Author's Note: This is the second draft of chapter one. The actual content of the story hasn't changed, but I am giving you guys a bit of background and information on the story. I was kind of in a hurry when I posted it the last time and didn't leave you guys with anything. So here it is:

This story is AU, but not completely. The first season of One Tree Hill did happen, but Nathan and Haley never got married, they stayed together until about the end of their senior year until Haley decided Stanford really was the place for her and Nathan headed off to Duke. Haley was discovered as a great singer in a local café in California. Nathan signed himself to the New York Knicks after his senior year of college. Brooke moved out to

As for the rest of the cast; Peyton married Jake almost right out of high school and started her own music record label, Jake is the proud owner of three hot clubs in New York City, Lucas also plays pro ball for the Boston Celtics, and Brooke lives with Haley in California and owns a very hot clothing line; Clothes Over Bro's.

Thats it, I think that will definitely help you guys out a lot. Oh and the idea came from the song "Happy" by Saving Jane. I definitely suggest it to anyone reading this story, it will really set it off.

And the pairings are as followed; MAJOR Naley(sooner or later), Brucas, and obvious Jeyton.


Summary: Nathan and Haley were once madly in love and then reality set it. Now they are nothing more than friends who's faces always grace the tabloids. Then Nathan gets engaged and Haley has been invited to the week vacation the loving couple is throwing for friends and family. How is Haley ever going to survive and is it just her wishful thinking or is Nathan actually looking at her with those old eyes again?

Chapter One; The News

"Brooke, please, I'm trying to enjoy the sun can we talk business later." A young blonde said, laying in the California sun that graced her balcony of the two story beach house she called home. Her hair was pulled back away from her face in a loss bun with pieces falling around her heart shaped face. Her attire was nothing more than an all white bikini that looked great with her nicely tanned and formed body. What else could be expected of pop sensation Haley James on one of her days off?

"This isn't business, Singer Girl, this is serious stuff here. Mail, and you'll definitely want to read it." Brooke Davis had been Haley James' best friend since their days in Tree Hill and once she had become a fashion icon everything just seemed to work out for the two it girls. The brunette was wearing slightly more than her friend, a pair of gray sweats, the cuffs pulled to just below her knees and a white tang top that showed her orange bikini top through the thin material.

"You do realize going through mail is a federal offense." Haley said, sitting up in her lounge chair and taking off her largely round black sunglasses as Brooke dropped a pile of mail on her lap. Haley's fingers began to file through them. "Credit card offer, scripts, music fees, and…Oh God."

"Exactly." Brooke nodded, taking a seat on another lounge chair near her friend and looking toward her as she pulled her hair into a ponytail. "I got one too."

"What - what is it?" Haley asked, trying to act as though she were calm and the news itself hadn't made her want to break into tears.

Brooke shrugged, "Well, I'm guessing that the tabloids got it right for once. Basketball all-star, Nathan Scott, is actually getting married to almost unknown actress, Janis Roberts."

Haley looked over at Brooke and saw the sympathy in her eyes and shook her head, "Brook please, that was years ago. We're friends now, when we actually see each others, and I'm happy for him."

She couldn't lie to her friend and she knew that, but it was at least worth a shot and by the look on Brooke's face she wasn't about to call her on it. They both just sat there in silence for a moment before the sound of ripping was heard. Haley was opening the card, that she already knew what it said, and flipped open the folded piece of paper.

"The invitations are ugly." She mumbled lamely, it was her best attempt at being funny. In fact, the invitations were just normal and Haley was just being bitter.

"Dear Ms. James." Haley read aloud. "We would really love your presence at out wedding week - Wait, wedding week?"

"Just keep reading, I've read mine already." Brooke nodded toward the invitation.

Haley eyed her friend for a minute before looking back down at the invitation. "We are sending all of close friends and family to a great vacation spot in Hawaii to show how much you've meant in our lives. At the end of the week we will be exchanging our vows in front of all of you. Can't wait to see you there and don't worry, hotel and flight is definitely on us."

"And when they say 'us' they mean Nathan." Brooke smirked, now filing her nails lazily.

"Love, Nathan and Janis." Haley finished the invitation and sat it back down on the lounge chair. "Well, I'm definitely not going."

"What?" Brooke's eyes popped up from her nails to her friend and shook her head, "Like hell you're not going. You and me? Free vacation, why the hell not? You said yourself you two were just friends, nothing more."

