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This was inspired by a comic I found.

"God damn monk! What does he know about class?! He sits around drinking and smoking all day! And c'mon! It's not like I knew that woman was a hooker! You do believe me, right, 'Kai?"

". . . It's not that I don't Gojyo. But she was rather undignified in her appearance. We do have to share a room tonight - that and you also sit around smoking and drinking on occasion."

"Damn you all!" Gojyo yelled kicking the bed. Hakkai sighed and patted Hakuryuu absent-mindedly, waiting for the rest of his friend's rant. Sanzo had not only scared off Gojyo's woman, but also made sure that he wouldn't try it again for awhile - pain did wonders when setting reminders.

"I'll show that monk class!"

Hakkai looked up as he heard the sound of a bag hitting the ground. Gojyo, with his back to the demon, undid his fly and began to relieve himself onto the bag that belonged to the one and only Genjo Sanzo.


"Oh, right! Pinky up!"