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AU: Go Doctor and his jealous rage! W00t w00t! Okay, okay. Most of it is teasing; at least at the start. I have no idea what's going to happen, since I've only seen the first episode of Torchwood! I don't even know if I'm OOC for Gwen or Jack or any of the others, though I can tell Jack's changed since the Doctor days. (when he travelled with Rose and the Doctor)

Takes place in the first episode of Torchwood when Jack and Gwen are talking at the very end, and Jack's telling Gwen about his immortality and that he has to find the 'right sort of doctor'. All quotes taken from The Parting Of The Ways and Torchwood Episode One, Everything Changes.

Disclaimer: Own nothing. (is it just me or are my disclaimers getting shorter?)

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They stood, side by side, in Cardiff.

"It's a long story," Jack was saying to Gwen. "I need a Doctor. Someday I'll find the right sort of Doctor and then he'll…"

Suddenly there was a sound.


To Jack it was beautiful and glorious. To Gwen it was the sound of really bad engines, hrring and going out of wack. Which was why it didn't make sense to her at all when Jack hugged her, picked her up and whirled her around before laughing like a giddy schoolboy, setting her down again and making his way towards that sound as if his life depended on it. Gwen just blinked, and stood there, watching him with curiosity. What was with these Torchwood folks? Do they go insane all the time?

Jack was totally excited – he felt like he was flying. "ROSE!" he shouted. "DOCTOR!" he screamed. He parked himself right in front of the still-materializing blue box.

As the door swung open and someone jumped out all he heard was a little cry of shock and joy and saw a flash of pink before his arms went around the person tightly. He laughed as he hugged Rose and picked her up, spinning her around.

"Jack, is that… you?" Rose whispered hoarsely against his chest as she began to sob noisily and uncontrollably. "I thought… I thought you were dead!"

Jack felt tears prick at his eyes as Rose clung to him as if letting go of him would mean she would never see him again. "It's me," he whispered back, choking on his words. He grinned. "Now, now, why the tears? Don't cry, Rose."

"I never thought I'd hear you say my name again, Captain Jack Harkness."

Jack laughed as he remembered the grief he gave people for not saying 'Captain Jack Harkness' and smiled down on Rose, grateful she had remembered. However, her next words left him stunned.

"I still don't believe it's you." There was suspicion in her voice as she gently backed away from him. "For all I know you could be Slitheen."

"I'm not fat enough," he pointed out, but continued. "But I'll prove it." Jack took a steadying breath and leaned back a little further to gently cup Rose's face in his hands.

"What was the last thing you did and said to me, Jack?" Rose asked.

Jack smiled. "You're too easy," he joked lightly. "I took your head in my hands, like I'm doing now, and said, 'Rose… you were worth fighting for.' And then I kissed you…?" His tone turned into a question, and Rose nodded, smiling with tears in her eyes.

"Yeah, that's right," she whispered huskily, beginning to shake. "Jack, it's you…" she leaned forward and hugged him again, not daring to let go.

Jack figured the only thing he could do to prevent Rose from strangling him was – he gently cupped her chin and smiled down on her, right before he gently and casually kissed her. Rose almost released her grip as she relaxed against him. There was a cough from the doorway and Jack broke the snog off before picking up Rose and spinning her around to see who it was.

The man he was looking at was thin, tall and slim, very handsome and was wearing a suit and a trench coat. Jack guessed by the way this man was looking at Rose and standing just outside the TARDIS casually leaning against it, was the Doctor. Despite all the questions buzzing around in Jack's mind, he had to make sure. For now it was back to normalcy.

"Ooh, right. Hands off the blonde. Sorry," Jack said, whistling as he let go of Rose and backed away, holding up his hands like he would in a surrender.

"Actually, lips off the blonde, if you don't mind," the Doctor corrected, growling.

Rose blushed as she walked over to the Doctor, who promptly wrapped his arm around her.

Jack raised an eyebrow. "Last time I checked…"

"You don't own her," the Doctor interrupted with a twinkle in his eye.

"You don't either," Jack shot back teasingly.

"Um, guys?" Rose started, getting quite uncomfortable.

"Yeah and thank Rassilon for that!" the Doctor exclaimed, grinning as he stepped forward and Jack slung his arms around him in a hug.

"But… Doctor. Your face? Well, your body…" Jack stood back to examine the new Doctor and grinned flirtatiously.

"Before you even think about it, buy me a drink first," the Doctor interrupted, grimacing.

"Still the same Doc," Jack replied, grinning.

"Still the same Jack," Rose and the Doctor replied as one, much to the delight of Captain Jack.

"So. What happened to you, then?" Jack's curiosity was more than aroused; it was on fire.

"I'm a Time Lord, Jack. I regenerate."

Jack looked at him with scepticism. "I thought regeneration was a myth."

"You thought the Daleks were a myth," the Doctor snorted back.

Jack winced. "Yeah, I remember."

"What happened to you, Jack?" Rose asked with concern. The man she knew before had been carefree, exhilarated, ready for anything, fun to be around with, always joking. This was not the man she had known. He was different somehow. He had changed.

