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Chapter.12: The Perfect Day

The light from the open window splashed against Aang's face, causing to stir with a groan. One grey eye peeled open, and was greeted by the face he wanted to wake up to every morning for the rest of his life. A tired smile slowly spread across his face, as his eye drooped close, and scooted closer to his earthbending love. Toph tightened her embrace in response. Toph was right; snuggling was nice. He sighed happily, it had been a hundred years since he felt this way, since he had felt wanted and loved.

And now Aang could return those feelings, and with Toph no less. Toph the hard hitting, earthbending, Tom boy, who opened his heart and showed him what love was. Destiny was a funny thing, and so is love. And there was no doubt in Aang's mind that Toph was his destiny. She always had been. Now he waited for her to wake up so he could tell his destiny how he felt.

Though judging from her steady snoring, and the thin line of drool dribbling down her chin and onto her side of the pillow, it seemed it would be a long, long time, before Toph woke up. Allowing himself a few more moments of content bliss, before grudgingly, and with much difficulty, for Toph still had her iron grip wrapped around him, began sliding out of bed.

Moving slowly so as not to disturb his teacher and soul mate, Aang then stood and raised his arms over his head to stretch and let out a silent yawn. Again figuring it would be awhile before Toph would even begin to wake up, the idea stuck him to have flowers waiting for her when she did. What better way to begin his courting of Toph than with a big bouquet of flowers.

Aang fetched her stuffed badgermole, and tucked it under her arm, which she proceeded to unconsciously, squeeze the living daylights out of the poor thing. But Aang only chuckled, as he tucked Toph herself back into bed.

The last airbender's hand stretched out once again, this time to brush some silky bangs aside. "See you soon...my muddy angel," Aang had to bite his fist to keep from laughing. Hey, if Toph could give him a pet name, then he deserved to give her one. When the fit of giggles passed, he stood up and took a step back.

He felt something squish beneath his heal, and looked down. Lifting his heel, Aang discovered it was a crumpled piece of stationary, the one he had written on the night before. The airbender gently reached down and picked it up with his thumb and fore finger. Aang smoothed

out the paper and best and as quietly as he could, noticing the wrinkled phrase 'I respect Toph' scrawled in the center. Aang shook his head amusingly, that wouldn't do. Taking a fresh piece of stationary, Aang sat at the small table, and dunked the brush into the dark ink. With the enthusiasm only a person in love could possess, a new message was proudly written. Taking a brief ,moment to admire his handy work, Aang stood up again and tip-toed to the sliding door.

Aang took one last glance at his sleeping love. " Sleep well my, dirty princess," he tried again, and closed the door before as another wave of laughter came. And left, his thoughts on flowers, and what Toph's new nickname would be.

The dozing earthbender was becoming increasingly aware of the absence of warmth at her side. Pale green eyes struggled to open, and immediately snapped shut when they did. The light hurt her eyes, even if she technically couldn't see it. She pulled the blanket over her head and groan. "Ugh, what happened last night..." Toph pulled herself up into a sitting position, the blanket falling as she did.

She groaned again, feeling totally gross. Her rough fingers combed through her skewed hair, while the other rubbed the sleep from her blind eyes. She swallowed, and realized her mouth was painfully dry. "Aang, sweety," she croaked. "Can you get me a glass of water." Toph held out an expectant hand, expecting Aang to place a tall cool glass of water in her hand, accompanied by a good morning kiss on the cheek. No response. She felt no one place a glass of water in her hand or a good morning kiss on her cheek Toph called again, as loud as her parched throat would allow, and still no water, no kiss, and no Aang.

Placing her palm firmly on the floor, she tapped it once, letting the vibration crawl to every corner of the room.. To her surprise, the returning ones telling her she was the only one in the room.

The sun shone even more brightly through the window, gaining strength since as it rose ever higher. Toph shied away and raised an arm to block the intense rays from burning her eyes. That was when she finally noticed the strange yet comfy robe she now wore. The large sleeve that had been blocking the sun lowered. Toph shifted around, feeling the rough shape of what she wore. 'Where did this come from?' she wondered, fingers grazing the soft wooly robe. No that she thought about it, how did she even get here? A flush of blurred memories flowed through Toph's mind; something about a boat, and flying, and dancing.

