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Three Part Trilogy

Seasonal Fall Rain

Sasuke x Hinata

Part III: Kiss in the Rain

I'm sitting here in the Hyuuga manor, bored and staring into space. I wonder when Tenten and Ino are free. Most of all, I'm wondering whether or not that one person will look for me.

Knock Knock

I heard someone knocking at my door. I asked them to come in. My cousin/brother Neji-ni-san came in.

"Hinata-sama, there's someone looking for you."

I wonder who it is, so I asked. Neji-ni-san led me out and there, I saw the person I was hoping for. I smiled to Neji-ni-san before telling him I'll be out.

"Hina-chan" The person I was hoping to come find me said. Yup, it was Sasuke-chan. I'm so happy. We walked to his training spot before it started raining. I started dancing in the rain and jumping around. I was so happy; the rain always meant something great.

But, who knew that rain would be slippery. I slipped out of no where and was falling before Sasuke-chan tried grabbing my wrist to prevent me from falling, but the momentum was so great that he fell too.

I laughed at him. For some reason, I was on top of him. I stared into his eyes. His head tilted upwards a little and I leaned forward a little. We almost kissed, but Uzumaki and Sakura came into the training grounds. Sakura saw me lying on top of Sasuke-chan…and she pulled me off and almost slapped me. I used my forearms to block my face but I felt nothing even though I heard a slap. I looked up to see Sasuke-chan in front of me. His face was red on one side and I knew he blocked the slap for me. Sakura looked at him in shock.

"Why did you do that?"

"I won't let you hurt anyone close to me." Sasuke-chan said fiercely. I looked at him in shock.

"Heh, it's no use, she doesn't love you. She likes Naruto." Sakura said. I smirked.

"Me? Like him? Sure he's brave and all that, but that's old news. I never knew the gossip queen can be so slow… but then again that's like me back then. Crushing over someone who can NEVER be yours." I said all of a sudden. It surprised me. I saw anger flash in her eyes.

"Stop saying what you think is true. Well, it might be true for you, but never for me." I walked up to her bravely. I stroked her cheeks with my ice cold hands from the rain.

"Look at this face, it's so pretty, but what's the use? There are many boys after this pretty face with a beautiful figure, but guess what? This pretty face is after some guy who does not like her at all, well maybe except for being teammate. What about that other teammate of yours? He's been crushing after you since he was in the Academy." I said while I pushed myself away.

I heard sobbing behind me and I knew I got my point through. I looked up and saw Sasuke-chan's shocked face. I smirked and grabbed his wrist.

"Ja!" I shouted at the other two before running to my secret place. It was a waterfall and in it, you saw floating leaves. It was my paradise.

"Ne, I shouldn't of done that right?" I asked Sasuke-chan.

"No, you only did what you thought was right and plus, you made her think carefully. So it's a good thing I guess."

"THAT'S THE MOST YOU EVER SAID. YAY!" I shouted happily.

I heard him chuckle and my eyes widened. Then I smiled softly knowing my best guy friend is starting to loosen up.

"Are you ticklish?" I eyed him carefully before moving back slowly and cautiously.

"Why you ask?" He shrugged, but while I was backing up, there was a tree branch that I didn't see. Sasuke-chan pulled me up and pulled me to him. This time, we didn't fall. I smiled at him as a thank you, but he was staring at my face.

"Is there something on my face?" I said bringing my hand up to my face. His hand clasped mine and brought it down. I looked at him in confusion, but he brushed my hair away and leaned closer.

"No, there is nothing. But I've liked you since that day we met in the rain." He said before our lips touched. My eyes widened in surprise before it closed. I felt his arms slid around my waist, tightening the hold he had around me.

The rain was beating against us in a gentle manner, in a soothing rhythm. Water slid around my face and dripped from my chin.

His tongue slithered into my mouth and touched lightly with mine. I felt heat rising to my cheeks. We broke apart soon and panted lightly against each other. I stepped closer and leaned on his shoulder. His clothing was stuck onto his skin because of the wetness.

"That was…" I began.

"Amazing…" I heard him whisper. I broke apart from him and glared at him with my hands on my hip.

"Mister, what made you think you had the right to do that?"

"I'm sorry…" I saw his head bow down ashamed. I smirked and cupped his face with my hands. I brought his head closer giving him a quick peck on his lips. I smiled at him.

"But not that I mind, I've liked you since we became close friends." I smiled at him and I saw the corners of his lips twitching. I reached forward and used my index fingers to make him smile.

"Can I hold you?" I nodded in response before he enveloped me into a hug.

I smiled. Maybe, things do turn out better in the rain. Well at least for me, and that's how my lovely matchmaker made us a match. I wonder if Ten-chan and Ino-chan's dreams will come true… Maybe it will.

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