Forever, Can Be an Awfully Long Time

Oh my god! So for Christmas I got Twilight and New Moon and I was literally hooked on it. I couldn't put the books down until I finished it! And know I've become like a serious fan. Stephenie Meyers is such a good writer and I can't wait for the next book.

So I've been liked hooked on the Twilight fanfiction sight and my favorite stories are when the Cullen's leave and Bella becomes a vampire and they meet again later on. So I decided to write one like that.

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Summary: The Cullen's left Bella, but Bella made an effort to get better again. At the meadow she got bitten by Laurent. A century later, back at Forks, Bella and her new family bump into the Cullen's again. But Bella has moved on, she loves another as much as she loved Edward. If not more. Edward is still in love with Bella however, but to what lengths will he go to, to just win her trust and friendship back

Disclaimer: I don't own any of Stephenie Meyer's characters, but I'm creating my own little coven of vampires.


Chapter One – 100 years

Bella's POV

"You guys get moving!"

"If we're late I'm blaming you!"

"Come on get out of the bathroom! It's not like you have to pee anymore!"

"All right everyone I'm leaving, have a good day at school!" a male voice called out. Damien, the leader of our coven called out to his family. Damien was changed at twenty-eight years old and was like the father of our strange family. He was transformed during the beginning of the American colonies by a vampire, and had built up a resistance to human blood, finding it completely barbaric. He was tall, six foot with red hair and brown eyes. He worked as a professor at a university a bit outside of the city, teaching philosophy.

"Bye daddy," a chorus of voices yelled out.

"Bye Damien."

"See you later."

"Have a good day at work," I said giving Damien a hug.

"Watch over the others for me Bella," Damien asked before getting into his blue BMW and driving away.

Damien was like the father figure I had never had. Sure I had Charlie, but he wasn't really there all the time, or most of the time, but I now had Damien.

Damien was our coven's adopted father. That was what we told humans, but in a way when he found us he took us all in and raised us himself. He truly is my hero.

Running upstairs to my room to get my stuff I passed my sister and brother making out. "Hey you guys get ready for school," I called out to them breaking there trance.

My brother Thomas looked up and glared at me. He was changed in the 1850s, and was a tall, muscular guy. Kind of like Emmett I had noticed when I first joined the coven. But living with him, I found many differences. Thomas had dark blonde hair and brown eyes. He was changed when he was seventeen and played a junior along with me.

My sister Bridget glanced up and rolled her eyes. I was constantly breaking up there make out sessions, but would always find time to have some of my own. Bridget had long blonde hair. Her eyes a glorious blue, and with the vampire enhanced senses she looked like a goddess. She was prettier then Rosalie, I had admitted to myself. She was changed in the 1890s at age sixteen. She played a sophomore at the school.

I walked inside my room where I found my twin brothers jumping on my bed. "Hey," I yelled laughing as I plucked up Theodore from my bed and then reached for Nathaniel. They were changed when they were eight years old in England, thus the names. They both looked alike with brown hair and hazel colored eyes. However Theo's hair was a lighter color then Nat's.

"Scat," I told them. "I need to get ready."

As soon as they left I quickly changed out of my sweats that I had been wearing and picked out some clothes. Some tight fitting jeans low on my waist with some black heels and a black shirt that didn't cover my navel and was low cut. I stuck a jean jacket the came down to my breasts into my backpack as a knock sounded on my door.

My youngest sister, Diana, stood there. She was changed when she was six years old and was going to go to the first grade. She had dark brown hair with big old blue eyes. "Mommy, can you tie my hair in a ribbon?" she asked me.

Yes, that's right. She called me mommy. Actually Diana, Nat, and Theo all three called me mom and Damien dad. They were young and taken away from their families at such a young age felt more comfortable called Damien and myself mom and dad.

I found it kind of cute that she did. I patted a chair next to me as Diana ran over holding her arms up. Plucking her up from the floor and seating her on a chair, I carefully braided her long brown hair in a braid coming down her back and tied it with a ribbon.

"There you go," I said. "You like it?"

Diana nodded smiling up at me, before hopping down and running out of my room. I glanced at myself in the mirror and still after a century marveled at the changes that had happened to me.

If it had been possible I became even paler, but my hair had lengthened and curled. I had left my hair open and it cascaded down my back in curls. My face was round with sharp features and my body had become shapely. Also other parts of my body had grown a bit in size as well, not that I was complaining.

Grabbing my black backpack I clambered down the stairs. "Everyone ready?" I called out.

Then a pair of muscular arms came around my waist pulling me off the ground and spun me around. "Morning," a voice whispered huskily into my ear.

