of an angel on his lovely face.

"No one asked you," he spoke through clenched teeth.

Meanwhile, Inuzuka-san was doubled over in pain, his arms wrapped tightly around his stomach. I could only imagine what he'd done to him.

And so, the seating arrangement went like this: Inuzuka-san, Haku-san, Sakura, Uchiha-san, myself, and then Naruto.

It felt rather crowded, considering I'd never gone out with friends like this before, but I didn't mind. It was different, yet…nice at the same time.

"So what are we watching again?" Uchiha-san asked.

Before I could speak up, Naruto answered for me. "A romance of course, since Hinata can't handle horror."

"N-Naruto!" My face heated up at the mention of this. Though Uchiha-san already knew about it, it was still embarrassing to speak about out loud.

"Wait, you're kidding, right?" my roommate asked, as though he didn't believe it.

"Why not? There are only two guys after all," Naruto shrugged. "And considering the amount of girls in our group, we thought something romantic would be the better choice." He suddenly flashed a grin in Uchiha-san's direction. "You like romance, don't you, Setsuna-chan?"

Uchiha-san glared at him before settling back in his seat with his arms crossed over the front of his chest. "Bastard," he muttered. Naruto seemed to be satisfied with this before directing his full attention to me.

"You don't mind a romantic movie, do you Hinata?"

I shook my head. It was a lot better than horror was all I had to say.

The blond suddenly stood up and took my hand into his own. "I'm thirsty, Hinata. Wanna get something to drink?"


Inuzuka-san suddenly called out to him in a rather loud voice. "Oi, Naruto, if you're getting a drink, get me something too!"

"Me too!" called Haku-san.

Sakura raised her hand as though it were her only means of communicating.

When Uchiha-san said nothing, I decided to take the initiative and ask him. "Uchiha-san, d-do you want anything?"

He looked up at Naruto, and then me before frowning. "Bottle of green tea," he muttered.

Luckily for us, we arrived just in time for the movie to start. Taking our seats, we handed out everyone's refreshments down the row. Inuzuka-san had asked for two hotdogs with hot chili and cheese on them along with a coke. I found his choice to be rather westerner-like. Haku-san had a bottle of fruit juice while Sakura sipped on her choice of an orange-flavored soda. And while Uchiha-san held his bottle of green tea, Naruto and I gulped down our bottles of water. I loved tea as much as the next Japanese person, but water was my absolute favorite, what with its simplicity and all.

"Let's hope this movie's as good as it looks," Naruto whispered.

I smiled. "You did choose it, so it should be fine."

We sat in silence as the beginning credits began to end.

The movie was rather cliché, but nonetheless, historically stunning. It took place during the Taishō era, where the young daughter of an aristocratic family met and fell in love with the son of the town's tea ceremony master. Her feelings for him, however, were never recognized by her parents since she was already engaged to someone by their decision.

The costumes and setting were absolutely beautiful. I would've given anything to wear such a vibrant and lovely-looking Taishō kimono.

The climax of the movie was when the male protagonist confessed his love to her and proposed. By the wedding scene, which was also near the end, the young girl ran away with her true love, who had stolen her from the ditched groom. The two apparently disappeared and were never heard from again. Rumors by the end of the movie, though, indicated that the couple frequently traveled around, happily married.

While the ending credits rolled, a lot of people stood up to clap, some whistling, along with many bawling tears of happiness. I looked over at Naruto who in turn grinned.

"That was pretty good, wouldn't you agree?"

I nodded.

Inuzuka-san wiped at his eyes and sniffled. "It…was a lot better than I thought it would be."

"I've seen better," Haku-san replied.

Sakura merely shrugged her shoulders. "I liked her best friend better. She should've ended up with her."

Uchiha-san yawned while standing up to stretch his arms and legs. "We're done here, right? I'm hungry, let's go and get something to eat."

Our next destination was a family restaurant that Naruto had suggested we go to as well. It was rather homey with a friendly and warm atmosphere. Waiters and waitresses ran around in their uniforms, cheerfully taking everyone's orders. The restaurant wasn't as packed as the theater had been, so finding seats weren't as troublesome this time. In the end, we chose a table by one of the larger windows. The leather upholstery was quite comfortable to sit on, compared to the seats at the theater.

