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One point that many will agree on is that Jonathan Crane is a smart man, even under the influence of strong pheromones and a traumatizing pantsing. By this point he had already realized that she wasn't quite sincere in her attitude towards him. He fully intended to let her escape (or let her think she had) and use the time to learn about the woman from her own home.

So he watched her flee from him.

Temporarily, at least.

He intended to drink up every moment of her escape, from the way her body moved to the intoxicating expression of fear on her face.

Mmm. Splendid.

What he didn't intend was for her to be arrested at the end of the alley. He did not like these men handling her at all. Much less roughly.

This would not do.

She was his. These men dare to touch what was his? To call forth that beautiful terror that belonged solely to him?

They would suffer. All of them would know unending terror for touching her.

And then she would be his.