The waiting Game By Melissa

Nick made his way out of the bar as he now stumbled to his motorcycle,
He sighed as he thought about Madison. he started to walk to the nearest portal as he now made his way to the Rocca Residence.
he now stood there as he walked towards the back as he now tossed pebbles to Madison's bedroom window.
"Maddie!" he called out.
"Maddie" he calle out once more.
Madison walked to her bedroom window as she saw Nick.
"Nick?" she whispered.
"I have to see you ' he whispered.
"I'll be right down" she said as she now moved away from her window.

She quietly made her way down as she now opened the back door as she made her way over to Nick.
"Nick, what are you doing here?" she asked.
"I wanted to see you" said Nick as he smile.

"Well you see me" she whispered.
"Come closer,"he whispered.
Madison now moved closer as his right am now snaked around her waist.
"Nick you are drunk" said Madison.
he smiled as he now pulled her into a passionate kiss as she now responded back.
he now managed to drag her into a dark corner as he now moved his hand underneath her top she now let out a soft moan.
"Nick, stop," she whispered between his kisses.
she now felt his hand inside her pajama pants as she now pulled away qickly.
"I said Stop!" she yelled.
"Im not ready for that" said Madison.
"Oh is this how it's gonna be, The waiting Game" said Nick.