The last week of December

There were birthday wishes all around and Hinata was completely surrounded by her comrades and close friends. A smile was ever present on her face as everyone took part in laughter and conversations over a delicious meal. Her sister Hanabi, who was now sixteen years old, was kind enough to throw her the party in the Hyuuga compound. It was nice that everyone was in town for her birthday

"Thank you, everyone," Hinata said and closed her eyes to make a wish.

She blew out her candles in one breath and the whole table clapped and cheered. A few of the girls prodded her, asking what it was that she wished for. Hinata playfully declined, stating the well known fact that if she told, it wouldn't come true. Looking around at the table, she noticed that even Temari's brothers, Kankuro and Gaara, were present. There was only one person missing and thinking about him, Hinata instinctively touched the fan under her belt. He still hadn't returned, perhaps he was having trouble. What if he was hurt? What if he was-

"Hinata, come on, get in the picture!" Kiba called and gestured her over to where everyone was gathering.

"Coming!" She laughed and ran over to the group. They place her in the middle and crowded around as the picture was taken…

"Thank you for coming," Hinata said, seeing off the last of her guests. It was beginning to get dark and a cold wind rushed through the streets. She shivered and wrapped her arms around herself in an effort to stay warm. Looking up at the sky, she sighed, "I guess my wish didn't come true after all."

"Am I too late?"

Hinata's hands flew up to her face upon turning and finding out just who it was. "Sasuke, you're here?"

"Want to get some ramen with me?" He turned around and started walking towards Ichiraku without a second glance. She tilted her head slightly in confusion, but followed after him anyway. Hinata was just happy that he was back; it made for a pleasant surprise.

They sat down at the bar and ordered their food. Hinata stared down at the bar top, not even noticing Sasuke stand up beside her.

"Happy Birthday," A beautiful silver snowflake hung from a thin silver chain, the round crystal gems glimmered wildly in front of her eyes despite the dim lighting. Hinata gazed at it in awe. Sasuke smiled slightly and hooked his around her neck. Returning to his seat, he broke apart his chopsticks and began to eat.

Hinata touched the pendant around her neck and blushed heavily, glancing at Sasuke out of the corner of her eye. Picking up her chopsticks, she broke them apart and did as she always did. Two naruto were chucked into his bowl and he paused for a second before turning to face her.

"Hinata-" Imagine Sasuke's surprise when Hinata suddenly leaned forward and placed chaste kiss on his lips. She sat back with a shy smile and tucked her hair behind her ears, averting her gaze to the ramen bowl that sat in front of her.

"Thank you for this," Hinata said. "I love it."

Perhaps wishes really did come true, Hinata thought with a secret smile.

Just once, I wish for snow… and Sasuke's safe return.

Sasuke leaned over and returned a kiss to her left temple.

"And I love you."