-1Dreaming - SesshoumaruxKagome

It was night, the dark clouds shimmering over the horizon. It was always such, always pleasant and calm, sweet and loving. It was like a dream, shimmering alone in the dark touches of the heavenly stars. A moon and a star, a comparison and yet a perfect pair.

He always said he would like to fly and touch his star, the small twinkling light forbidden, his touch disallowed.

She always said she would like to feel the moon, see it's power and glory. She was not allowed either, for they both knew, though not together, that it would never happen.

They were apart forever, a single mind wrenched away in darkness and fear as though they had never known each other, and yet, there was a flicker of hope.

Inside a dream, hearts beat tender and soft, and inside a dream, they were together, forever, loyal and loving for eternity.

But they were only dreaming.