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Everybody loves a tragedy…

"Tousan," the man with dark eyes looked down at the boy who held his hand securely in his small palm and fingers. "Do I really have to get a shot, Kaasan already gave me my kiss." he lifted a brow and stopped walking and lifted the boy up into his arms.

"Did your Kaasan say that kisses cured everything?" his father asked suspiciously, it was like looking in the mirror, both had blacker than black hair and obsidian eyes. Of course, he was the more infamous of the two. Uchiha Sasuke, once a trusted shinobi of Konohagakure village now nothing more than a suspicious man with few friends and earning his way back into the good graces of the village hidden in the leaf.

"Hai." the boy said as he was carried the rest of the way up the steps and into the hospital.

"Yes, you have to get your shot because your Kaasan's kisses are only effective if you get your shot." he said and his son believed him. They went inside and headed up to the front desk.

"Hello, Uchiha-san, and Shoichi-kun." the young woman greeted, hiding her engagement ring with her right hand. Despite most of the hate he received, he still managed to attract the local women. He was a married man now so he had obtained both his first and second goal before his twenty-fifth year.

"Well, she's all ready for you, so why don't you just go in that room right across the way. Oh, here Shoichi-kun, don't forget your lollipop." she reached out to give Shoichi his green lollipop, but Sasuke whisked the candy away.

"And you'll get it after your shot." Sasuke chided, carrying the boy over to the room the where they were directed too. The door closed behind him and he sat his son down, stuffing the lollipop into the pocket of his Jonin vest.

He pulled the chair over to the edge of the bed and grabbed his son by the ankles, pushing them up and down and he listened to the boy's laugh. He found tranquility in it. Everything about his life was disastrous except for this child. He finally knew what pure love was without hardships.

The door opened and the boy's smile radiated through the room. She was a beautiful woman donning a white coat over a pink vest and black pencil skirt. What made her beautiful were her bright viridian irises and her shoulder length strawberry blond tresses.

"Haruno-chan, Haruno-chan did you miss me?" the boy asked, stretching out his arms. She closed the door behind her and reached for his hands.

"Of course I did, Shoichi-kun. Now let us fill out your chart. Okay… name, well that is easy Uchiha Shoichi. Next… age… well that is another easy one. You are five."

"Haruno-chan, did you forget? I'm six, I turned six last July." she feigned surprise and took a step back.

"Oh, that's right, how could I be so silly as to forget that you turned six?" she pretended to scratch out the number and rewrite, but Sasuke knew that she was just playing with Shoichi, she was great with kids, all kids, even his. Sasuke enjoyed the way she bantered with his son; she did not seem to go to such great lengths with the other children she saw.

"Why didn't you come to my birthday party?" Shoichi asked, Sasuke had not been there for the party either, his reason the same as Sakura's, a mission.

"We've talked about this, I was on a very long mission out of fire country as a medic-nin I had to go out a save lives, but I did come back with a very nice gift for you, didn't I?" he nodded, a little ashamed, but she ruffled his hair and went to wash her hands.

"Roll up your sleeve." she instructed, he did, and she touched his arm. "Look at you, getting all strong, soon you'll be as powerful as your Tousan." she disinfected the area, uncapped the needle, and pushed out the air bubbles. "Wanna hold my hand?"

"I don't need to… okay, maybe one more time." she smiled and he took her hand and he squeezed it tight, closing his eyes.

"Okay, all done."

"Really?" he asked, peeking with one eye to see her applying a bright blue band-aid to where she injected the needle.

She laughed a deep throaty laugh that made Sasuke's heart catch on a pulse. "Really, you take care now and I'll see you on your next appointment." she walked over to the sink to wash her hands again.

"Haruno-chan why don't you have supper over with us, can she Tousan…" Sasuke looked from his son to his former teammate and the girl who had had a crush on him for the longest time.

