The flash of red and black drew Itachi's attention to his apartment door.

"Hello, Yasu," he said quietly, not bothering to turn to the newest Akatsuki member.

"Report ANBU," she said sarcastically, throwing open her Akatsuki cloak. Itachi glanced up at her; black halter top, long, wide-legged black pants, shuriken holster, kunai pouch, and sandals, cut to reveal her purple-painted toe nails. Yasu stepped towards him, flipping her black hair over her shoulder. Itachi rose from the couch he had just been laying on. He finally faced Yasu full in the face, then dropped into a deep, respectful bow. He rose just as quickly though; although Yasu had easily overthrown the former leader of the Akatsuki, Itachi could have done so just as easily. He recognized her as his leader, but for the most part he recognized her as his equal. Rising, he began his report.

"Kisame, Deidara, Sasori, and I found another Konoha ANBU. Naturally, we captured him and brought him back here. We knew you'd want to…interrogate him, let's say, so we tried to leave him as unharmed as possible. However, he's a nasty one. We had to hit him several times in order to keep him in line. He obtained a few scratched and bruises, but noth9ing major besides chakra depletion, exhaustion, and minor dehydration. We left him some water and something to eat, but I doubt he'll touch it."

"Hmm…" Yasu's Byakugan/Sharingan eyes slowly drifted downwards. She rested her pale hand on the doorknob and slowly turned it. Itachi's sensitive ears picked up the sound of the lock clicking, then of the slight creak and roan of wood as Yasu swung the door open. Her sandaled feet made no sound on the carpeted floor as she stepped out into the dimly lit hallway and waited off to the side for Itachi. As Itachi stepped out and locked the door behind him, Yasu asked him in a flat, neutral tone:

"Who is he?"

Itachi paused, and then flicked his black hair over his shoulder with a soft swish of silk.

"Hatake Kakashi."