Otoga did become a normal ninja village, and Kabuto was its second Otokage. Tayuya and Kimimaro only ended up having one child, but she was more than enough for them. Her name was Misao, and she had also inherited Kimimaro's bloodline and became the most fearsome fighter the village had ever produced. She trained under Kabuto for a time, and he claimed she had the potential to be the next Otokage. She rose spectacularly to the occasion, becoming the youngest Kage in history at sixteen. Kabuto mysteriously vanished after stepping back from Otokage; many rumors ran wild, but none were true, and none had much, if any, basis. Several claimed to have seen Kabuto around Orochimaru's gravestone, but he always vanished in a cloud of mist as soon as he was seen. Misao never mentioned him, and he soon became a popular character for fireside tales and legends.

Yumiko disappeared with Kabuto, but no one ever laid claim to seeing her. A rumor started that she haunted Orochimaru's grave as payback for driving her parents into suicide, but the rumors were quickly refuted. Orochimaru was not forgotten as quickly, though. It took twenty years just to clean out his lair, and another five to erase his records. Otoga signed an alliance with Konoha and adhered to it this time.

Tsunade and Kakashi remained together until death. Kakashi took a poisoned needle meant for Tsunade, and she was hit again trying to heal him. The two died next to each other, but their sacrifice was not in vain. Tsunade activated a suicide jutsu as she died, taking at least a hundred enemy ninja with her as she died. The village was saved that day, and two new names were added to the memorial stone.

Shikamaru and Temari, of course, ended up married with two children. One, the girl, had inherited Temari's stubborn streak, and the boy was a miniature version of Shikamaru. Both became exceptional jounin, and they became the next liaisons between Sunaga and Konoha.

In the end, the legacy of the Akatsuki died out. Their last members had destroyed themselves, and none of their offspring had children. Yumiko allowed her bloodline to die out, trying to respect her parents and keep it a secret. Kabuto was never seen again, and neither was Yumiko.

Many say, correctly, that she died of a broken heart.

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