"I - I know, but I have a lot to do next week and I really think I need to be here working on my next record." Haley was trying her best to make up some sort of excuse.

"Look, Overachiever Girl, you've won two Grammys this past year and I'm pretty sure that deserves a break. Not to mention, I bet Nathan would really want you there."

"Oh please, why would he want me there? I haven't even met Janis and you know what I bet that would really be an awkward meeting to begin with." Haley stuck out her hand as if she were meeting someone invisible. "Hey Janis, I'm Haley James. I'm sure Nathan told you about me. I'm the girl that's still madly in love with your-"

Her words fell silent as she realized what she was admitting. Brooke didn't look surprised or shocked she just nodded in understanding.

"God, what am I going to do, Brooke?" Haley looked defeated as she threw her head back against the chair.

"You're going to go and look crazy hot. Trust me, this Janis girl has nothing on you. She's just kind of - plain." Brooke wrinkled her nose. "She can't get roles for a reason. Anyway, show Nathan what he's missing out on. Make sure he knows by saying 'I do' to her he's never going to 'do' you."

"Brooke please." Haley cringed at Brooke's explanation but laughed. "I'm not going to go out there and ruin their week. They are in love and if they are in love they deserve this."

"Well, you're definitely a bigger person than me." Brooke said, honestly. "Now go get packed, we leave in two days."

There was silence for a moment as if Haley were thinking it over. She would get to see a lot of her friends this way and have a good vacation. She would just swallow her feelings for a week and just have a good time. It wouldn't be all that hard, right? Yeah right.

"Fine." Haley sighed, standing up from the chair and grabbing the mail before walking toward her sliding doors that lead into her kitchen. Brooke's eyes fell to the familiar blue and black numbers that rested right above her swimsuit line and was cradled by her tan hips.

"And if nothing else that little thing will drive him mad." Brooke mumbled with a smirk once Haley had walked inside.

"And I would like to be the first to welcome you to Hawaii. I hope you all enjoy your stay and thanks for flying American Airlines." The sturdiest said over the microphone as the passengers stood from the spots in first class and grabbed their things with ease.

Haley had her hair pulled into a ponytail with big sunglasses over her eyes with a maroon colored, fitted zip-up hooded sweatshirt and a pair of gray sweats with the cuffs pulled to her knees. Her shoes were a pair of Nike tennis shoes, she was going for blending. As was Brooke who wore almost the same thing she was as they entered the airport. It was working since no one even knew where they were going and no one seemed to be giving them a second glance.

"We're supposed to meet the couple at the hotel lobby." Brooke said, adjusting her purse on her shoulder and heading toward the luggage area. "So we should probably hurry."

"Do we have to?" Haley groaned.

"You're already here, now enjoy the vacation and that lei looks rather nice with your complexion." Brooke complimented with a smirk.

"Shut up and lets just get out stuff." Haley smacked her friend in the air and started looking for her large green luggage bag.

Haley and Brooke stood in the lobby of the large five star hotel and looked around for anyone they knew would be in the wedding party. They had taken off their sunglasses and Haley's blonde locks were now falling past her shoulders in soft curls. They were standing their talking amongst each other when they heard a familiar voice.

"Well if it isn't trouble." The female voice of a blonde curly haired girl said, making both of the girls turn around with a grin.

"Peyton Elizabeth Sawyer-Jagelski." Haley almost screamed with excitement, "How the hell are you?"

Peyton's hands fell to her stomach that had an obvious bump growing under the green camisole material she wore along with a pair of blue jeans and sandals. "Definitely fat, but other than that just perfect."

Brooke and Haley both gave sweet smiles toward her stomach when they saw the bump, reaching out to touch it. Peyton was at least four months along now and looked almost glowing with happiness. They hadn't seen her since her and Jake's wedding almost seven months ago. They had all been busy with families and their respective jobs.

"But what about you guys? How's life as a fashion icon and pop sensation?" Peyton grinned.

"Definitely the life. Not even going to lie about that fact." Brooke grinned, hugging her friend after Haley had done so. "Where's Jake and Jenny?"

"Jenny is at home with her grandparents for the week. We really wanted to bring her, but thought she'd get too bored out here with a bunch of adults. Although, Haley, I must say she's a huge fan and I would earn some major cool points if I got her a little autograph." Peyton laughed.

