Time Troubles

When Kyuubi returned to Konoha for a brief moment, he found something disturbing. It was almost as if more than 2 months had passed…

"How long has your brother been gone at the Dark Tournament?"

"About six months…why?"

"SIX MONTHS?! It can't be! We've only been away two by my count!"

"Well, he's been away for six months. Why are you so surprised?"

"Because the last time I checked, the Dark Tournament lasted only two months…three tops!"

"Well, it's been six months…"

"Something is very wrong here… how could six months have passed. I'm sorry, but I have to return. This could be very serious…"

"But, father!"

"I'll be back, with a new brother for you. His name is Naruto."

"AS IF 413 KITS WEREN'T Enough?!"

"413? What happened to the rest? And anyway, Naruto isn't a normal kit. He's human…"


"Naruto's different."

"I don't care what his excuse was to change your mind about mortals, but his kind has killed the others!"

"Naruto…has ME sealed inside him…" Kyuubi said reluctantly.

"Is this a joke father? Because I don't find it amusing."

"The Fourth Hokage sealed me inside of him. I have a hard enough time escaping the seal."

"How do we know we can trust him?"

"He found what killed your mother…"

"We know it was Manda. We found his shed skin not 10 meters from the den."

"Well, if I had known it was him from the start, then I wouldn't have attacked the village."

"We know. Anyway, what's so bad about the Dark Tournament and Konoha going out of sync?"

"Because the baka has an older brother from that world. Yoko Kurama."

"So? What does it matter?"

"Kurama has become mortal as well. He is now training the boy."

"Fine…we'll leave them alone. But the humans must pay for what they've done!" roared Kitsu. (Oldest and grumpiest of the kits.)

"NO. YOU WILL LEAVE THE HUMANS ALONE," Kyuubi roared thunderously. As if by an unknown queue, he vanished…

"Kurama, we have trouble. The timelines…they're out of sync!"

"What do you mean Kyuubi-san?" asked Kurama.

"He means either more time has passed back in Konoha or that it's gone backwards…"

"According to Kitsu, we've been away for…6 months."

"SIX MONTHS?! How could this have happened?"

"Whatever between our worlds is starting to slip.If this continues…"

"Then there'd be no assurance I'd see Naruto in the present…"

"Nii-san…does that mean you have to leave me?" asked Naruto, clearly upset.

"It just means I'll have a harder time seeing you."

By the end of the Dark Tournament, Yusuke's team has won, and his mentor is back. Naruto and Kurama head back to Konoha, expecting all hell to break loose. The returned find Naruto was behind in two months homework, which he quickly caught up. Little did they know that Hiei was about to experience an adventure of his own which would allow to him to see what a family is truly about. His own sister, Yukina, still had no clue Hiei was her brother.

Sasuke, Naruto's rival, was about to be reunited with his own sister, Sakura. She was spared from the massacre of the clan by visiting a friend in another village that day. Hiei's arrival in his life would change much in the ninja village of Konoha.

This fic will be continued in the sequel, The Uchiha Trio.