Thought I'd repost this since today was Ceriene's birthday! Happy Birthday, girl!!

Title: Complementary Flavors
Prompt: Chocolate Mint, though I goofed (apparently I'm illiterate) because it was supposed to be Chocolate Banana.
Pairing: SasuHina
Word Count: 122

Sasuke never found sweets palatable as a child. Years later, it was love that changed his perspective on what he once deemed unappealing.

Nowadays, especially around wintertime when Konoha is covered in a thick blanket of snow, the Uchiha is more than willing to indulge in a warm chocolaty treat, but only if Hinata is there to give it to him.

They bask in a comfortable silence sitting before the flickering glow of the fireplace- he watches as she takes a delicate sip of her peppermint hot chocolate, and afterwards, the former Avenger will lean in to languidly savor her choco-mint-flavored mouth.

Hinata never seems to mind this; she thinks her cocoa tastes better with an added hint of Sasuke.

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