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A/N: This story is a rewrite of Reincarnation. I thought that Reincarnation was a bit too naïve. The start of this story will be during HBP. I will change the plot a lot from Reincarnation in the beginning but later it will be what I was thinking for Reincarnation.

Summary: How far must one go to learn the truth? How many deceptions and betrayals should a person uncover before learning the truth? This story tells the truth about Harry and his life. Alternate HBP and beyond.

Chapter 1: Savior

Amelia Bones, the head of Department of Magical Law Enforcement, was going over some reports in her study in her home. Her niece, Susan Bones who had just completed her fifth year at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry was sleeping peacefully upstairs. Amelia Bones was a noted figure in the ministry of magic. With the downfall of Fudge, she was almost a shoo in for the post of Minister of Magic. She was well liked by many people for her fairness and strict judgments. She was not that well liked by pureblood supremacists as she did not take bribes. She followed the law justly.

It was two days since Hogwarts had let out for the year. Two days since the public commotion over the events of the Department of Mysteries were dying down. But Amelia Bones was still collecting clues and reading reports to piece together the exact sequence of events that took place at the Department of Mysteries between the death eaters and six of Hogwarts students. There had to be something somewhere to indicate how six underage, under educated school children were able to take on twelve of the famed inner circle of death eaters and live. Granted they had had help later but they had successfully held them off till help arrived. Then there was also the sighting of Voldemort himself at the atrium of ministry. How was he able to arrive there without anyone knowing?

The security was reestablished and wards were recast. There was still so much work to do. If she were to be elected as the Minister, she could do a lot of good. But she did not want to take over as the new minister. She did not have the patience to put up with interfering bigots or sit and push papers all the time. She wanted to see some real progress and she felt she could contribute more by remaining where she was. There were other candidates who could win and were better than Fudge was.

She was so busy with her work that she didn't hear the soft knocking on the front door. After five minutes of no one answering, the knocks got louder and this was when Amelia Bones finally took notice of it. She was startled thinking who would want to talk to her in the middle of the night. It was 2 in the night after all.

She made her way cautiously to the door. She had her wand ready to bring down her guest should they prove hostile. She was an auror before taking up her office and she still was a formidable witch with a wand. She could best many senior aurors in the department.

Finally, when she neared the door, she asked carefully "Who is it?"

A person, male answered "Please open the door Madame Bones. It is urgent that I speak with you." The voice belonged to a teen by the tone of his voice.

Figuring that a teen was desperate for help or had a very good reason to be here, she decided to take a chance. She could still take him out if he attacked her.

She opened the door and took a good look at the teen. She was shocked to see the face of one and only Harry Potter at her doorstep. She had strict control over her body but this was one monster of a shock. Before she could recover, she saw the red light coming out of his wand.


The next time Amelia Bones came to, she was sitting on a chair in what looked to be a muggle room. She was about to get up and investigate her surroundings when the door opened to admit Harry Potter. He was carrying a bottle of muggle juice and a bag of popcorn. She knew what it was since Susan loved to eat it.

He looked the same as he usually did. She had seen him a few times apart from the courtroom the previous year. He wore baggy clothes which looked worn and had trainers that were too big for him. The one thing different about his physical appearance was that he was not wearing his glasses. His eyes seemed to glow without the glasses. The gaze was more penetrating. His movements were more fluid, like a dancers or a cats. There were no wasted movements unless he did it purposefully. He looked like he was ready to strike, ready for anything actually. In one word, he looked dangerous.

"What is the meaning of this Mr. Potter?" she asked outrageously standing up.

He only grinned at her and said "Nothing to worry about Madame Bones. I just saved your ass from Tommy boy. And don't worry about Susan. She is all right."

"Where is Susan Mr. Potter? Is something has happened to her, I swear I will hurt you like you have never felt pain before," she threatened.

"My… My… aren't we excited today? Calm down will you? You are about to miss the show." Harry mocked as he calmly laid the bottle of Coke and popcorn on the table in front of her.

Seeing that he was answering her questions, she collected herself and asked calmly "What show is that Mr. Potter?"

"Ah! There is the Amelia Bones I heard so much about. The show is a surprise for you Madame Bones. I am sure you will enjoy it," he answered calmly still mocking her a bit.

"Where is Susan Mr. Potter? You said she was all right."

"Susan is currently at the ministry" he answered.

"Where are we?" she asked next.

"We are in a muggle hotel in Surrey near my aunt's house."

"Why are we here…"

She was interrupted by Harry who exclaimed "The show is about to start. Please take a seat and have some popcorn."

He pointed his wand at a blank stretch of wall in front of the table and chair and a yellow light shot out of his wand and hit the wall. The wall shimmered and formed an image of her study where she previously remembered being. She marveled at the ease with which he used magic. It was almost like magic itself wanted to do his bidding. She saw herself leafing through some reports when the image shuddered as if the location of the image was hit by an earthquake.

Amelia Bones was caught up in seeing the imagery playing in front of and didn't protest when Harry gently pushed her back into a chair.