I giggled. "Morning," I whispered back and catching his lips into a kiss.

Yes, I Bella Swan had moved on. It was great. When the Cullen's had first left me, for a week I moped around, but when I looked into a mirror I noticed a shell and was shocked at what had become of me. So I got out of my depressing rant and cleaned myself up. If Edward didn't love my anymore, why should I even mope or think of him. He wasn't worth the time or the effort.

I had gotten over him before I was changed. I had gone to the meadow to bury that CD he had left me, when I had ran into Laurent. Laurent had obviously bitten me but Damien had saved me pulling Laurent off.

For three days I lay in agonizing pain, and when I had woken the first thing I had seen was Gabriel's worried face. Gabriel was my love, my husband, my eternity. I had come to love Gabriel as much if not more than my love for Edward.

Fifty years ago, Gabriel had asked me to marry him and I had said yes.

Gabriel had been changed at nineteen and played a senior at the school. He had black hair that came down to his chin and black eyes. He was gorgeous to me. My knight in shining armor. I had finally gotten one.

"Come on you guys," Bridget called out.

"Coming," Gabriel said and went back to kissing me.

"Mommy," someone said tugging on my pants. "We need to go."

I looked down to see Diana. I bent down and picked her up. "See you at school," I called to Gabriel and walked to my black Mercedes. It was fast, quiet, and ran like a charm. I buckled Diana in the back seat and went to the driver's side. Bridget was already waiting for me in the passenger seat and began to talk as I put the car into reverse.

Gabriel with the guys in the black SUV waited for me to pull out first before following me to the school.

Edwards POV

I had believed leaving Bella was the right thing to do. My family told me how stupid and idiotic I was being but I couldn't see past Bella's safety. But then, I began to not be able to live life as I should've. There was not a day that went by that I didn't think of her and my resistance was fading away.

About six months after I decided to go back and to beg, grovel, and plead for forgiveness and her love. I couldn't believe I had left her for that long. She was my soul mate and I had finally given in to changing her.

When Alice saw that I was going she had marched up to me hit me on the head and wished me luck. However, luck was the furthest thing I could've received. When I got there I found out that Bella had been killed by an animal a week prior.

I was shocked and angry at myself for not being there to protect her. When I had come back my family was mourning. Esme felt like she had lost another child and Alice had lost a best friend. Emmett and Jasper had lost a little sister and even Rosalie walked around quietly eyes a bit glazed over.

I couldn't believe I wouldn't. For over half a century I left my family looking everywhere for Bella. It was only a few years ago that I had rejoined my family. I had stopped talking to anyone and wouldn't listen to music. In fact I had thrown all my CD's out. I would spend day after day in my room in the dark alone with my thoughts.

We were back in Forks even though I didn't want to be. We weren't completely in Forks but very close to it. Today we were going to be starting school again. Alice and I as juniors and Jasper, Emmett, and Rosalie as seniors.

Carlisle had warned us that another coven of 'vegetarian' vampire were nearby and most probably going to the same school as we were.

'When will he snap out of this?' that was Rosalie's thoughts.

'I can't take all this pain and suffering, it's maddening!' Jasper's thoughts.

'Poor guy, so close to Forks and Bella and all,' Emmett's thoughts.

'Don't worry Edward, something tells me that you're going to have a bright future,' Alice's thoughts.

For the last few days Alice had been rather cheerful, but Alice was always happy.

I walked slowly outside and got into the silver Volvo and drove my family to our new school. Parking the car we all stepped out and saw students scattered everywhere.

There were some jocks at the football field with the cheerleaders and some nerds studying at the table. One girl with dark blonde hair and brown eyes looked up and smiled at us. She quickly put her books away and walked towards us. 'I hope these are the Cullen's that Principal P. wanted me to meet. If not this will be embarrassing,' the girls' thoughts said.

"Hey," the girl said giving us a smile. "Are you guys the Cullen's and Hale's?"

Alice nodded. "Yes, that's Jasper and Rosalie Hale and Emmett and Edward Cullen. And I'm Alice Cullen," Alice said introducing everyone.

"Nice to meet you all. My name is Julie, I was asked my Principal Patterson to meet you all here and show you guys around," she said. "So come on," she said walking away.

Rosalie and Alice exchanged glances before following the girl. Emmett and Jasper followed their wives as I walked behind them all my head held down.

The girl, Julie showed us all around when two cars came screeching in. The only reason I even cared to look was that everyone in the car came out laughing and a familiar scent reached my nostrils.

He head snapped up and turned around and . . . there she was. Alive, well, happy, laughing. Bella was here. She was alive, I wasn't dreaming. My eyes widened.

'Is that her?' Rosalie asked.