Beyond that, only one other hazy memory floated to the surface. She was on her tip toes, standing at a door, she was finally going to kiss him, she remembered leaning in and...nothing. She must have passed out. Her eyes widened, she had been about to kiss Aang...and she choked. "Aw, come on," she breathed air passed her gritted teeth. "How could I be so lame! I was so close! I was so close and I screwed up!" she cried, practically pulling her hair out.

"Ugh!" she moaned, all this shouting was giving her a headache. Kicking her blankets aside, Toph stood up, too fast as a matter of fact and almost fell right back down. Luckily, she maintained her balance and remained vertical. Casually she walked onto the little corner of their room, which served as their kitchen. Fumbling around the cupboards, Toph managed to locate the glasses and fish one out.

After locating the sink, the thirsty earhtbending pulled the tap, as watered trickled, too slowly in her opinion into glass. Only when the water began overflowing did Toph raise the glass and unceremoniously guzzle the whole thing. Several times she repeated the process, before her immense thirst began to subside.

Not so thirsty anymore, Toph's mind began to focus on other thing's, like where Aang had disappeared to. Perhaps he had left her a note. The blind bender walked over to the little table, and sat down. Almost immediately her searching fingers came across a small sheet of rice paper. Toph dragged her fingers over the surface, coming in contact with the embossed ink that made up the message.

I love Toph!

Toph gasped, her hand flew to her mouth. Aang loves her. He finally returned her feelings. 'And it only took forever,' she thought sarcastically. But none of that mattered now, because Aang admitted he felt the same way now, things were finally starting to look up. 'Though I shouldn't kiss him for about a week or so. It's what he gets for making me wait so long.'

...Oh who was she kidding! The minute that airbender walked through that door she was gonna–"Oh! That's right!" Aang could be home any second; and she was a mess! Toph all but ran for the bathroom, and quickly began to freshen up. Making sure her hair was in a neat bun, and her headband was straight. When Toph finally exiting the bathroom, Aang had still not returned.

Not long after that, Toph's stomach soon began gurgling with hunger. She clutched her empty belly, trying to stifle the sounds. Maybe she should make breakfast. After all, today was a special day, and Aang so enjoyed her cooking last time.

Toph rolled up her sleeves, and she stood in front of the kitchen. "Okay..." she breathed. "I think I can do this." But first she needed some food. Remembering that the food they had packed was in Aang's bang, Toph quickly began to rummage through his pack looking for something edible. Her hand coming in contact with something soft and round, Toph plucked it from his bag and held it to her nose. "Mm" she sighed. It was that strange sweet fruit she had last week. Toph brought it to her waiting mouth and...on second thought, she'd wait for Aang before she started eating. Toph set the fruit down, and bean searching for more.

Dark eyebrows furrowed, when instead of finding more fruit, found a rolled up piece of paper instead. Pulling the large square of paper out of the airbender's bag, Toph unrolled it. Curious as to why Aang has such a big piece of parchment in his bag, Toph pressed her fingers against the surface and began "reading." 'It's a map,' she thought. Her fingers swam over the surface of the paper. Here she could feel a little dot that represented a town. Toph recognized it as the town they had visited a few days ago. Not far from there, the outline ended and Toph found the words 'Ferry.' Her eyes widened, as her fingers skimmed some more. Not far from the ferry markings, Toph found and oblong patch of land she soon realized was an island. The earthbender gasped as she felt the words 'Whale tail island' under her finger tips.

This wasn't just a map, this was the ma they had been following on their vacation! Where Aang had given her all these great surprises and had so much fun. Toph gasped, her mouth gaping open, before it was replaced with a sly grin. "Why that sneaky little airbender," she giggled. He couldn't possibly have another surprise for her...could he?

Toph looked back down at the map, her finger hovering shakily over the paper. 'I really shouldn't,' her mind reasoned. Then again it couldn't hurt just to take a quick peek, so to speak. "Just for a second," she said. Toph's nimble finger swarmed over the map for more than just a second, following a line on the map marked 'trail'. With the other hand Toph's finger found little triangles which sh took to be trees. What ever the surprise was, it was taking place in the forest. Suddenly the line ended, and was circled several times. Toph felt around for more clues but found none. She huffed, Aang was covering his tracks well.

Suddenly an idea struck her. She quickly turned the map over, a smirk tugged the corner of her mouth as she found more writing on the back. Toph explored even further. The back of the map had a sketch of what she believed was some sort of odd yet familiar tree. Next to it was a sketch of what she realized after going over it several times, was a fruit that belong to the tree. This only confused the poor earthbender more. What did this tree have to do with where they were going. Just to the left of the drawing, Toph noticed were some more words. She dragged her fingers across the characters and started reading. "Hmm...Passion Fruit..."