"I'm sorry, Shoichi-kun I'll have to decline, I have a very important dinner date." she dried her hands and walked back over, leaning over him. "Maybe some other time, okay? I will see you around, out of the hospital. Be well." Her smile overpowered Sasuke and she was gone from the room in a blink of an eye.

Sasuke lowered his son onto the ground and took his hand, leaving the room. "Nagase-san would you mind watching Shoichi just for a moment, I forgot to ask Haruno-san something."

"Uh, sure, no problem Uchiha-san." the girl said, lowering her cup of tea onto the counter. Sasuke brought the boy over to her, handing him his promised lollipop.

"You stay with Nagase-san, okay, I'll be right back." Shoichi nodded and Sasuke turned on his heel and hurried down the hall in the direction he last saw Sakura headed.

He was right behind her when he pulled open a door and pulled her inside, covering her mouth so she would not scream and pushing her inside with him, shutting the door tight behind them. He found that they were in a medical supply closet.

Sakura pushed his hand off her mouth and glared at him when she recognized who had pulled her suddenly into a closet. "Sasuke what the fuck do you think you're d-" his mouth pressed hard against hers as he wrapped his arms possessively around her, crushing her against him.

Her hands crawled up the back of his shirt, pressing hard to feel the muscles of his back under the fabric of his black shirt with the Uchiha mon in the center. Her mouth moved against his until he pressed his tongue against teeth, tasting the sodium fluoride of her toothpaste.

She was always so clean and she was intoxicating with strawberries and jonquil and softer than any velvet, any satin or silk. Sealed boxes of tongue depressors fell around them as he pressed her back hard against the shelf.

Her fingers fisted his hair and she broke the kiss, gasping for air as he attacked the side of her neck, nipping and sucking generously. Under the cloud of lust, she managed to push him back, enough to cease his kisses, but he reached out and his hands circled her waist firmly, refusing to let her go.

"What-?" he huffed, panting unevenly with his mad heartbeat.

"What do you mean what? You are a married man with a child no less." she had to pry at his hands, but he was stronger so his hands hardly moved. "Look it's great you're back, I mean that's what Naruto and I strived to accomplish- let go- you have your revenge and you killed Orochimaru and now you have yourself a family, all your goals reached."

"Is this so-called important dinner date with the dobe?" he asked, with a slight sneer, she was still trying to wrest his hands off her waist, of course with little success, she did manage to lift a finger or two.

Sasuke assumed she could just use the bizarre strength of hers to remove his hands, but he knew in reality that she just wanted to linger near him. She was making a good show of wanting to get away. "You know it is… we've been in a relationship longer than you've been married."

He pulled her close so her hips pressed against his and he whispered to her as he pressed their foreheads together. "It still hurts." All her petulance melted away with concern and she stopped tugging at his hands, slid her hands up his arms to the high collar of his black shirt and pulled it down to reveal the ineffective Ten no Juin.

"What, the cursed mark?" She watched him lower his lashes and chuckled darkly.

"No, my heart." he said in all seriousness, their eyes meeting once again. His hands reached up to cradle her face as she dropped her arm down to her side.

"Well, I can't do anything for that." she said, turning her head away in his hands. His lips moved softly along her cheek, pressing firmly against the corner of her painted lips.

"I think you can," he said, pressing his lips directly over hers in a slow and agonizing kiss that made her toes curl and lift so that she was closer to him, he was so tall now. She pushed him back, tears in her eyes that she willed not to spill.

"I'm trying to forget you as quickly as I can, so stop messing with my feelings."

"I won't ever let you forget me." he said with a glare and pressed his mouth to hers even as she resisted, she moaned long and low as his fingers pushed up under her shirt and closed around one ample breast.

Of all the days for her not to wear her chest bindings, he was under another assumption that she dressed a certain way when he came to visit. "I defiantly like it when you wear less." he whispered lowly against her throat.

Sasuke took her left hand and drew it down his body, pressing her palm over his slacks, the length of his arousal, imprisoning her there when she tried to pull away. "Don't." she murmured against his neck when he pressed close to kiss behind the ear.

