She was running again, long brown hair flying out behind her as she sped away from the beast behind her, hearing its heavy paw steps and the clacking of claws on the floor. She felt weight above her, pressing her to the floor, claws digging into her side, fangs around her arm-

Louise woke with a start, gasping, soaked in sweat, bolt upright in her bed. She shivered, glancing at her clock. 3 AM. The care home was empty, she was the only kid there and the staff didn't care, going home to their families and warm, comfortable beds.

She rubbed her tired brown eyes, fighting back tears. That nightmare. She had it almost every night, and she hated it. It felt so real… at 13, she missed the comforting arms of a parent around her, the love of a family. But she had none of it. She sighed again, looking around the small room with a few possessions. A table lamp, two novels (Jane Eyre and a Point Horror book), her bed with crisp white sheets. Her wardrobe with only a few items of clothing. A black jumper, two pairs of trousers, two dresses and three tops.

She also had an alarm clock, a simple silver thing. She pressed a few buttons and played the radio quietly, listening to a song.

And Solitaire's the only game in town.

And every road he takes, takes him down.

While life keeps on with everything,

He'll never loveee again.

And keeping to himself he plays the game.

He's playing sollliatiiree.

The Song ended and Louise sighed. She felt it applied to her a little, too. Then, suddenly, the radio was cut out with static. She turned to it, attempting to retune it, but getting only static. Then, suddenly, there was a whooshing sound and she froze, listening. Lights flashed in the dark room and she turned slowly, watching as a huge blue box materialised, taking up most of the space in the room. Then, the Radio blared back on.

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