'What a glorious day!' Aang thought cheerfully. The sun was out, the wind was blowing, he was in love with a beautiful earthbender, and everything just seemed to shine. Currently the young Avatar was out and about looking for some flowers for her. Yep, today was going to be a great day. Aang soon spotted a flower vendor at the end of the street and practically skipped over.

Aang was surprised to see so many exotic flowers, and in so many different colors. 'Hmm, but which ones would Toph like?' he wondered to himself. 'Probably the ones that smelled nice.' Just then, a portly middle aged man rose from behind the flowers cart. "Het there!" the man greeted with a smile. "What can I do ya for?"

Aang smiled back. "I need some flowers," he replied.

"Well you found that right place. What kind are you lookin' for?"

Aang scanned the wide variety of flowers carefully, "Something special," he answered.

The man watched as the bald boy surveyed each flower carefully, occasionally stopping to smell one, before moving on. The man smiled. "Tell ya what. I think I have just the thing. There a little more expensive mind you, but ..." He bent down and brought up a bouquet of black and white flowers. "...They usually bring good results. Aang felt his eyes widened as he recognized the rare panda lily's the man held. The man handed Aang the bundle of flowers, which Aang cradled carefully. He gently stroked the soft petals, remembering the significance they held. Sure they looked good, but how did they smell? Aang closed his eyes and brought the flowers to his nose.


"I'll take 'em!" Aang declared, digging his hand into his pocket to pay the flower vendor. Once did, the excited airbender actually skipped back to the inn, drawing several stares from on lookers as he did. But he didn't care. Nothing could ruin this day.

Heavy tears dripped onto the paper, smudging the horrible truth that was written there. Toph lowered the paper, tears streaming down her face. It was all a lie. Aang never loved her. More tears spilled from Toph's sightless eyes, nothing knowing if they would ever stop.

Air blew passed the airbender's lips, whistling a happy tune, as he walked down the halls of the inn. "...My blind beauty...My jasmine haired goddess..." Aang still mused, still deciding on pet names for Toph. He brought the bouquet he carried up to his nose again, inhaling the scent he knew Toph was going to love. Before he knew Aang stood just outside their door. Quickly making sure that his collar was straight and his head was shiny, Aang took a deep breath of confidence, and opened the door.

Toph stood in the middle of the room, something clenched tightly in her fist, head downcast and her long bangs hiding her face. Aang opened his mouth to say something, when the sight of something small and shiny slide down her cheek and drip off her chin. A tear. Aang looked up in horror, and rushed over to her. "Toph what's wrong?" he asked placing his hand against her tear stained cheek. Toph immediately smacked his hand away. "Don't!...touch me..."

Looking panic stricken Aang tried again, this time placing his hand on her shoulder. "Toph are you alright? What's wrong? Talk to me-AHHH!"

Toph had gripped his hand on her shoulder and was crushing it. "I said, Don't. Touch. Me!" she hissed through grit teeth, before shoving him to the floor violently.

Aang clutched his fingers as he looked up at Toph with hurt and confusion written on his face. He struggled to talk, "T-Toph I don't understand. What's wrong?" he asked shakily.

"Me, apparently" she snapped, throwing a crumpled piece of paper at him.

Aang could only stare dumbfounded as he tried to make sense of what was going on. Aang picked up the crumpled paper and straightened it out.

Gray eyes went wide with shock and started to well up also. "Toph wait! Listen to me!" he begged, jumping to his feet. "Let me explain!"

"Explain what?! That you lied to me! That you dragged me across the ocean, just so I would stop bothering you! Toph looked on the verge of tears herself, but her pride would not let even one escape. So she glared even harder. "That you just pretended to like me just so I'd cooperate!" Toph's lip tried to quiver, but she grit her teeth and focused on her anger. "That the last few days meant absolutely nothing! Explain that to me Aang! Explain that to me!"

"Please Toph," Aang whimpered. "I love you."

Toph shook her head, unable to keep the tears at bay. "But that's just it. You never did...you never did."

A long moment of silence passed between the two. Neither saying a word. Aang looked down in shame. While Toph just let the tears come. Finally Toph spoke up. "Tell me Aang, tell me the truth. Did you bring me here because you loved me. Or because you just wanted me to stop annoying you?"

