Three Part Trilogy: Fall

Sasuke x Hinata

Meeting in the Rain

Many people would say the rain represents tears, represents sadness, but however, not many people thought of the rain as a joyful thing. As it differs nowadays and the ancient times, the rain was usually a blessing to farmers, but now society changed and us, teenagers don't really find it amusing. However, I never would've expected the rain to be my matchmaker. I used to dislike the rain because the soil would get muddy and mud would usually make me graceful manner go away. I'm known to be shy, but I'm just like this because I don't want anybody to know who I truly am. Only a few knows me, but I'm not going to complain. Me? I'm Hyuuga Hinata.

Well, my love life was a failure in the beginning. I was still crushing over that hyperactive ninja even though I'm 15 already. I've became friends with Ino, at first I thought Sakura was a nice girl, but who would've known that she's so violent when it came to … what's that guy's name? Uchiha Sasuchie or something. I've heard he was cute looking or as some other fan girls had said… hot. Who could've known that one day when I was out with my two best friends… Ino and Tenten, things would change?

We were sitting in a café waiting for our food. Tenten and Ino was like me, single but crushing. Ino had a minor bruise on her forearm from Sakura. I suppose she got too close to Sasuke by accident and Sakura came up to her and started a fight with her. Ino no longer likes Sasuke but was crushing on someone that would never like her. Shikamaru that is, but he was already dating Temari. It's a pity. Ino used to be so mean to him but when she realized that she actually loved him all along, she was guilt stricken.

"Hey look, it's starting to rain." Ino said looking out the glass pane.

"Hm… it was sunny just a moment ago." Tenten commented. I just nodded slowly. The waitress came along with our food and drinks. After we ate up, we found out the rain became harder. I sighed.

"Ino-chan, Tenten-chan, I'll be going now." I saw their mouth move to protest. I shook my head as I walked out. I was walking down the road and deep in thought.

"Ouch!" I heard from under me. I looked down and saw the figure of a guy. I assumed he wasn't lying there for a long time. I stumbled back in shock. Unknown to me, I stumbled into the middle of the road where there would be cars. A car was speeding in the rain and I was frozen. I didn't know when I was pulled back, but the car rushed past and the rain water splashed onto my clothes. I looked up and saw onyx eyes staring back at my own pale lavender eyes. The guy in front of me has raven hair with streaks of blue. His whole attitude calls out blue for some mysterious reason.

"WHERE ARE YOU…SASUKE-KUN?" The voice of Sakura broke out. The guy who had his arm around my waist slid his hand to my wrist and ran as fast as possible. You would probably say being a ninja in a small village would get you to know everyone… but somehow during my academy days and genin days, I spent it thinking of Naruto. He never noticed me. He noticed almost everybody in the village, but little old me. Sad isn't it? And so, I'll have to move on. I never knew the Famous Uchiha Sasuke was this hot with the rock hard chest of his. Gods, no wonder Haruno Sakura was practically head over heels obsessively over him.

We reached the abandoned Uchiha Manor. It was as big as Hyuuga Manor, but emptier. Way emptier. He dragged me in and locked the doors.

"Sorry about that."

"I should say sorry, Uchiha-san." I said smiling at him. It hurt me inside… because someone being so nice to me reminded me of all the times I was nice to Naruto. Uchiha-san asked me to wait a while and went somewhere. He came back cleaned up and handed me some clothes.

"Change into it while your clothes go into the washing machine." I mutely nodded and went somewhere to change. I came back out and handed him my dirty clothes with a thank you.

He disappeared into some room and come back out with a nod. I looked outside and felt like crying. The rain reminded me of all the times I tried to protect Naruto from Kiba, making him mad at me for weeks. Was it worth it? To risk friendship for someone who does not even notice you…it's not, not at all worth it.

I felt steam rise to my face and I looked up. I saw Uchiha-san holding a cup of green tea out to me. I smiled slightly but my eyes blurred in tears. I took the cup of tea and realized then how cold I was.

"Aren't you Hyuuga Hinata? The heiress of Hyuuga family and the one who always chases after Naruto?" Uchiha-san asked me. I looked out the window and slowly nodded.

"I don't want to think of him. He never notices me, so what's the point. Can we not mention him?" Uchiha-san nodded.

"Want to be friends?" I looked at him shocked. Uchiha-san was asking timid me to be friends… quite surprising. Uchiha-san raised his eyebrows as to ask me if I wanted to or didn't want to. I smiled and nodded.

"If you want to be friends with me, I have a few things I want to compromise on. Is it okay?" I asked. I don't know why I even bothered, but I want to see if it's possible.

"Sure, say it." Uchiha-san said not so demanding, which was quite a surprise. According to rumors, Uchiha-san was a cold person like Neji-ni-san, but then I guess I could deal with cold people.

"1) whenever we talk, you must NEVER mention that dude again." I waited for his response.

"Err… Naruto?" I glared at him with my byakugen glare. He nodded and smirked.

"2) Promise me your fan girls won't pounce on me." I said.

"Can't guarantee that." I sighed and nodded.

"3) you can't be mean to Ino-chan and Tenten-chan either."

"But Ino…"

"She don't like you, I can guarantee you that." He paused and then nodded.

"4th and final one… Hang out with me and the girls once in a while, and bring anyone besides Naruto… like people you can talk to. We're going shopping tomorrow, want to come?"


I nodded fearing the worse.


"Hey, mister, If you want to be friends then aren't friends suppose to comment on stuff and be truthful? I trust you that's why I'm asking you."

"but… do I have to?" Oh wow, that's a first Mr. Uchiha Sasuke-san WHINING! Reporters of Konoha, a true KODAK moment. I smirked mentally.

"Yes, mister baby." I cooed with a smirk. He groaned.

"Oh great, my reputation's ruined now." I laughed at him.

"So, yes or no? Now that I've go blackmail…" I trailed off with a smirk. He nodded grimly. He turned his back and I shouted yes to myself while bringing my fist in the air and bringing them down as a sign of victory. I smirked; I loved how Ino and Tenten changed me from very shy to outgoing. They were the best.

"I'll check on your clothes." He came back with the clothes dried. I smiled at him and took it. I changed and came back out. I smiled at him and ran up to him, pecked him on the cheek and turned to leave.

"You're leaving already, Hyuuga-chan?" I nodded. He gave me an umbrella and I smiled at him. I bounced out the door.

I could tell, this would be a nice beginning of a new friendship. After all, even a rock needs a reason to stay still, right?

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