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Happy birthday Moordryd
Seven year old Moordryd Payyn sighed, it was his birthday, and did his father care? No. Was there even the slightest bit of recognition that he was no longer six? No. He leaned against Decepshun, who appeared to be the only living creature who knew what day it was. Okay, who knew the special part to him of the day, most folks thought it was just the first day of winter. Yippee.
Moordryd sighed; he decided he'd turn in early. As he entered his room though, he saw a note on the bed. Even tough it was unsigned, he knew who wrote it. Only one person in the city had handwriting that bad, so barley legible. Cain. It read: Meet me in the duct. You know where.
Moordryd blinked, he couldn't be serious. Sneak out in the middle of the night? When they would be so sure that they would get in trouble?
Moordryd scampered into a vent behind his bed, and made his way to the main air duct on the second floor. Already there was his best pal and partner in miniature evil, as they called it, Cain.
Cain grinned, "I'd sing Happy Birthday, but someone's bound to hear it, so, here's your present!" From behind his back he produced a plate of cookies and two bottles of Dragon-Ade. "Happy Birthday Moordryd! Let's eat!"
Swayy looked at her crew leader, "So Moordryd, now you're seventeen? Well, at least you're not one of the two youngest on the crew anymore!"
Moordryd walked past her, he was in a very bad mood. It was his birthday, and even though he didn't expect anything, he had gotten something, a four-hour lecture/scolding from his father! He strode into his room and slammed the door.
He looked up. The vent in his room was open, and in the duct rested a tray of cookies and some Dragon-Ade. In unbelievably messy writing, a note read: Happy Birthday Moordryd.