Aang opened his mouth, but no sound emerged. He didn't know what to say. What could he say? In the end he just looked down at his feet again, unable to answer her question.

Toph pointed at the door. "Get out," she dead panned.

Aang looked up, "Toph, please–


Toph shoved him with both hands, the sheer force knocking him off his feet, sending him flying out into the hall, and colliding painfully into another door. His bag came next, followed by the sound of a door being slammed.

"...And that's what happened," Aang finished.

The two women across from him nodded. When Toph had literarally thrown Aang out, his head had slammed into the door, more specifically the door of the K/T room, causing the two women inside to come out and see what the commotion was about. And had spent the last hour in their room, explaining his entire story to them.

One was short dark skinned woman, who if Aang didn't know better, would have thought she was from the water tribe. The other was a tall pale woman, with dark hair, and who Aang learned was deaf.

Aang watched interested, as Koph, the deaf woman, turn to Totara, and start to weave her fingers together. Aang looked at the dark skinned woman, "What did she say?" he asked.

Totara sighed, "She says you screwed up big time," she answered. A small smile reached his lips, at the almost Toph-like answer, before it the statement itself dragged his mouth down into a frown.

The distraught Avatar buried his face in his hands, "What am I going to do?"

"How about some flowers," Totara suggested.

Aang held up the shredded remains of the bouquet he bought, "I don't think that'll be enough," Aang said.

Koph started signing again, while Aang and Totara watched. Totara seemed to nod in agreement, before turning back to Aang, "She wants to know why you lied to your best friend?"

Aang looked down and sighed heavily, "I don't know...I thought if she knew the truth, it might... hurt her."

"Lying will always hurt the people around you, even if they never find out about it."

Aang nodded slowly, strangely reminded of Katara. "So how am I supossed to get her back?"

Koph started signing again, Aang and Totara watching silently. When Koph finally stopped, Totara nodded somberly, then turned back to Aang, a serious look on her tan face. "Do you love her?" she asked.

Aang didn't hesitate, Toph was his destiny, he knew that now. "More than anything."

The two women smiled, "Then go tell her."

The airbender nodded, "I will." Aang got to his feet and bowed. "Thank you...for everything. You and your sister were really helpful."

Koph and Totara both raised an eyebrow, and cast each other a weird glance. "Riiiiiiiight...sisters."

Aang stared determinedly at the door, not knowing what he was going to say when he saw her, but knowing he had to, or else lose Toph forever. Aang took a deep breath and raise his hand to knock.

The sliding door swung open suddenly, and Toph appeared. Aang breath caught in his throat. Toph's face was completely blank, almost like she was dead. Aang's heart throbbed with pain, as he glimpsed red puffy eyes behind a curtain of jet black hair. Yet there was no emotion behind them, no or anger or sadness like he expected, just nothingness.

"Let's go," Toph's empty voice said.

And without another word, slung her bag over her shoulder, and head down the hall. His heart in pieces, Aang followed silently, watching the only girl he ever loved walk out of the inn, and into the bright afternoon.

Aang didn't take the map with him. He didn't need it, all they had to do was follow the path, and take a right at the fork. More than that, he couldn't bare to look at the tear stained piece of paper and be reminded him of what he had done to Toph.

Aang led the way, once they had left the bustling town behind. Toph followed silently, her blank gaze fixed squarely ahead. As Aang headed deeper into the woods, he couldn't even muster of the courage to talk to her, or even turn and look at her. Not after what he had done.

They stopped only once to eat lunch, and no words were exchanged. Toph ate slowly and stared at the ground. But Aang had lost his appetite. When Aang noticed the sun dipping behind the tall mountains, be slowly came to a halt. Toph stopped behind him, only a few paces away. He swallowed, "We should make camp."

Toph raised her arms and made and slashing motion, and an earth tent sprang up from the ground. Two loud bangs followed as stone door slammed both ends shut. Aang let out a heavy breath, before going to collect some firewood.

He betrayed her. He lied, manipulated, and used her. Apparently the only thing he didn't do was love her. Not that she cared now. Toph felt a shiver run up her spine. Had her rock tent always been this cold? The blind earthbender clutched the stuffed badgermole closer to her body, trying to stay warm. Toph didn't even know why she kept the stupid thing. She should have just ripped off it's head and thrown it out the window. But in the end Toph knew she could never do it, after all he won it for her. The mere thought of a certain airbender brought tears to her cloudy eyes. "Aang..." she whimpered, trying to hold back a sob. "Why did you do it?" Toph buried her face in the stuffed bagermole, as memories of Aang swam through her mind. She couldn't help it, she just felt so sad and angry. She was angry and Aang, and she was angry at herself. He lied to her. He hurt her. "So why?..." she whispered. "Why do I still love him?"