She saw herself take her wand in the image and get up to investigate. She had hardly taken two steps when the door to her study burst open and half a dozen cloaked figures with white masks entered. They were followed by Voldemort himself.

"Voldemort" her image self spat.

"Amelia Bones, a thorn in my plans. Always defiant. Join me even now Amelia and I will spare your niece." Voldemort said coldly.

"I don't remember this. When did this happen?" Amelia Bones asked Harry Potter who was beside her.

His voice was distant and a little out of focus when he answered "What you are seeing is currently happening at your house."

"Never. You are nothing but a murdering bastard. I will never join the likes of you." The image answered heatedly.

"Very well, you shall die like the rest of those who have defied me." Voldemort stated.

"But how can this be? I am sitting here… I don't understand" she asked Harry confused.

He again answered in a distant voice "Be quiet for a moment will you? I want to have a bit of fun with the death eaters."

Voldemort launched a red colored curse at her which the image of Amelia avoided by rolling to the left. She launched a purple colored strong cutting curse at him which was blocked by a shield.

"You have fun? What is the meaning of this?" the real Amelia asked.

"I am controlling the person who is portraying as you. Its difficult to talk to you and at the same time, give commands to a person in a duel" he answered in an annoyed voice still distant.

Voldemort launched a series of dark curses and uttered crucio a couple of times too. The image of Amelia avoided the curses but the study was almost completely destroyed on her side. She fought back with a couple of strong Reducto curses followed by a three powerful purple cutters.

"Control!" the real Amelia screeched "Are you telling me that you have a person under Imperius and having her impersonate me?"

Voldemort blocked the Reducto curses and avoided the cutters. But the two death eaters behind him were not so lucky. They did not have time to dodge before they had deep slashes on their stomachs and chests.

"Yes. But don't worry. They will never realize that it is Vincent Crabbe's grandmother who is fighting them and not you. Let them kill themselves." Harry told her nonchalantly.

"How can you be so blasé about killing? Have you no heart?" she demanded. Not only was Harry Potter using an unforgivable, he was calmly talking about having a person killed. Although a tiny part of her mind wondered how it was possible to use Imperious on another person and almost behave as though it was nothing. She knew how difficult it was to control other people. Here was Harry Potter not only controlling her, but he was talking to her and casting spells. His mental fortitude must be astounding.

Voldemort and the image Amelia were battling furiously. Voldemort was not hurt in the least but the image Amelia sported deep burns and cuts. She was weakening quickly.

"Oh do shut up. If I had no heart, it would have been the real you in that image over there." Harry finally snapped. He let his control slip over the Imperius he had cast. Crabbe's grandmother didn't have any more magic to cast anyway.

Voldemort watched as the image of Amelia was caught by a crucio. He laughed along with his death eaters when she screamed. He finished her off with the killing curse without waiting for her to recover. Seeing the two dead death eaters he ordered the remaining death eaters "Take these two and dump them somewhere. Meet back at base immediately. Our work here is done."

Harry dispassionately watched as the murder took place and laughed when Voldemort and his death eaters disappeared.

He cancelled the charm on the wall and asked Amelia "Are you not glad that I saved you from the fate Tommy boy bestowed upon Crabbe's grandmother?"

"How can you be so calm about this? How could you use an unforgivable on another person? You should be arrested" Amelia said rapidly.

Harry scowled at her, narrowing his eyes he replied "You cant simply douse a fire and forget about the damage. You have to reply with your own fire and destroy those that hunt you. Make no mistake Madame Bones, this is WAR. People die in wars and I want the good people like you to live. That is why some drastic steps must be taken like you saw."

Amelia felt a heavy presence settle on her. There was no mistaking the heavy set air of unconsciously released magic. To thing that a boy could be the cause of this was simply unbelievable. She noticed that there was no real malice in his eyes but Merlin! Were they scary! But still, she was a law official. "This is not for you to decide. Who gave you the authority to take such decisions? You are still an under aged school student. How do you even know the unforgivables or the spying charm? Those are not taught at school."

"I know a lot of things that are not taught in school but does that matter now? Be glad that I saved your life and Susan's. Go live a happy life in the states or some other fair country where witches like you are appreciated." Harry answered.

"I simply cannot leave everything and go. I am a top ministry official. And what about Susan?"

"Hmmph… you still want to stay with a corrupt bigoted ministry that doesn't care if you live or die? The people don't care if you are the head of DMLE or even the minister. They just put their hopes and jobs on you or known heroes like me and Dumbledore to correct their mistakes. Nothing but sheep, the lot of them. Go to some other country and live peacefully. Take Susan with you now or after she finishes Hogwarts. I had put a memory charm on her to make her think she escaped when the attack began. She is still at the ministry waiting for the aurors to collect themselves and go to you home. You can tell her everything tomorrow." Harry told her resignedly.

"Mr. Potter… Harry, I don't understand. Why are you doing this? What do you get out of this? How did you pull this off?" Amelia asked softly.