"Stop me." he lifted up her skirt up to her stomach and raised her off the ground, urging her to wrap her legs around his waist. She submitted at last, her fingers brushing aside his forelocks and kissing him back with as much passion as he dealt. He pushed her underwear aside, touched her, and stroked her until his fingers were slick.

Pulling his head closer, she realized it was too late for both of them; he to her was an addictive drug in her bloodstream and vice versa. Sasuke lifted her hips, freed himself from his pants and boxers, and lowered her onto his erection.

She hissed his name as he pushed into her until he was secure within her tight warmth. Her legs hooked around his knees, her ankles pushing against his inner thighs as he repeatedly lifted and lowered her so that he was creating a delicious friction between them.

He dropped kisses along her throat up to her ear. He inhaled sharply and dragged his lips along her smooth cheek to her mouth, where he caressed and suck and bit. "I want to hear that you love me."

"Sasuke-kun," she sobbed, burying her face in the curve of his neck and shoulder, trying to keep her tears at bay. Warm tears dampen the fabric of his shirt. "I love you," she gasped as he slid out only to plunge back in.

He made a feral animalistic sound as he pushed her back against the shelf as he finally found his release, triggered by hers. She gasped, wiping away her tears as his body withdrew.

Sasuke lowered her back onto her feet as she tugged her skirt back down, smoothing out the crinkles and running her fingers through her hair. He fixed his pants before thumbing away her tears that refused to stop.

"Don't cry, Sakura, I hate it when you cry." he kissed her tear-stained cheeks and pushed her against him, holding her close and breathing in her scent. "Let's run away."

"Are you kidding?" she asked, laughing against him. Her arms wound around his torso and she held him against her, his body warm and wonderfully solid.

"I never joke, I love you, you love me, just come with me," he said into her hair, kissing the crown and closing his eyes, he could feel her heart and it was the most soothing thing, it chased away his demons. He was still a tormented soul with a haunted mind.

"If you love me so much you should have never gotten married, terribly inconsiderate of you." she said, pulling away and looking up at him with tired eyes, how long had they been locked away in the supply closet?

"Well, if I'm inconsiderate then you're a liar." she blinked, her tears finally stilled. "You said you loved me, but I come back and find out that you and the loser are involved." he stroked her cheek with the pad of his thumb. "I suppose it's better than seeing you with that copycat."

"How could I ever love a man who continuously calls me ugly in good humor?"

"You're not ugly, far from it, you're heartbreakingly beautiful," she laughed again, pressing her cheek into his hand.

"When did Uchiha Sasuke become a poet?" he kissed her, rapture never tasted this sweet.

"Not a poet, just an honest man." he kissed her again, catching her face between his hands, she pressed against him, her fingers back in his hair, loving the feel of his soft black locks. She pulled back, sucking on her bottom lips as though to taste him there, he tasted like tomato filled onigiri and sake; he loved to drink sake.

"Well, honest or not, Naruto loves me; he's good to me-"

"I'm better." he kissed her face, every inch; even her eyelashes were not safe from his worship. She pulled back again, eyes closed. Her breathing was uneven all over again.

"It's not a competition. I am not running away with you because you have a son and a wife and both of them love you dearly and I am going to stay with Naruto. You are a father now; you lost the right to be selfish. So it's over."

She was an inch away from the door handle before he pulled her back into his arms and kissed her. "You're right, forgive me for thinking of us!" and he left. It would seem that he always had to have the last word. He was really like a sullen teenager no matter how many years had past, if he did not get his way he would become all huffy.

She hated being in love with him, loving him gave her nothing but grief ever since she was a little girl. There was no happy ending with Uchiha Sasuke; there was only pain, longing and self-loathing. She took a deep breath, recomposed herself and picked up all the fallen boxes.

She had patients to attend to and a dinner to ready herself for, Naruto was more than likely going to propose again and perhaps this time she would accept.