Aang shifted in his sleeping bag uncomfortably. Had it always been this big? This...empty? It was so big there was room for another person. A jolt of sadness went through his heart, as a particular earthbender came to mind. Aang closed his eyes. But even then the thoughts of Toph refused to go away, sometimes she was smiling and laughing, other she was crying or angry. Still no matter how hard he tried, all he could think about was that empty look on Toph's face, and how he had caused it. Saying 'I love you' wasn't going to fix anything. 'What am I going to do?' he asked himself. Toph was slipping threw his fingers. "Toph," he whispered. "I don't want to lose you too."

They walked all morning, still no words had been said, their thoughts and feelings weighed heavily on both benders. They had taken the right at the fork an hour ago, and Aang knew that their destination was close at hand. Yet that didn't make him feel better, as he could feel his heart beat faster with each step he took. The trees began to thin, and Aang could see something in a small clearing. A single tree, one that was taller than all the others surrounding it. Aang spied several small objects hanging of several of the branches, and stopped not ten paces away.

"We're here," he said weakly.

Toph swallowed and nodded. Toph started walking toward the tree warily, as she passed Aang, Toph secretly hoped he would stop her. But when she did he said nothing, and merely stood there, rooted to the spot. Toph could feel how deep the roots went as she approached, it must have been an old tree.

Toph placed a hand on the bark of the tree, it wasn't smooth like the other one. Just the opposite it was rough and gravelly, and not in the good way like with real gravel, it wasn't a pleasant texture.

Toph stood there for a minute, her heart threatening to explode out of her chest. Her mouth had inexplicably gone dry, and her arms somehow felt incredibly heavy. She could feel Aang's vibrations behind her, the airbender was unmoving, yet Toph knew he was looking right at her.

"I'm not mad," Toph finally said.

Aang blinked, "Huh?"

Toph smiled a little, "But I probably will, once I eat one of these." Toph found a fruit on a low hanging branch and pulled. The fruit snapped off like a wish bone, leaving Toph with a the bumpy, oblong fruit.

Toph could feel hot tears start to prick he eyes. Toph turned the airbender and flashed him a pained smile, twin streaks of tears rolling down her face. "Just know, that there will always be a little part of me, that will always love you...no matter what." Toph then smiled as best she could, despite the tears and brought the fruit to her lips.

Toph wasn't sure what happened next, all she knew was that suddenly someone had pushed the fruit away from her mouth, and was holding her in a tight loving embrace. Toph recognized the soft material of Aang's clothing and relaxed. She could feel something warm and wet dripping in her hair as Aang hugged her. "Toph, I'm sorry," he pulled her closer. "I didn't mean to hurt you..." He paused. "...And I didn't mean to fall in love with you."

Aang pulled away, "But I did."

Toph opened her mouth to say something but Aang silenced her with a finger to her lips. His hand found the one which held the fruit. "...Which is why you need to eat this," said Aang.

Toph suddenly found her voice and immediately began to protest. "But I don't have to. It'll go away on it's own."

Aang shook his head,"It's the only way to make sure."

Toph felt like crying again, as she tried to swallow the lump in her throat. "Then please..." she leaned in closer. "...Please, could I just have one kiss...just one, that's all I want," she begged.

"...Toph," she heard him whisper, as he pulled her into another hug, and began to stroke her hair. "No Toph, you can't."

Surprisingly, Toph didn't cry, she just nodded her head against his shoulder before slowly pulling away.

Aang did his best to smile at her, event though she couldn't see it. "When you're back to normal, try not to kick my butt too hard, okay?"

Toph returned his smile, "No promises."

Toph brought the fruit to her waiting mouth, and took a big bite out of the bland fruit, chewed for a moment, and swallowed.

Aang's heart seemed to pause as he watched Toph swallow the fruit, watching for any changes in her face that would tell him, if she had been cured.

Toph smacked her lips a couple of times, and made a face, "That tasted awful," she stated plainly, throwing the fruit over her shoulder.

"...Toph," Aang said tentatively. "How do you feel?"