"I'm working for Torchwood," Jack said, abruptly changing the subject. He didn't want to speak of his life around Rose; especially if she had a part in his changing. "Oh, there's a girl I want you to meet, Rose. Her name's Gwen. She's Welsh," he leaned down and nodded his head as if that explained everything.

Rose laughed and slugged his shoulder gently. "Okay, sure. She looks a bit… frightened, or maybe confused."

Jack grinned and looked over at the Doctor. "She's good."

The Doctor grinned back and looked over at Rose proudly. "You're telling me."

Rose laughed at both of them before hugging Jack once more and giving the Doctor a peck on the cheek. "I'll be off then to see how she's holding up."

"Don't plan for a nice reception," Jack warned, laughing slightly.

Rose just grinned at him. "I've met Daleks twice."

"Good point," Jack conceded with a nod. "Off you go."

"Wait," the Doctor called before Rose could leave. "Where's my hug?" He faked a pout.

Rose laughed and bounced over to the Doctor, and he enfolded her into a giant, loving bear hug. "I want my girl back soon," he whispered for her ears only as he kissed her.

Rose raised an eyebrow. "I'm your girl now, am I?" she asked.

The Doctor grinned. "You always were," he told her, kissing her nose before letting her go.

"Cheers," she called back at the two and began to make her way over to Gwen, who was still staring at the strange blue box, Captain Jack and the Doctor.

"Doctor," Jack said, taking a deep breath and turning to his friend, who was still staring after Rose.


"I need you to tell me the truth. What happened at the Game Station?"

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Gwen turned as she watched the beautiful, bubbly young girl come over to her. As the girl approached, Gwen had the feeling she was about to meet someone who knew a lot more about Jack than she did – and maybe even more than the others did - and who also was older than she looked. Why did Gwen get the feeling that this girl, who was maybe 20 at the most, was older than her?

"Hi," the girl said cheerfully, her smile showing her beautiful teeth. "I'm Rose."

"Hello, Rose," Gwen said, and the smile the girl gave her was so infectious that she found herself smiling back. "I'm Gwen."

"Nice to meet you, Gwen," Rose responded brightly, still smiling. She hesitated for a moment, but soon launched into the subject that she wanted answers to. "How are you involved with Captain Jack and Torchwood?"

Gwen gave a laugh. Her, involved? It could hardly be called that. Things had happened in the last week that she had hardly understood, but she couldn't tell Rose that. So what did she say?

"Well… I'm new. I'm not even exactly part of Torchwood," Gwen told her, becoming slightly embarrassed. What would Rose say to that?

"Oh, you soon will be, I've no doubt. You're just the one Jack's been looking for… have you had any experience with guns?"

The sudden question caught Gwen off guard. What had this girl been exposed to that she should be able to talk so freely about guns and classified information while keeping that carefree smile on her face?

"Yes, I'm a police officer."

"Oh, that will be fantastic then. I don't think you'll have to use your gun often; me and the Doctor have never used one yet."

"You and the Doctor?"

"The Doctor… he's my friend… right over there." Rose turned round and pointed to where Jack and the Doctor were still standing, talking.

"You guys seemed more than friends," Gwen blurted, and blushed when Rose's gaze whirled to her. She should have kept her mouth shut; now Rose was probably going to tell her off.

"Guess we are," Rose only said wistfully, and then laughed. "Not that it's a surprise," she muttered, and Gwen could only guess what that meant.

"I don't mean to pry… but how do you know Jack?" Gwen asked cautiously, her curiosity aroused.

"He travelled with us a bit," Rose carefully said, shrugging.



"Where's the rest of the crew?" Rose asked, looking around. Even now, the pavement repaired from the damage the Rift had caused, memories still came flooding back. Mickey… how he had left – Margaret, of how she had been turned into an egg – Jack, recounting his adventures while the four of them had sit around casually eating lunch – The Bad Wolf project - her ninth Doctor.

Gwen saw Rose blink hard a few times. "Are you okay?" she asked in concern.

"Oh yeah, just… memories. You know how they haunt you," Rose replied, turning round and swiping her hand in front of her eyes.

"I know that too well," came a voice from behind Rose. She spun around.

"Hey, Jack," she said lightly. "Where is the rest of the crew? I'd sure like to meet them."

Jack hesitated before glancing at the Doctor. He thought of Owen. "Yeah, okay, sure. They're down."

To Gwen's surprise, he took them to the mysterious lift. Jack hid nothing from these two – which showed the complete trust he had in them. Something big must have happened to him when he traveled with the mysterious pair, because as far as he could gather, Jack doesn't trust just anyone.

Gwen watched as the Doctor headed over to Rose and wrapped an arm securely round her. She was slightly envious, knowing both men favoured her more than a little, Jack's welcome and the Doctor's actions without words had proven that.

"Gwen?" Jack asked when she just stood there, short of the lift. Could she go back down there again? Rose solved the problem by gently stepping out of the Doctor's arm and laying hers on Gwen's.

"Come with me and we can learn the ropes together. I don't want to be the only girl with these two," Rose whispered to her. Gwen nodded silently and followed her back onto the lift as Rose slipped her hand into hers and squeezed it reassuringly. Gwen returned the pressure.

Arriving in the big cave, Jack stepped off the lift and waved his hand. "Welcome to Torchwood."

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