The Second Annual Fannie Awards

The pale dawn's light crept out from behind the darkening stormclouds. Slowly, almost gently, the pale light bathed the field, allowing the early morn's dawn to shimmer off the blades of grass. This field, to the passing eye, seemed so tranquil and calm. Long, green grass, highlighted every so often with bright yellow and red flowers, made the field seem an almost an idyllic place, even with the skies above threatening to darken the tranquility again. However, that tranquility was quickly shattered anyways, as the two groups moved onto the edges of the field, their heavy footsteps trampling the delicate blades and blossoms beneath their feet.

Armour glinted brightly as more clouds cleared above them. Deadly, dangerous weapons shone in the pale light. In this once peaceful scene, two forces stared out across the field, their anger evident, even across the great distance. Finally, the two armies ground to a halt, meeting their opponent's eyes across the ground.


Surforst, resplendant in his white armour, rode up to the front of the group. His steed, a deep black stallion, snorted as he rode in front of the troops, his eyes meeting each and every one of them. He rode back to the middle of the line, pausing to gaze over the essembled mass. He took a deep breath, taking a moment to look across the field.

"You see them, don't you?" He paused, letting the statement linger. "You see them there. They are a threat to everything we hold dear." His eyes turned back to his troops, looking for hesitation. "You know what they say, don't you? They want to destroy everything we believe in. Even now, they refuse to believe the truth, the truth that we hold dear to our hearts. But we know the truth, don't we? We know that the truth we hold dear will hold strong, that we are in the right."

Surforst lifted his head, gazing skyward. "For we know, in our heart of hearts, that Kim and Ron will be FOREVER!"


King in Yellow listened calmly as Surforst's voice was heard across the field. Even though the words could not be heard, the meaning was self-evident. His white charger was restless, but he reigned the beast in. He turned his attention from across the field to his own troops.

"They fear us you know." He let the words linger, making sure the meaning was clear. "They fear who we are. They fear what we think. Some of them even call us deviants for it. But we know better, don't we?"

King in Yellow gazed over his troops and smiled. "We know that we are not the things they claim we are. Are we not just men and women, as they are? Yet they fear us. Why? Because our beliefs differ from theirs? To them, we are different, something to be feared. But we are not. Our ideas may seem strange to some, but does that mean we should tolerate their mistrust?"

King in Yellow rose up before the assembled mass, looking them over. "I say, we DO NOT! We did not start this conflict, but we sure as hell are going to finish it. For we are KIGO!"


Surforst was quickly joined by his generals Yvj and MrDrP, flanking him on either side. He nodded to them, and backed up a step.

MrDrP smiled to the crowd, though a hardness remained in his gaze. "We did not seek conflict, but that is our only recourse. They have left us no choice. We must do what we can to preserve our way of life."

"Will you fight for us?" Yvj looked over the group, and could see the resolve in their eyes. "Will you help us? We know you, each and every one of you. Now, it is the time to fight for what we believe in!"


Blackbird strode up beside King in Yellow, drawing their attention to him. "But it is not just the Kigo that stand with us this day. All those termed deviants stand with us to fight! The Ron/Bons..." a cheer rises from the right, "the Rongos..." a cheer from the left sounds out, "the Drakkims... " a tiny cheer sounds out from the back, "And even the Rontors... Dirons..." Blackbird paused, looking over at Atomicfire. "Umm... what do you call a Ron/Dr. Director?"

Atomicfire shrugged.

Blackbird let the moment pass, smiling once more. "All of us stand together, to fight the oppression. Together, we are strong. Together, we shall stand VICTORIOUS!"


Surforst rode out in front once more, feeling the energy from the crowd. "Now is the time to stand together. Now is the time to be strong, to stand up for what we believe in. NOW IS THE TIME FOR ACTION! ARE YOU WITH ME?"

A resounding cheer sounds out from the group, audible for miles around.


Surforst turned his steed around. With the draw of his sword, he pointed it at the enemy. His steed rose up on its hind legs, and Surforst reveled in the moment.



King in Yellow nodded to Blackbird, and his voice rose higher. "They wish to suppress our individuality, our creativity, but I say nay. We will not supress ourselves because they fear our ideas. We are who we are, and NOTHING will ever change that. DO YOU STAND WITH ME? DO YOU FIGHT WITH ME?"

The crowd roared in approval, beating their swords against their shields.

King in Yellow grabbed up the lance beside him, hoisting it high overhead. "THEN LET THEM KNOW THAT YOU WON'T STAND FOR IT! SCREAM IT OUT! TODAY, WE END THIS!"

He turned, pointing his lance at the now on-rushing force.



The very ground trembled as the two forces poured across the field. The very ground churned beneath their feet, both sides voices raised in determination. The few birds still on the field took flight quickly, their rapid ascent a panicked response. Both sides were now close enough now to make out the voices and faces across from them, and quietly, foes were targeted. Each sides goals were evident, the conflict would end, here and now.

The forces weren't more than ten feet apart though when the heavens suddenly opened before them. Both sides lurched to a stop as a blinding light shone forth from in front of them, halting all in their tracks. Eyes squinted through the brightness, trying desperately to find the cause of this startling light, but all they could make out was a dark shape bathed in light.

The light shone brightly for a few moments more before dimming, and both sides could only gasp as a single, solitary figure stepped forth from the light, his hands raised at his sides as if he could hold the two forces at bay all by himself.


The voice was commanding and powerful, and both sides could only look on in awe. Zaratan smiled at this, and he slowly opened his eyes. "This is not the way my people. There is no need for this conflict." His eyes swept over the assembled masses, his eyes sad. "Please, there is always a better way."

Voices rang out from the crowd. "But they hate us..." "They want to destroy us..." "We need to..."


The shouts and murmurs disappeared, and Zaratan stood proud before them. "This violence must end! We should be able to get along without all this acrimony and hate. Please? Can you not see that this conflict is tearing us apart. And with the Fannie Awards starting soon..."

"The Fannie Awards?" Commander Argus glanced down at his watch. "Oh man, I'm late! The Fannies are starting! Come on everybody!"

Swords clattered to the ground, and the entire mass as one bolted from the field, unheedful of the solitary figure they trampled beneath their feet in their streamed off the field. Even faster than it filled, the field was empty, except for two lone figues.

Mattb shook his head as he marched across the field, peering into the small crater where his friend's body had been crushed. "You know, I told you it wasn't smart to get in the middle of them. You could have just as easily have stood to the side and said all that."

A small puff of dust flew away from Zaratan's face. Slowly, he raised his head, glaring up a Mattb. "Just shut up and help me up."

Mattb just grinned, grabbing Zaratan by the arm. When he was standing, Mattb pressed on his friend's arm experimentally. "You know, you feel softer. I think you've been tenderized."

Zaratan just groaned, and started limping off the field. "You know, this is not a good omen for the Fannie Awards.


That's right folks, it's almost Fannie Awards time. You still have time to place your votes though. Send me a PM or email with your votes before midnight, January 31st EST to take part in the event of the season. Hosted by myself and Mattb3671, it's something no one should miss! Then, on Saturday, February 17th, the 2006 Fannie Awards are presented. So break out your dancing clothes, because we are going to have a party!

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