"I don't know," Toph answered truthfully. She looked down at her hands, clenching and unclenching them.

"Did it work?"

"I guess there's only one way to find out," Toph said. The blind girl spread her arms wide, and motion for Aang to hug her. Aang swallowed as he wrapped his arms around the tiny earthbender.

He waited.

Suddenly, a pair of strong hands grabbed his behind like a fresh moon peach. Aang let out a scream like a little girl and fell backwards. When he looked back up, Toph was doubled over in laughter, pointing a finger at the embarrassed airbender, the other arm clutched her side, as she let wave after wave of laughter escape her.

"I don't get it," Aang said, half scared out of his mind. "You were supposed to be cured. You're supposed to go back to the way you were."

Toph's laughter subsided, as she straightened up, wiping a tear from her eye. "Well you see," Toph began, scratching the back of her head innocently. "I probably should've mentioned this before." she continued, trying to sound casual.

If Aang has any hair, he would be pulling it out right now. "What are you talking about!" he nearly shouted.

A small blush painted Toph's cheeks. " Well, I sorta...kinda...already had a crush on you... for a while now."

"WHAT!" Aang struggled for words. "Then why didn't you tell me!"

Toph shot him a glare. "Because dimwit, I wasn't sure you liked me back!"

Aang's mouth worked furiously, but no sounds came out. He pushed himself to his feet, and pointed a finger at the earthbender. "So all this time?..." Toph nodded. "Even before the?..." Toph nodded again. Before Aang could go on, Toph quickly covered his mouth with hers. Aang tensed up for a moment, before slowly relaxing, and leaning into the kiss.

In need of some air, both pulled away. Toph reflected on her first kiss for a moment, before speaking up. "I guess that was okay."

Aang's eyes bugged out, "What do you mean 'okay.' That was magical, and mind blowing, and you know it!"

Toph shrugged, "I don't know...I'll give you an A for effort, but there is definitely room for improvement."

"Improvement!" Aang glared hard at the earthbender. "You better take that back!"

Toph smirked. "Make me."

"I will!" he said, before closing the gap between them and kissed her for all he was worth.

Sokka slung his bag over his shoulder, walking along side Katara as they headed around to the side of the inn, where the stables were and Appa was kept. "I can't wait to get back and see Toph and Aang," he said cheerfully.

"Me too," Katara agreed. Night had already descended upon the island, but if they flew through the night, they could be back at the campsite by noon.

Appa sat in the stables waiting for them, her gave a soft grunt as the bison saw them approach. Sokka started to climb in the saddle, while Katara stopped to greet the flying beast and scratch behind his ears.

She heard Sokka's voice above her. "Umm, Katara? I think you better come see this."

Katara's eyebrows furrowed as she clambered into the saddle with her brother. Sokka pointed to one end of the saddle, and Katara let out a gasp.

There, curled up next to one another, were Toph and Aang. The two benders looking content with Toph's head resting against his chest, and Aang's arm wrapped securely around he waist.

Sokka debated whether or not to wake them, when Aang's eye cracked open. "We'll explain later. Let's go home."

Toph and Aang sat next to each other as they faced the water tribe siblings. "Alright so why were you two–

Sokka was cut short, when Toph grabbed Aang pulled him for a kiss. When they pulled apart, Toph smirked, "Does that answer your question?" Sokka's mouth hung open, and he said no more.

Satisfied, Toph grabbed Aang's hand and stood up. "You up for a little earthbending practice Twinkle Toes."

Aang smiled, "Always, my little badgermole." Hand in hand, the two benders walked into the woods, toward the canyon.

Epilogue: A few weeks later.

The sun was setting and being enjoyed by none other than Toph and Aang. The new couple sat on the cliff side, their legs dangling over the edge. Toph's head rested atop the airbender's shoulder, with Aang's head resting on top of hers.

"Hey Toph?"


"Can I ask you something?"


"What was my surprise?"

Toph stiffened, and felt her face go red. "Oh...nothing."

"Come on, I wanna know."

Toph's face went even redder. "No."

"Please Toph, give me my surprise."

"I said no Twinkle Toes!"

"Please, I–


Toph shoved as hard as she could, and Aang went tumbling painfully over the cliff. Toph winced as she heard the sounds of his body banging against rocks as he fell, before landing painfully in what have been an awkward position. A groan of pain was heard.

"Not the thorn bush again."

The End

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