"Are you kidding? Definitely!" Haley smiled. "What about Jake?"

"He's upstairs settling in the room. Doesn't like living out of suitcases, I've just become so used to it that it doesn't bother me."

"How is the record label?" Brooke asked.

"Great, I'm having Gary run it for the week, he's under strict orders not to call me unless there are serious amounts of blood or one of our leading bands drops out." Peyton grinned.

The girls laughed and didn't even notice the two other people that were walking toward them. They were about the same height, but one had dark raven colored hair while the other was a sandy blonde in color. Both were talking until their eyes fell on the two girls from the pasts. The two girls both had once been head over heels for. Lucas' eyes were on the brunette who was obviously telling one of her many stories because the other two girls were laughing at something she was saying. She was still as beautiful as ever and that was almost a bullet to his heart. They had been together for awhile in high school before Peyton came along, they hadn't been together since. She just couldn't find it in her to forgive him. Now they were friends, when they actually spoke anyway.

Nathan's eyes on the other hand fell on the blonde who's back was turned to both of them. He didn't have to see her face to tell who it was. He'd know that figure anywhere. He hadn't expected seeing her to do this to him, make his heart beat faster. He was over her, he was getting married. They had ended it on almost good terms and said it was for the best. She was going off to college in California and he to Duke. They'd just see each other around. Neither had excepted to become famous and still friends, but there they were. His eyes drifted downward to where her sweater was riding up slightly, just enough for him to see the small of her back. She hadn't gotten it removed. It was still there in all it's glory. 23. His number.

"Ah, there's the husband to be." Peyton was the first to see the two boys come in and both Brooke and Haley turned to face them. Both smiling. Haley's faltered only slightly when her eyes met Nathan's. They were still blue as ever and her heart ached.

Lucas and Nathan both smiled as they walked over, hugging each other girls. Almost avoiding the ones they were dreading and then the time came to where Nathan was to hug Haley. He almost expected her to make some excuse and say she had to do something, but she didn't. Instead her smile was wide and she wrapped her arms around his neck affectionately.

"I know you'd find happiness one day." her voice was cheerful and light, something she was faking, but no one could have guessed. Except Brooke anyway.

"Thanks Hales." He said, his eyes never leaving hers as she stepped back. "How's life been for you?"

"Busy." She laughed, "But I'm loving every minute of it."

"Good to here." He nodded, finally dragging his attention off of her as another woman walked into the lobby. She was a redhead, but obviously a fake one. Her smile was bright as she saw the five of them standing there. She was pretty tall and lean, but didn't seem to have all the curves most woman had. She was definitely pretty, but in a fake way and that's what made Haley feel better about herself.

"Nate, I'm glad to see your friends arrived. Mine called and said they probably won't be here till tomorrow since their flight was delayed in Texas. Oh and our parents should both be here in a couple hours." The woman said, her heels clicking against the nice tile flooring.

"I see someone picked a winner." Brooke mumbled to Peyton and Haley so that only those girls could hear and both started to laugh, but stopped themselves quickly. They were adults now, jokes like that shouldn't effect them.

Her green eyes went toward the three girls standing together and she smiled, "You guys must be, wait don't tell me, Peyton, Brooke and um…Heather?"

"Haley." Haley said, trying to sound sweet through her tight teeth.

"Right, Haley. Sorry, the singer right?" She was obviously playing dumb, which made Haley believe Nathan had told her about his and Haley's past. Great, she was going to be treated like some sort of unimportant guest all week, this was going to be interesting.

"Only on my off time." Haley gave a bitter joke that made the others laugh, but Janis just looked at her with a plastered smile.

"Anyway, I hope you all got settled." Janis looked around at the girls who just nodded. "Great, well we're all going out for dinner as soon as the parents get here so if you want to you can head up and rest until around seven we'll meet back here."

Haley, Brooke, and Peyton all just nodded as they started for the elevator. Nathan grabbed Haley's arm to stop her for a second as Janis was talking with Lucas. Haley felt a chill run down her spine when he touched her and her eyes flashed up toward his and he smiled.

"I'm really glad you came."

"What? Didn't think I would?" She asked, with a fake smile.

"I'm just glad you did." He just nodded and Haley started to turn back around without saying another word. She waited until she was almost to the elevator and swallowed hard.

"At least that makes one of us."