"I am doing this because I can. Its that simple. Everyone hesitates too much to do anything. I don't get anything out of this. Susan is a good girl and I don't want her only family to be killed. If I can save one person more, its satisfying for me. Besides, the more death eaters that are killed now, the lesser Tommy will have for later. It was actually very easy to pull this off. I had a vision of Tommy ordering to attack you. So I escaped from my aunt's home, caught the knight but to the Leaky Cauldron and picked up a bottle of polyjuice from the apothecary in Diagon Alley. I found Crabbe's grandmother coming out of Knockturn Alley and I captured her. I came to your house, stunned you and took a little of your hair for polyjuice. I forced the polyjuice on Crabbe's grandmother and put her under Imperius. I went to Susan's room, put a little memory charm on her and had her floo to the ministry. After that I brought you here and you saw what happened. Dosed with polyjuice at the time of death, Crabbe's grandmother will stay like that unless someone really checks her body up close."

"I don't know what to say. I thought you followed Dumbledore's orders. We had reports stating that you had visions from Voldemort who you call Tommy if I am not mistaken. But why do you call him so? How could you even hope that this plan of yours would succeed without any help?" Amelia asked him.

Harry grinned and replied "Dumbledore and the world thinks that I follow Dumbledore's orders and I want them to continue thinking that way. Dumbledore is not always as he seems. You should have noticed since you are not in his so called Order. And I cant believe that Dumbledore hasn't told everyone that Tommy is Voldemort. Voldemort's real name is Tom Marvolo Riddle, a Slytherin student fifty years ago. I don't know much about him, but I do know that he was not a pureblood. As for the plan, it worked didn't it? Who would have believed me if I told them that you would be attacked and that I saw it in a vision? They would give me a sleeping draught and send me home."

Harry sighed and continued "I am tired of answering myself to everyone. I helped you and that's what that matters. There is no future in this country for anyone. But being the so called savior, I cant get out of here like I want to. You have a chance to do so. Take Susan and get out of there. If she wants to complete her education at Hogwarts, she can and I will promise you that I will look after her safety. So don't nag me about the things I did to save and just go away."

Amelia reluctantly answered "I admit I was thinking about leaving the country myself. I would not have a valid reason and it would be difficult for me in another country if I simply left like a coward. Thank you for the chance you gave me and Susan. I trust you will take care of Susan's safety at Hogwarts if she wishes to attend. Thank you."

She hesitated a bit and asked "Can I ask you a question?" At his answering nod, she asked "Why the façade?"

Harry suddenly slouched his shoulders a bit and put on his spectacles from his pocket. He put a sad but determined expression on his face and bent his knees a bit awkwardly. "This is what the people expect. This is the Boy Who Lived they want to see. I give them that. The person you saw before was Harry… just Harry. The boy who was forced to grow up and keep his secrets lest he be devoured by the masses and the heads of war. You want to know the saddest thing, you are the second person to ask that to my face. And you are the second person to see the real me."

Amelia couldn't contain herself. She asked "Who is the first?"

Harry suddenly laughed and replied "It was Luna Lovegood. People think she is a quack and knows more about people than they themselves do sometimes. After the debacle at the ministry, I was searching for a way to believe that my godfather was alive in the veil. I came across her and she told me some things to help me and later casually asked me 'when is Harry going to meet Luna?' I swear I had the most interesting expression on my face. Anyway, I realized that she knew about my façade longer than I knew her name. She has the most fascinating view of the magical world. I hope I can know her better in the coming year."

"Why are you telling me all this? Are you not afraid that I will tell someone else about all this?" she questioned.

"True. You could but you wont. You owe me and besides, did you really think I would let you go if you didn't swear a magical oath about this. I am big on saving people and all but I have to look out of myself as well. So lets have your oath shall we?" he asked pleasantly but his voice had an undercurrent of danger that she found hard to ignore.

She was indeed grateful for his help but would never agree to this teenager in front of him. She called out "I swear on my magic that I will not reveal anything in regards to Harry Potter that I learnt today without the express consent of the said Harry Potter. So mote it be." A brief flash of magic sealed that oath. The good thing about that was it didn't need a wand to perform. She didn't think he would give her back her wand.

He surprised her by tossing back her wand to her "This is your original wand. Unless they bring in Ollivander, no one will know that it isn't your wand at your home. Use this wand until you get out of country and then buy a new one. I think the ministry could track Ollivander's wands outside England, but you should know better than me. One cant be too careful. This room is covered for a week. Consider this my parting gift. Maybe we will see each other again if I am able to get away from here. Good bye."

She watched incredulously as he disapparated away without making a sound. This had to be one of the most intriguing days of her life. Here was a teenager who wielded magic with an ease unseen for centuries who had rescued her. True, he had used illegal magic but did it really matter to her? He had saved her and had made sure her niece was safe. The loss was a death eater sympathizer or an actual death eater in her place. She would keep the young man's secrets and would as he had advised. It was the least she could do. It was time to leave the country.