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Secondly, this chapter is the last chapter of Happy & it is short for a reason. I fell this story's pervious chapters were powerful enough and I didn't want to end on a heavy note, so I made it something simple and sweet. Sorry, if you guys were expecting something more - dramatic or WOW, but I feel this whole story has been an edge of your seat kind of thing and it's just time for a calm ending. I've had that idea in my head since I started this story and for me I like the way it ended, I'm terribly sorry if you do not or if I let you down in some way. Forgive me.

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Summary: Nathan and Haley were once madly in love and then reality set it. Now they are nothing more than friends who's faces always grace the tabloids. Then Nathan gets engaged and Haley has been invited to the week vacation the loving couple is throwing for friends and family. How is Haley ever going to survive and is it just her wishful thinking or is Nathan actually looking at her with those old eyes again?

Epilogue; This Is The Life You Wanted, Right?

"So we have everyone on the invitation list, right?" Haley walked through the kitchen of what was now Brooke and Lucas' hideaway in California instead of Brooke and Haley's Bachelorette pad.

"Lets see, Scotts, James, Davis, Jagelskis, oh wait, what about Janis?" Brooke asked, turning her head up from the list of people she had sitting in front of her.

"Haha, very funny." Haley said in a deadpanned tone.

"I'm serious. Oh and then we should all ship off to Hawaii and stay there for a 'Wedding Week' and-"

"Shut it, Brooke." A masculine voice said from the front door of the home as Nathan Scott shut the door behind him.

Haley grinned, "Perfect timing. Brooke and I were just talking about how we should go to Hawaii and spend a week there before getting married. Oh and of course invite your ex-fiancee, wouldn't that just be darling?"

"And original." Brooke added.

Nathan gave a small smirk as he walked up behind Haley's and wrapped his arms around her nearly bursting stomach, "Invite her all you want, I'll only be looking at one girl that week. So it wouldn't matter."

"Nathan Royal Scott has still got that charm factor, doesn't he?" Lucas asked as he walked through the kitchen, still wearing his pajamas.

"Morning, Sunshine." Brooke grinned as Lucas walked over and gave her a peck on the cheek.

"Morning, missed you when I woke up." He whispered, but loud enough for Nathan and Haley to hear.

"Please, can we get away from any sweet talk during this time? My morning sickness might come back." Haley laughed, breaking away from Nathan long enough to get a glass of water, "Besides, Brooke and I are still in the middle of finalizing our invitation list."

"She's right." Brooke nodded at Lucas, "Although, I'm still trying to convince her to invite Janis. She won't budge."

"Wonder why." Lucas smiled, looking up at Nathan seeing he was wearing his workout clothes and Lucas knew exactly what that meant. "Let me go change and grab the ball, I'll meet you out there in about ten minutes."

Nathan nodded, looking back toward Haley and placing a quick kiss on her lips, "See you in a little while."

Haley smiled as she watched Nathan leave the house and sighed, "Is it possible to be more in love now than I was then?"

At that moment Lucas came out from down the hall and placed a kiss on Brooke's lips and she also sighed as he left the house, "Absolutely."

Both of the girls stayed silent for a moment before bursting into laughter at how they looked like little schoolgirls giggling over a crush.

Seven Months Later

"He's finally asleep." Haley said, walking out onto the deck of her and Nathan's home back in New York.

Nathan stood up against the wooden deck, facing the doorway where his wife of six months walked out, already looking as though she hadn't just gave birth to a ten pound baby boy five months earlier. She was wearing nothing but his old Knicks jersey and her hair was pulled back into a ponytail, the way she had come accustom to wearing it so Jackson wouldn't pull on it.

"Teething?" Nathan asked, pulling her into his arms once she was close enough to him.

She took a moment to answer, as she just rested her head against his chest and took him in. Six months ago to the day they were married and she was still as in love as ever, if not more now. She loved every moment with him and their son. Her life was just perfect. She had taken a break from recording to raise her son and watch her husband play basketball. If she died tomorrow she would die a happy girl.

"I don't think he would be this early, but he's been chewing his fingers an awful lot." Haley finally spoke, "I'll look in the baby book when we go inside."

"Hear from Brooke?" Nathan asked, resting his chin on top of his wife's head as he looked down at her, she was dead tired. She hadn't gotten much sleep lately because of Jackson's crying almost nonstop. When Nathan said he'd do it, she'd always get up anyway saying she couldn't sleep unless she knew he was.

"She wants us to fly out there next week. Well, actually she said she wanted me to fly out there, but I told her you two would have to come with me." Haley said, sounding as if she were already half asleep. "Time to pick out a wedding dress."

"Us two?" Nathan smiled, "You do realize us Scott men can take care of ourselves, right?"

Haley pulled away, waking up slightly and looking up at husband, "That's great and all, but you do realize that us Scott women are the reason you can take care of yourself, right?"

Haley Scott.

The way she referred to herself as a 'Scott woman' still made his stomach do flips. She was his. Married and together. The way it was always supposed to be and they both knew it. From the moment they had first seen each other Nathan wasn't sure he had ever pictured anyone else in that position as his wife, even when he was engaged to another. It was always her to claim, he was just waiting for her.

"Saw your new video on television this afternoon." Nathan said, changing the subject. "You hadn't shown it to me."

Haley shrugged, "Didn't think it was all that important. Well, I mean it was, but it's just another song and you got the live version back in Hawaii, what could be better than that?"

Nathan laughed, "I guess you're right, but it was good."

"Thank you." Haley smiled, leaning up and giving him a kiss on the lips.

"Thought it was funny how the guy in the video looks an awful lot like someone I know," He started to trail off, "I just can't put my finger on it. Attractive guy, I might add, good at basketball. God, that's going to drive me nuts all night."

Haley gave him a playful slap on his chest, "That was all the producer's idea. So don't even."

"Well, I liked it." Nathan smiled down at her, kissing the top of her head.

"You said that." Haley pointed out, hugging her husband tightly. "God, I don't think it's possible to be any happier than I am right now."

"You've said that." Nathan smiled, echoing his wife's words before pulling her into a passionate kiss.