1Xander braced himself as Giles handed him the four crystals he would need to form the cage to encase him and the Mayor inside the Mayor's office so Xander could destroy him.

"It's not to late to turn back Xander." stated Giles.

"It became to late the moment he put that spell on Buffy Giles. He is too powerful to beat any other way." Xander stated firmly as he placed the crystals in a backpack.

Xander began centering himself as best as he could he needed to be calm and level-headed well as calm and level-headed one could be when they go to fight a hundred year old wizard intent on turning into a demon and using your high school class as a traveling snack.

Moving quickly thru the early morning. Xander used the rising sun to his advantage and when he made it to Town Hall he smiled as he found an open window. "Go to love southern California's weather." Sliding into the open window he found himself in the coffee room.

Moving to the door with as little noise as possible Xander snuck thru the halls until he reached the mayor's office, which was a single room directly in the middle of town hall. Xander hid each of the four crystals needed for the cage in the fire extinguisher holders that were at the four corners of the Mayor's office. "Gotta love those fire safety codes." Mused Xander as he moved into the office and began unpacking his bag of tricks.

A few potions out of the Book of Shadows for distraction and a few for affect. "I just hope this is enough to take Wilkins down."

The sound of footsteps jolted Xander from his musing.

The dark magic he was feeling was overwhelming. Xander pulled a knife out of his bag and dropped it on the floor.

Xander saddled himself against the wall next to the door looking next to him he saw a fire extinguisher slipping the knife into his pocket he heaved the extinguisher up and prepared to strike the Mayor when he entered.

The door opened and a figured stepped into the room. Xander swung the extinguisher as hard as he could.

The extinguisher connected with a sickening thud and dropped the Mayor's secretary to the ground.

"Shit wrong person." Muttered Xander as he moved to help the lady he hit he froze as her skin melted from her body and a snake slithered out of the mouth of the rapidly decaying body. Xander bashed the snake as it reared back as if to strike.

As the snake died the last thing it heard was.

"That is the second most disgusting sight I have ever seen."

Quietly closing the door Xander moved into the shadows directly in front of the doorway as to prevent another accident. Thank God the woman was a demon or something or he would've really felt bad for hitting an old lady like that.

Xander took slowly quiet breaths willing his mind to remain calm as he waited for Wilkins.

A second rush of dark magic entered his range of feeling it was almost 10 times worse then that snake thing had been.

Hopefully this was Wilkins. He would hate to hit the wrong person again.

The doorknob turned Xander drew his knife from his pocket and held his breath knife at the ready.

Richard Wilkins stepped into his office to begin his day. As he fully crossed the threshold the four crystals hidden outside the office activated and the crystal cage formed trapping him and Xander in the office until one was dead.

Xander let the knife fly and struck Wilkins right in the hand pinning it to the wall.

"Hello Dick we need to have a little chat." Came Xander's icy voice as he stepped from the shadows.

"Xander Harris." Snarled Wilkins as he pulled the blade from his hand and much to his surprise it didn't heal.

"Alexander Halliwell asshole." Smiled Xander as he charged Wilkins knocking him against the cage covering the open doorway.

Wilkins rolled away hitting the ground throwing his hands at Xander attempting to use a spell.

"Sorry Dick your magic doesn't work inside the cage." Snarled Xander as he picked up his knife off the floor.

Wilkins paled as he tried to Teleport out of the office only to find he couldn't.

'Gotcha ya asshole' thought Xander as he realized Wilkins tried to Blink out of the office.

Xander charge Wilkins only to be knocked back across the room by Wilkins Telekinetic power.

"It's on now Mr. Halliwell." Yelled Wilkins as he made a run at a file cabinet.

Xander refocused at Wilkins as he picked himself up and pulled a vial from his pocket and threw it at the cabinet.

"Burn baby burn." Smirked Xander as the vial broke on the cabinet and erupted into flames driving Wilkins back.

Wilkins turned to Xander to try to knock him around when he froze at the sight of a tornado of blue fire whipping around the young witch in front of him.

"That right Dick I know you vulnerable to fire. It just so happens that's my power." Answered Xander.

Wilkins just stared ahead as he knew he was a dead man.

"I was suppose to win." Muttered Wilkins as the flames surged forward and he was engulfed and reducing the powerful mage to ash.

As the flames subsided Xander felt to his knees as the strain of creating and controlling the firestorm had taken most of his energy.

From the ashes of Wilkins Xander saw a small ball of light shoot forward into his body.

The last thing he heard before blacking out was Jenny Orbing in to the room and calling his name.

Xander awoke to find himself in Giles' guest room as Faith sat in a near by chair her hand holding his and she was stroking his hand with her thumb.

"You better be alright Boytoy I kinda have gotten use to having you around and I want you around for a long while." Whispered Faith as she watched over her fallen friend.

"Xander you better keep you promise." Came a voice in the back of his head that could only belong to his Whitelighter Jenny.

"Hey Faith." Smiled Xander as he opened his eyes.

"Welcome back Boytoy." Smiled Faith as she sat him up.

As Xander sat up he saw at the Window was none other then Jenny.

With a quick wink and a blown kiss she vanished in a halo of white lights.

"Promise kept Jen." Whispered Xander.

