Hanyou Kyuubi meets Container

Kurama was minding his own business (mostly) when he stumbles across an old path he's never seen before. He was bored, so he decided to see where it lead. BIG. MISTAKE.

He continues walking for over an hour until he starts to get tired. He briefly considers turning back and going home when he notices an-all-too-familiar-aura. A fox demon aura, similar to his own. His curiosity piqued, he figures that it wouldn't hurt to investigate the aura. (Apparently he forgot the saying that CURIOUSITY KILLED THE CAT.)

What Kurama discovers both confuses him and cracks him up. He had stumbled onto a young boy dressed in orange and blue with yellow hair, blue eyes and what appears to be fox-whiskers on his face. The boy seems not to sense his aura or presence. He watches as the child throws shurinkens at a log, (most of them don't even make it close to the log) and decides that the day might not be a total loss after all. It took the boy 30 minutes to even realize that he wasn't alone. (He was too focused on his throwing shurinkens to even notice sooner.)

"Who's there?!" the boy says; Kurama notes the hint of fear in his voice.


Kurama debates whether or not he should come forward or not when he hears something coming. He hides; the plants surround him covering his presence completely. A man wearing black, green and grey enters the clearing. He appears to be drunk; when he sees the boy he flies into a rage, ranting all the while about 'demons' and 'payback'. When he attempts to attack the child, who was frozen from fear, Kurama calls upon the plants to entangle the fool. Much to his dismay, they refuse to do so; this forces him to choose. Either he remains hidden while the boy is hurt, or he intervenes and blows his cover. His choice was forced on him as the child yelped in pain.

His trademark rose at hand, he jumps from his hiding spot and strikes the drunken man. His whip hits the mark; the man backs down for a moment, which was all he needed. He scoops up the child and hides in the forest. The boy is frightened; he was still trying to make sense of what happened and who his rescuer was. His eyes are wide as he says in a hushed whisper that Kurama had to strain to hear… "Who are you?"

The boy calms down a little when Kurama gives him a gentle smile and says, "I'm a friend."

"A friend? What's that?" the boy asks. His question catches Kurama completely off guard. This boy didn't know what a friend was?!

"A friend is someone who's there for you and is on your side."

"I've never had a friend before…" said the boy quietly.

"What's your name?" asked Kurama gently.

"Naruto. Naruto Uzamaki."

"My name is Kurama. Nice to meet you Naruto."

"What're you doing here, Kurama-san?" asked Naruto.

"I was passing by and saw you practicing. I just happened to be watching when that drunken idiot tried to attack you."

"Thank you for saving me."

"Why were you out here all alone?" asked Kurama.

"I was training so I could pass my test tomorrow. I practice alone 'cause no one seems to even want to be near me."

"Where are your parents? Surely they would care."

"I don't have any parents. I'm all alone…" said Naruto, who was trying to hold back his tears.

"You know, sometimes its okay to cry," said Kurama. He holds Naruto who breaks into sobs. His eyes turn up to the sky when he hears the loud cry of thunder approaching. Naruto's crying starts to slow down and Kurama asks him, "Sounds like a thunderstorm is coming. Do you know anyplace where we could stay out of the rain?"

Naruto looks up at him and replies, "My house isn't too far from here…"

Kurama gets a sudden idea that might cheer Naruto up; he gently picks him up and lets him ride on his shoulders.

"Tell you what Naruto, you give me the directions to your house and you can ride on my shoulders all the way there. Sound good to you?"

Naruto's tears and sad face disappear in an instant. He nods quickly, and Kurama sees Naruto smile. He chuckles as he says, "Naruto, your grin reminds me an awful lot of a fox."

Naruto laughs, which brightens Kurama's otherwise dull mood. Naruto directs him all the way to an apartment, which he enters with Naruto looking like he's about to fall asleep. As he enters the bedroom, he feels the young boy fall fast asleep. He takes Naruto off his shoulders and lays him down carefully on the bed. Right after he pulls the covers over him, the thunder booms overheard and he watches as the downpour of rain starts to come pouring down. Kurama was not eager to walk outside in the pouring rain, so he reluctantly decides to stay with Naruto; at least until the rain stopped anyway.