I nodded a small grin on my face.

'I told you, you had a bright future,' Alice said.

I felt Emmett stiffen beside me. Glancing at him, I turned around and followed his gaze. I felt anger bubbling inside of me and the beast inside roared with jealousy. I let out a small growl and walked in Bella's direction when Emmett and Jasper grabbed me and wouldn't let me walk towards them.

Bella was against the blue Mercedes and being kissed by some other guy.

We all quickly looked away when Bella and that guy broke apart and he walked away with a female and male into the school. A pair of twin boys ran toward the elementary section of the school yelling for some other friends of there's. They ran slightly faster then normal for humans.

Bella was walking in their direction holding a little girl's hand. She hadn't seemed to have noticed our presence yet, in conversation with a small six, five year old girl.

Julie turned around and followed our gaze to them. "Oh, that would be the Rider's," she said.

"Who?" I asked speaking for the first time in a long time.

"The Rider's," she repeated. "There all adopted, their father works as a college professor at one of the schools a bit outside the city. Those people are about the nicest people you'd ever meet. That's Bella and her sister Diana," Julie said pointing to them. "The cute part is that Diana, and the other youngest ones, Nat and Theo, their twins, they all call Bella mum. It's really adorable. She's like the mother they never had."

"What about the others?" Emmett asked.

"Oh you're probably talking about Thomas, Bridget, and Gabriel," Julie said. "Well, Thomas and Bridget have been going out for, like forever. People here already know that they'll be together forever. We're all waiting another few years for Thomas to pop the question to Bridget."

'They're married,' Jasper thought.

"Gabriel's a senior. Thomas is a junior and Bridget a sophomore. Bella's a junior as well, and Bella and Gabriel have been going out together. They have this fairy tale romance, it's incredible."

"We all know Gabriel after finishing high school will ask Bella to marry him. He's already asked a few of us girls what kind of jewel Bella likes. We all know he's been looking for a ring," Julie said with a giggle.

I growled again, his eyes turning a pitch black. 'Quiet Edward, we don't know if they really are married,' Alice scolded him.

"Here, I'll introduce you," Julie told them. "Bella. HEY BELLA," Julie called out.

Bella turned around and saw Julie gave her a smile. Her eyes left Julie and looked at the students behind her.

I saw Bella's eyes go wide and saw a display of emotions pass through, before she smiled and picked her sister up and walked towards us.

"Hey Julie, you showing the new kids around?" she asked looked at us, or rather me in particular.

I couldn't tear my gaze off of hers. Bella was beautiful as a human, but as a vampire she was absolutely gorgeous.

"Yeah, this is Rosalie, Emmett, Jasper, Alice, and Edward. You guys this is Bella and her sister Diana."

"It's nice to meet you all," Bella said smiling. "I got to drop off Diana, before first period," she said to Julie.

"Okay," Julie said grinning.

"It was so nice to meet you all," Bella said looking straight at me. I could hear the sarcasm of that statement. "I'll see you in English Julie," she said with a wave.

"Bye Bella."

Bella's POV

As soon as I got out of the car, Gabriel had me pinned to it kissing me. I sure as hell didn't mind, I loved kissing my husband.

"I need to take Diana to class," I murmured to him.

Gabriel groaned as he bent down and began to kiss up and down my neck. I reached up to him and whispered in his ear. "We'll finish this at home," I said huskily and taking Diana's hand that was waiting for me walked away with a sway of my hips.

I know Gabriel was watching but who did I care. I loved leaving him all hot and bothered.

As I began to walk down the school grounds a familiar scent reached me. One I hadn't smelled in over a century. I gulped. They couldn't be here, they just couldn't.

"Bella," I heard someone call my name. "HEY BELLA!"

I turned around and there was Julie with the . . . Cullen's. My eyes widened, before I could help. Okay I was just going to pretend that I didn't know them, and just keep going. I smiled as I picked Diana up and walked over to them.

"Hey Julie, you showing the new kids around?" I asked. I looked at Edward and I was so happy that I felt nothing what so ever. Only anger and hurt. But no more love. I was over him.

"Yeah, this is Rosalie, Emmett, Jasper, Alice, and Edward. You guys this is Bella and her sister Diana."

"It's nice to meet you all," I said with a fake smile. "I got to drop off Diana, before first period," I said to Julie.

"Okay," Julie said grinning.

"It was so nice to meet you all," I said looking straight at Edward. "I'll see you in English Julie," I said with a wave.

"Bye Bella."

I walked away with Diana in my arms. "Were those the vampire's daddy asked to be watching out for?" Diana whispered in my ear.

"Yes they are," I said. "Yes they are."

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