The door opened and in walked Giles Buffy and Willow.

"Hello my boy you're looking better then when we found you in the Mayor's office." Smiled Giles.

Buffy wrapped herself around Xander and hugged him.

"I owe you my life again Xan." Smiled Buffy.

"You did it Xander." beamed Willow."

"I guess there is nothing we can't handle together." Stated Buffy.

'Should I tell them that I will be leaving to go to San Francisco to find my family' thought Xander.

'Naahhh I wait a few days. Let them have this moment because I have a feeling that quiet moments like these are about to become a rarity.

End Part 5

Xander was nerveous as hell as he moved thru the San Francisco traffic. After the death of Richard Wilkins Xander wrote a letter to his sisters Prue Piper and Phoebe. He explained who he was and how he knew about them and told them that it was their call as how to proceed so now he was heading for Halliwell manor to meet his real family.

Xander held his breath his heart was heavy as hell as he rung the bell on the manor scared of what his new found family was like.

the door opened and there were his sisters smiles on their faces.

Piper was the first to speak "Xander?"

Xander could only smile and nod.

That and try and ease some air into his lungs as he was attack by his sisters in the first family group hug of his life.

"Welcome home Big Brother." cried Phoebe as she wrapped herself around her brother.

Xander could only smile. "It's good to be home." hugging her back and being joined by Prue and Piper.

The newly reunited family was soon sitting in the kitchen talking over drinks about their respective lives.

He told them about how he was demon hunter before his powers kicked in and about how he was now tasked with forming the second group of Charmed Ones.

"Here's the really tough part it seems that we have another lost family member out there. A half sister."

The Halliwell sisters were shocked.

"From what I've found her name is Paige Matthews and she is at school here in San Francisco."

Phoebe was the first to find her voice again.

"So you not only found us but our other lost sister any other surprises you plan to spring on us this visit?" smiled Phoebe.

"Do you know about our Cousins Fleur and Gabrielle in France?" asked Xander with a smile on his face.

Piper and Prue had to laugh at the look on Phoebe face.

"Tomorrow I have a meeting with Paige and her Foster family to introduce our family to her and to meet her."

Prue reached into her back and pulled out a camera. "I think we should do a group picture of this moment to welcome home Xander."

The sisters nodded and pulled Xander up and into the hall as Prue set the time on the camera and joined the others. Xander standing with an arm around Phoebe and Piper resting her head on Xander's shoulder. Prue ran next to them and slide next to Phoebe and put her arm around her little brother. As the flash went off a small white glow appeared in the other room. In the picture of the girls that changed when they first got their powers an image of a smiling Xander now joined the them in front of the manor.

The Halliwell line was reforming and it was becoming stronger then ever.

Xander smiled as Prue left to get prints of the picture she had just taken. For Xander it was proof that he had found his family. For Piper it was fresh start for the whole family the mistrust and grudges of the past buried. To Phoebe it was the filling of the void in her soul that the loss of her twin the one person she knew would always be there to help and protect her. Finally for Prue it was an affirmation that despite what she saw there were other people out there protecting the innocent and fighting the good fight she wasn't alone in the world anymore.

Xander was nervous as hell as he looked over the original book of shadows that his had been copied from he could feel the history in the book as he reached for it. In the back of his mind Xander was afraid that the Hellmouth had tainted him or his magic. Touching the original book of shadows was his way of proving his fears to be unfounded.

Taking a deep breath Xander reached out and laid his hand on the cover of the book.

a surge of power flowed thru him as he connected to his history.

A gold flowing light appeared across from Xander and formed into the shape of a woman. As the lighted faded across from Xander stood the ghostly form of his mother.

"Mom." Whispered Xander.

"My darling baby boy." smiled Patty as she became corporal and wrapped Xander in a hug.

Xander smiled as he hugged his mother and the tears flowed freely from both Mother and Son.

"Never doubt I am proud of you Xander. You are more then I could've ever hoped for in a son. Your Grandmother and I will be watching out for you Xander. So please watch out for your sisters they will need you as much as you need them. And please tell Paige I loved her so much and I gave her away to protect her please let her know I never would've given her away if I had any other choice." stepping back from the hug Patty was crying harder as she stepped away from Xander. "The girls aren't allowed to see me yet Xander so please tell them I love them. By the way Faith is a very nice girl I hope you'll be willing to settle down with her in the future." Smiled Patty as she disappeared in to the light again leaving Xander alone in the attic.

The door opened and in rushed his sisters.

"Xan what happened I could swear I hear Mom's voice ?" asked Piper. Her voice shaky as the wounds of Grams death and her Mom's still fresh in her mind.

Xander gave them a little smile. "Mom was allowed to come back for a moment she wanted to give me a message for Paige and to let me know that she and Grams are watching out for us."

The Girls quickly wrapped themselves around Xander in a group hug.

"She also said to tell you that we should always watch out for one another and be there for each other."

Prue eyed Xander as if he was holding something back.

"What else did she say Alexander?"

"She wanted me to tell you and Andy to stop beating around the bush and give her some grandchildren."

Prue's eyes went wide as Piper and Phoebe started laughing at her. "Don't worry she also told me that a girl I know would also make a great daughter in law." smiled Xander.