A waiter approached our table a few moments after we'd settled down, cutting our individual conversations short.

"Are you ready to order?" he asked, his question directed mostly towards the 'girls' of our group. I was excluded from this of course. Uchiha-san, Haku-san, and Sakura seemed to pick up on this immediately and glared at the man.

The trio threw their orders at the waiter without a second thought. From his quick and confused scribbling, I doubted that he had even gotten half of what they'd said down on his notepad. He quickly ran away without taking the rest of our orders and into the double doors of the aromatic kitchen.

"Wha-? That asshole didn't even take our orders!" Inuzuka-san exclaimed.

Naruto was somewhat calmer about this as he raised his hand and boldly gestured for another waiter to come by. The person who approached our table this time wasn't a waiter, but a waitress. Her uniform was cute, with its buttons, cuffs, and mini-skirt.

"I'm so sorry about that," she apologized while bowing. "Have you been waiting long?"

"Yeah, no thanks to that no good waiter over there," Inuzuka-san grumbled. Naruto elbowed him.

"It's okay; we just want to order our food," he answered in response to her question.

"Of course," the waitress smiled.

I couldn't help but stare in awe at Naruto. He seemed more mature compared to how he used to be.

After taking our orders, she happily pranced away, disappearing through the double doors of the kitchen as well.

Naruto noticed my staring and grinned. "Falling for me again, Hinata?"

The blood rushed to my face instantly. "N-N-Naruto!"

Without warning, Uchiha-san suddenly stood up. He stared at the table for a while before turning around and muttering, "I'm going to the bathroom." Once he left, Naruto gave me a puzzled look, as if to ask what had just happened.

I didn't exactly have an answer to give him though since I wanted to know myself.

When the day was over, the boys had taken it upon themselves to kindly escort us back to the school grounds. Sakura left with Haku-san for the dorms first since Inuzuka-san's advances were becoming bolder by the second. And once Inuzuka-san saw that Haku-san was gone for good, he merely shrugged and waved me a goodbye before leaving as well.

With Uchiha-san standing by the school gates, I decided that quickly parting with my childhood friend was more or less a good idea, since my roommate was glaring at us with impatience.

I took a step back, hoping to end this quickly. "Today was fun."

He seemed to notice this and took a step forward. "Yeah."

I took another step backwards. "We should go out again."

He again took another step forward. "Just the two of us."

"Yes, just the two of…h-huh?"

Naruto stepped even closer this time, shortening the distance between us. He slowly reached up, as if to cup my face in his large hands. His cerulean-eyes were somewhat sad, as if something painful had just occurred to him. I was numbed by the look on his face. The face I had loved during my junior high days. My love for him was still there, just not as strong. It, however, did not change the fact that his pain instantly became my own.

"Hinata, I…"

It was through Naruto that I'd learn to show my affection physically, while holding myself back at the same time. With him, it came so naturally-my urge to reach out and hold him, comfort him. He made me want to do these things.


Before I could do this, however, a sudden flash of black suddenly appeared between us. I looked up, my eyes widening to find Uchiha-san glaring at Naruto. The blond in turn merely blinked. He was just as equally surprised.

"We need to get back to the dorms, now," said my irritated roommate. I looked from Uchiha-san to Naruto, and then back to Uchiha-san. What was wrong with him? Was it my imagination, or had he been acting strange the entire day?

"U-Uchiha-san-!" I didn't like this. He was being rude to Naruto!

Naruto unexpectedly spoke up then and shook his head. "No, no, he's right, Hinata. It is getting late." A forced smile appeared on his handsome face. "You guys probably should head inside right now."

My heart tore at the expression on his face. He clearly wanted to tell me something-what it was though; I had no idea, because Uchiha-san made sure of this. I never thought it possible, but for the first time, I was really upset with him.

Naruto said "Well, see ya," as he waved goodbye to us. Once the blond disappeared off school grounds, I angled my head up to direct a frown at Uchiha-san, who was getting noticeably taller.

"U-Uchiha-san, is something wrong?"

He said nothing and released his grip on me, turning around to head for the school dorms. He walked rather quickly and used, what looked like, very little effort. I had trouble keeping us with his long strides. "Uchiha-san, w-wait!"

He ignored me and continued walking up the tree-lined path. I ran to catch up with him.

I was going to get to the bottom of this.